Another year goes by with no relief for Zimbabweans

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

In the unfolding events inNorth Africaand theMiddle East, there are clear messages for both ZANU-PF and theMDC, messages that both must take seriously.

The political drama in that region has messages forAfrica; there are messages forZimbabweand messages for all the oppressed people.

I am hoping that both ZANU-PF and theMDCdo not consider themselves safe enough to continue the unnecessary bickering at the expense of people’s freedoms and in lieu of the advancement of the nation.

We watch as yet another year passes by without having been brought anywhere closer to where we, at this time last year, had wished and hoped never to be.

For how long are we going to tolerate all the shenanigans going on in our country where a government of so-called national unity views us as enemies?

And, sadly, theMDChas become an unwitting accomplice in this whole madness.

Once again, I sit here in a foreign land and wonder why so many Zimbabweans are not home with their families.

I sit here pondering what happened to our country, to our people and to our nation.

I am wondering what happened to theMDC. Where did the fighting spirit go?

I know where ZANU-PF is; ZANU-PF is all over the place, but where is theMDC, our representative of choice?

For ZANU-PF, events inNorth Africaand theMiddle Eastmust serve as a reminder that anything is possible.

Who ever imagined that “our dear friend Gaddafi”, as Mugabe called him a couple of weeks ago, would not only be toppled but made to flee, cow in a storm drain, captured and humiliated before being dispatched as a useless old bastard for the way he treated his own people for more years than Mugabe has since been doing to his own people?

Those events are an indication that once people have decided to make a move, the fear of death is vanquished.

That is a dangerous point for any nation; that is a point of no return.

ZANU-PF, more than anyone else, knows that the fear of death is nothing compared to the desire for freedom.

They should not be surprised when an uprising explodes among the peaceful Zimbabwean people because, yes, it is very possible.

The ingredients of uprisings are, among others, anger, dissatisfaction, frustration, lack of choices, lack of freedom, despair, hopelessness, endless unemployment, abuse and the desire to be free.

Zimbabwepossesses all these and more.

Zimbabweis fertile ground for an uprising and ZANU-PF should not fool itself into believing that “it can’t happen here” because it certainly can.

The nonsense about “we will crush it” should never be believed. It might take time and cost thousands of lives but in the end, as what happened with Gaddafi, the people will triumph.

In the end, dictators die alone, leaving a devastated nation, proving, once again, the selfishness of dictators.

If you remember Gaddafi, then watch Mugabe and Assad of Syria.

People in Zimbabweare very close to trading their lives with death, saying that kusikufa ndokupi? And when people reach that level, nothing matters anymore.

In that respect, ZANU-PF ought to watch out. Their rhetoric of being a revolutionary party won’t wash anymore. We now know the colour and the smell of the devil.

As for theMDC, well, they have gotten rather a little too comfortable within this government.

Once the people pour onto the streets on their own, it will be their initiative that excludes theMDC.

InEgypt, the people, not the cantankerous and noisy Moslem Brotherhood, brought down Mubarak.

Today, the Moslem Brotherhood is fighting it out with other groupings because they failed to rally and inspire people well enough to topple their nemesis.

If this happens inZimbabwe, theMDCwill be as irrelevant as ZANU-PF because people won’t be taking orders from any political party.

People will have decided to do it on their own, having given ZANU-PF and theMDCample time to sort things out.

TheMDCmust be careful that its supporters do not get to the point of going it alone, sidestepping their party.

If that happens, then theMDCis finished because the clock has been ticking for theMDC.

TheMDCis failing to inspire hope; it is failing to harness the goodwill offered it by the people. TheMDCis clearly showing lack of leadership and is unable to take meaningful stands.

TheMDCis surviving by agreeing, not with the people but with ZANU-PF a little too often. And the people are not fooled.

Yes, ZANU-PF must be taken out of contention.

I hope that theMDCis up to the task.

You can see how hopeless our tomorrow is, can’t you?

Zimbabweis relying on these two groups for the resuscitation of our nation and here comes 2012!

Is God counting our miserable years?

Is God keeping tabs on our patience?
Is our Lord aware of the nations massing to cheat us?

ShallZimbabwe, in 2012, put its hopes in the hands of a useless old goat, Jacob Zuma?

I ask again, where does the love of God go when misery, such as ours, comes to stay?

The people ofZimbabwehave shown great restraint; they have shown maturity and they have accepted burdens not of their own.

The world, especiallySouth Africaand SADC, have mistaken our peaceful demeanour for cowardice.

Zuma, who cannot control the morons within his own party, is asked to controlZimbabwe’s seasoned dictator.

SADC has never solved any political problem.

WhenBotswanaandNamibiamassed their forces against each other over the Kasikili/Sedudu Island in 1996, they went to the International Court of Justice inEurope, not to SADC, whose headquarters is right here inGaborone.

Yet, today, after so many deaths, Zimbabweans are being asked to look to SADC for a solution to their problems.

SADC appointed yet another South African president, Jacob Zuma, as mediator in the Zimbabwean crisis.

But two weeks ago, the Secretary General of Jacob Zuma’s ruling ANC party, Gwede Mantashe, pledged ANC support and willingness “to assist ZANU-PF in coming up with election messages and strategies that would deliver victory” to ZANU-PF.

Mantashe said that “it is important for ZANU PF to regain lost ground and continue to represent the aspirations of the people ofZimbabwe”.

Zuma, Mantashe and their ANC do not care about something called elections. They want to force Mugabe on the people ofZimbabwe.

Where is theMDC?

We are well aware that for the last 30 years and more, Mugabe and ZANU-PF have been abusing and killing our people while they stole state funds and property to enrich themselves.

When theMDCarrived, we were hopeful that they would put pressure on ZANU-PF to stop the rot; we hoped theMDCwould not be part of this madness.

It’s more than two years now since theMDCjoined ZANU-PF and look at whatSouth Africaand SADC are doing to theMDC, and what they are doing to us Zimbabweans!

The year 2012 has to be the year that Zuma, SADC, Mugabe and ZANU-PF are brought in line.

This group does not deserve any decency any more.

Zimbabweans have hopes and their hopes do not fade. TheMDCmust be careful to not appear as if it is the one stopping people’s aspirations from reaching fruition. TheMDChas to change course and become more emphatic.

TheMDChas to get out of the ZANU-PF loop.

As for us Zimbabweans, a clear move away from these non performing parties must start to send out waves to convince the South African idiots thatZimbabweis not an extension ofSouth Africaand to make it clear that Zimbabweans are not dependent on either ZANU-PF or theMDC.

Ripples, small but present, should be seen now as we slowly recognize that all these people are working in cohorts.

My simple wish for 2012?

Power to the people! Simple as that.

TheMDCbetter be careful because 2012 might not be as kind to it as the other past years.

People want change in 2012, not explanations or excuses and theMDCbetter take note. We have had enough of theMDC’s whining and complaining. They should do something.

Africahas already shown that no dictator is safe, no matter what arsenal at his disposal.

Zimbabweans deserve better than what the unity government has dished out so far.

I fear for my country because of the morons crowded at the top. They are not doing anything to relieve our nation of its burdens.

We the people made ZANU-PF.

We the Zimbabweans made theMDC.

We the people ofZimbabwecan bring both of them down.

No sissy stuff today; no New Year resolutions.

Zimbabweans are tired; we want change. And we want it now.

I thank my compatriots inZimbabwefor all their devotion and fighting spirit.

Enjoy what you can this New Year’s day. We are almost there.

Make whatever difference you can afford in 2012. I believe this is the last year of our bondage.

I love you,Zimbabwe.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today,Thursday,December 29, 2011.


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