Chihuri must be retired now by Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

9 February, 2012

Apparently, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wounds have now healed and he has forgotten who Augustine Chihuri is.

But he should spare a thought for those who lost their children, husbands, wives and loved ones because Augustine Chihuri, our Police Commissioner, facilitated the commission of crimes by ZANU-PF thugs by not arresting, investigating or prosecuting them.

In any country, city or town, it is universally expected that the duty of the police is to reduce the crime in the country, town or area.

It is a serious and dangerous profession, especially when you consider that the police force almost always is underfunded.

The police are supposed to always be in touch with people, listening and picking up indications of possible conflicts or crimes in the making.

The police are part of society. Their offices are where we run to for assistance, protection and security.

Police are not only colour blind, for their duty is to render services not only to people but to animals as well.

Police are there to preserve peace, order and security. Police are not politicians but, rather, are referees in society. They are referees who are partial to law and order, making sure that every person, citizen or foreigner in our country, is as safe as they can be.

In the old days, we always were apprehensive when we saw a policeman cycling into our homestead because the policeman represented law; he represented order.

He was authority by proxy.

The policeman was a servant of justice, dedicated to the application of the law to bring justice to the wronged ones and to assist in punishing the wrong-doers.

The police had power; they controlled people and this is why politicians want to control the police.

While politicians incited crowds, the police had to control the anger.

As sophisticated robbers came up with ingenious methods to get away with crime, the police had to quickly catch up.

They patrolled the streets to give us comfort with their presence.

They arrested law breakers to assure the citizens that breaking the law will never be tolerated.

They were there when car accidents occurred and “dealt with accidents and emergencies”, directing traffic around a car crash.

They tracked our stolen cows and goats while they recovered our stolen cars.

They touched us by their presence in every community, village and household.

The police can arrest a president, Prime Minister or the minister responsible for the police, which I think Chihuri should have done a long time ago.

By the nature of their job, the police are on no one’s side.

They enforce law and order.

They must be quick to detect a threat to society, be it a murderous husband, a wayward politician or even an errant wife of the ruler.

The police assist the Attorney General with evidence to bring offenders to justice.

The Attorney General takes it from the police and brings the case before a judge.

And then, justice is served.

Not so fast; not in Zimbabwe.

The judge is ZANU-PF and owns a farm violently taken from its owner.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has violated all the sanctums of the profession.

If my Latin serves me well, the ZRP motto is: pro lege, pro patria, pro populi, which translates to: for the law, for the fatherland, for the people.
This is the motto of our very own Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Under Augustine Chihuri, the police have embarrassed law enforcement in and outside our country.
Since independence, our police have been nothing more than waddling puppies, which jog and pee at the behest of politicians from the ruling ZANU-PF party.

Chihuri’s tenure has expired and the so-called principals are arguing over the renewal of his tenure.

Just like the armed forces, our police always assist and protect law breakers from the ruling party.

Interestingly, even their logo has more than a subliminal message of
violence. The ZRP logo depicts a mischievous lion harassing and attempting
to murder one very angry cobra.

So many times, we have witnessed people dashing into a police station for protection and to report a threat to themselves only ending up being arrested themselves because the alleged perpetrators happen to be ZANU-PF people.

Augustine Chihuri was never a suitable candidate for Police Commissioner and yet, in 2003, he was appointed honorary vice president of Interpol.

Chihuri’s resume reads like a profile of a carefree criminal who goes about aiding and abetting criminal acts, such as murder, rape, violence and property seizures. He has never played his role, particularly on those criminal acts directed at people perceived to be ant-Mugabe.

Chihuri has survived in his post not because of his professional acumen but because of lack of it. A bootlicker and Mugabe’s praise singer to the core, Chihuri has wallowed in his post without any fear.

Chihuri was in office when the MDC came on the scene. He has overseen the violence perpetrated by ZAUN-PF thugs against the MDC and has looked the other way.

Chihuri serves Mugabe, not the people.

The MDC people, including Morgan Tsvangirai himself, have tasted the unprofessional behaviour of Zimbabwe’s police Chief many times over.

Chihuri continues to abuse opposition supporters but now his appointment has expired.

Mugabe wants to re-appoint him while Tsvangirai is resisting that. The three principals in government have agreed that Chihuri’s current position of Commissioner-General is now ‘vacant’ but, surprisingly, Tsvangirai and the non-essential Welshman Ncube agreed that Augustine Chihuri serves in the position in an acting capacity.

These are the kind of concessions Tsvangirai should never be making if only he could consider the plight of widows and orphans whose spouses and parents met premature deaths just because Chihuri cares more about Mugabe than maintaining law and order.

As reported on this radio station, Chihuri’s contract expired on January 31st and “the two MDC formations were demanding a neutral personality within the force to take over. But Mugabe wanted to stick with Chihuri, who has publicly declared his allegiance to Mugabe and ZANU PF”.

What did Tsvangirai get out of this capitulation? Surely there was a quid pro quo for yielding to such a request?

Why is the MDC always the one making concessions when we never hear of what the MDC got in return?

The heart of the matter is that the MDC’s continued capitulations, concessions and agreements with Mugabe while the MDC gets nothing in return smacks of betrayal.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe only met two days ago for the first time this year. This does not give me any confidence that this country is under a leadership that cares for the people and its government.

As far as I am concerned, we lost Tsvangirai to Mugabe a long time ago. I do not believe that the MDC cares any more.

And before the MDC calls newspapers and radio stations complaining about being criticised, they should gather and make sure who they are and if they are giving people what the people deserve.

We are sick and tired of all these shenanigans and the MDC, being the real people’s representative, should wake up and earn their position.

This cannot continue.

For a decade and more, MDC people have been brutalised by Chihuri’s police.

For a decade and more, MDC supporters were arrested on frivolous charges by Chihuri’s police.

Chihuri still has MDC supporters in custody for nothing.

Tsvangirai, Chamisa and a horde of MDC officials still carry scars from the brutality meted out on them by Chihuri’s police.

Chihuri’s partisan application of the law has seen many families unable to account for their loved ones.

Many have been found in bushes brutally mutilated and “the police” never investigated, including the accident that claimed Tsvangirai’s wife. Is Tsvangirai aware of Solomon Mujuru’s inquest?

And Tsvangirai wants Chihuri to remain in place for months more.

My fellow compatriots, presidents and Prime Ministers are born not made. Being a leader does not necessarily qualify one to be president, prime minister and vice versa.

I am reminded of the Yiddish proverb that says: “A goat has a beard but that make him no rabbi.”
The dead do not need to rise. We will regain our political integrity, with or without the MDC, for I no longer know where they are taking us.
We are a great nation . . . a wonderful people who, in all our history, never had a government we deserve. Zimbabweans have a wonderful and unique esprit de corps. We will regain our territorial imperative. That is certain.

Chihuri must be retired with immediate effect and the MDC must not entertain any discussion on this.

Nelson Chamisa, you wanna do something?

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Thursday, February 9th, 2012.


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