First things first, please, a new Constitution!

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
March 8th, 2012

It is as simple as that and the Movement for Democratic Change better acquaint itself with this reality instead of showing us the soft part of their underbelly again.

No one wants elections more than the people of Zimbabwe because Zimbabweans have some cleaning up to do.

We want to rid ourselves of dead wood, of murderers and of thieves in both parliament and cabinet.

We want to rid ourselves of MDC pretenders who are in government, cabinet and in undeserved party posts.

But above all, Zimbabweans are itching to rid themselves of a coalition government.

This silly arrangement has shown how impossible it is for three parties to work together for a common cause.

We want elections now but not before a new Constitution and the MDC better get this clear in its head.

The absence of a Constitution has caused terrible hardships for people and we cannot be asked, once again, to enter a snake filled dungeon without a few sticks of matches.

Why does the MDC want to slip on the same banana twice?

The South African Foreign minister told her Parliament that a committee is drafting a new constitution in Zimbabwe, after which a referendum and then elections should be held.

“Our government, therefore, expects that there would be no deviation from the provisions of the GPA,” she added.

I hope the MDC is listening.

What I found interesting is that immediately after the foreign minister’s statement came out, ZANU-PF hawks attacked her and the MDC, warming up to the idea, said it will treat 2012 as a watershed year and vowed to prepare its structures for elections.

That is nonsense from both parties.

The MDC must put all its might in fighting for the writing and adoption of a new Constitution before considering elections. The necessary reforms must be put in place because we need a respectable Constitution that binds all of us; a Constitution that protects the people and the nation from each other while at the same time guaranteeing our freedoms.

Decisions on running the country cannot continue being made by a senile man while sitting alone on his bathroom stool. And the MDC should make the proper conclusion of writing and adoption of a new constitution its primary crusade, instead of telling us they are preparing for elections.

As for ZANU-PF, what do you expect?

They are benefitting from the tattered, irrelevant constitution which no one respects. We cannot continue abusing ourselves like this and the MDC has a responsibility not only to lead but to protect the people.

Just look at how even the Attorney General is behaving; he literally harbours lawbreakers from a certain political party; he does not bother to prosecute certain individuals for crimes that send people from the opposition to jail for decades.

Look at the arrogance of party people as they verbally attack foreign governments for suggesting that proper elections be held only after a new constitution has been installed.

Jonathan Moyo told the Foreign Minister to “shut up”. How eloquent of him as a professor. All I can say about Jonathan Moyo is that it is painful to be ordinary, is it not?

Moyo wishes someone would listen to him because he is passé and is sending up bubbles from below the water tank so we know he is down there somewhere.

We don’t care.

It is, however, amazing how the MDC continues to play second fiddle to Robert Mugabe.
At every turn before, during and after the formation of the Government of National Unity, the MDC was reduced to reacting to what ZANU-PF did and said.
The conditions under which they joined the GNU were very bad and were tilted in Mugabe’s favour, especially considering that Mugabe had lost the elections.

The MDC soldiered on under the most severe conditions and tried to walk the tight rope, hoping that things would work out in the end.

I can no longer absolve the MDC when they agree to elections, thereby putting people’s lives in danger.
All we need to do is to look at what happened before and we can see a duplicate of the same.
People will not be free to vote. Last time we lost 200 of our compatriots and no safety measures have been put in place to avoid a repeat of same.

We still have no constitution.
The voters’ roll is a shambles.
The media is not free.

Draconian laws are still in place and the MDC itself continues to suffer curtailments in addressing meetings.
The MDC can still not protect anyone. But they are preparing for elections instead of reinforcing their battle strategy to win a new constitution.

First things first, please. The MDC is taking people for granted.

The security issue has not been addressed.
Prevailing conditions do not allow for elections and the MDC knows it.
Liberating a country is literally a relay race: those who start the race are never meant to finish it. This is something that politicians must understand.

Zimbabwe is in a mess because Mugabe refused to pass the baton to the next member of the relay team and now the MDC is preparing us for another round of similar disasters.

Politicians should stop taking people for fools.
And if Mugabe loses again, what will stop him from creating the same stalemate as we have now?

‘We are ready for elections…” said MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora the other day.
How does the MDC find enthusiasm in a graveyard?
How many concessions have the MDC made to Mugabe? How many concessions did the MDC get in return?

The heart of the matter is that Zimbabwe is not at all ready to hold free and fair elections at the moment and nobody knows this better than the MDC itself.
Zimbabweans want a clean government run by one party and to hell with coalition governments.

We cannot be coaxed into believing or trusting Robert Mugabe.
Before guaranteeing free and fair elections, will the MDC guarantee to protect the people’s lives?

The MDC must hold back until all conditions to hold proper elections are established.
What beliefs do ZANU-PF and the MDC have that people should die for?
What vision for Zimbabwe do Mugabe and Tsvangirai have that is worth dying for?
Tsvangirai wanted to be president of Zimbabwe; Mugabe said no.
He wanted to move into the Prime Minister’s residence, Mugabe said no.
Tsvangirai wanted an updated voters’ roll, he didn’t get that.
He wanted a new constitution, we are still waiting.
He wanted to appoint MDC governors, Mugabe said no.
Tsvangirai wanted to appoint MDC ambassadors, what happened?
He wanted Gono and Tomana fired, they were not.
He wanted Bennett sworn in as minister, Mugabe said no.

Tsvangirai wanted to prosecute those who murdered 200 MDC supporters, Mugabe says no.

Tsvangirai wanted the notorious Joseph Mwale arrested for murdering MDC operatives, Mugabe sent Mwale to protect Tsvangirai.
Mugabe said he wants elections again, Tsvangirai says they are preparing for such.
I am getting concerned.

Will these guys, who are sharing so many goodies amongst themselves, dump each other to please crowds at their rallies or they will hammer out yet another deal to stay at the high table together at the expense of democracy or, to be more accurate, the voters?
I fear we are being prepared for a sequel to the first government of national unity and that spells disaster.
The government of national unity will continue to split the nation as it has done since its inception.
There is no guarantee that the elections will be free and fair.
There is no guarantee that these people will abide by the outcome of the vote.
And, most importantly, there is no guarantee that our citizens will be safe.
Free and fair elections are born out of a free and fair campaign and a level playing ground.
We have none of the above.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my compatriots, is the way it is today, Thursday, March 8th 2012.

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