Police and army destroying Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans need protection because their military, the Zimbabwe National Army, and their police force, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, are neglecting their duties and responsibilities.
They are more concerned with pleasing an individual and his political party.
General Constantine Chiwenga and Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri are men who have exposed Zimbabwe to a lot of danger against itself.
They are the leaders of unprofessional forces that cause a lot of suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. These two men, above anyone else, have made it possible for a political party to cannibalise the citizens of Zimbabwe.
One of them is actually interested in becoming the president of our country. How he can run a nation when he fails to run a battalion of soldiers is beyond me.
Zimbabwe faces more danger from within than from external forces and these two men are the greatest danger to our nation.
Blind to their profession and responsibilities, we can see how many military men and women who have been roped into management of civilian entities, government ministries and parastatals causing a total collapse of such organisations.
Robert Mugabe, in an old and outdated gimmick to assure political protection and survival, appointed unqualified people from the military to head and run civilian and parastatal organisations.
Military is the opposite of civilian and the ignorant army generals cannot act in civilian organisations where things are done through consensus.
The military was long politicised and this became evident when Morgan Tsvangirai emerged as a political force within the government.
Those military people who enjoyed unquestioned existence were suddenly aware that merit would be questioned as new players entered government.
Chiwenga is eyeing the presidency too.
He and Chihuri are totally ignorant of the fact that their so-called liberation war is what got us in the mess we are in.
But can you imagine Chiwenga seizing power and declaring himself the Chairman of the Zimbabwe Redemption Council or something stupid like that?
Unless he does that, how really does Chiwenga think he could become president of Zimbabwe?
Substituting guns for brains never worked; Chiwenga still lives in the past.
For starters, he has never been his own man, but has been Mugabe’s messenger all along and Mugabe is one man who should never be emulated by anyone, in or outside Zimbabwe.
But Chiwenga, like any other Zimbabwean, is free to harbour presidential ambitions and that is where the danger lies.
The bottom line is that none of our military people have shown allegiance to the nation, the people or to the Constitution. They got where they are through patronage, not merit.
They get in the way of law and order.
Our military does not serve and protect the nation; they harass and kill our defenceless citizens.
Chiwenga and his army exist to protect Mugabe and ZANU-PF, not the people of Zimbabwe. The armed forces are armed against us, the people.
They dabble in politics in support a political party, instead of maintaining neutrality and imposing tranquillity on the nation.
The Zimbabwe National Army is an extension of ZANU-PF.
Our army is an enemy, not a friend. Our army does not know its role.
As if being without a dedicated army is not enough, we have to deal with a police force that has no clue as to what its responsibilities are. We have a police force that literally fights against the law, protecting criminals all the time.
We have a police force that competes with criminals and now, it is difficult to distinguish between the police and the criminals.
Last week, Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri publicly castigated civil society organisations and the private media, saying that the efforts by these two groups to expose human rights abuses by police were “misplaced and unsubstantiated”.
Misplaced? How? Chihuri should have spoken in vernacular to understand himself instead of playing to the television cameras.
The accusations were levelled against the police who have been the primary cause of violence by simply looking the other way while political crimes and violence are being perpetrated.
The accusations were and are being levelled against the police because of their abdication of authority of serving and protecting the people, choosing, instead, to subjugate the people so that a political party can enjoy a corrupt, violent and murderous existence.
The excesses of the Zimbabwe Republic Police have been substantiated for decades and Chihuri is deliberately blind to his police force’s shortcomings.
Chihuri claimed that the ZRP is upholding and promoting human rights.
What an insult! I mean; one can be hanged for such blasphemy. Honestly, how could a man of his stature say something so contradictory to the behaviour of his police force which, under Chihuri, has lost all credibility and is involved in as much crime as criminals of all persuasions?
Chihuri has a short memory and for that he should be forced to re-enrol at a police training academy and take all the required lessons.
Since independence, no police officer is more accountable for dereliction of duty than Chihuri, if the number of criminals deliberately not arrested is anything to go by.
Of the close to 200 people murdered during the 2008 elections, how many of the perpetrators have Chihuri and his men apprehended and prosecuted?
Thousands were beaten-up and chased from their homes, Murambatsvina included, how many of those responsible has he apprehended?
“As a people’s force, we are a shining beacon in upholding the rights and freedoms of the citizenry, contrary to private media and some civic organisations’ misplaced and unsubstantiated claims of human rights abuses by police,” he said at a pass out parade.
It is a disgrace that Chihuri, armed with nothing more than being a Mugabe appointee, is allowed to mingle with Interpol’s finest when he is nothing more that a godfather to ZANU-PF thugs, murderers and looters.
Chihuri is a disgrace to the profession of law enforcement.
Never at any time during his tenure as Police Commissioner has the ZRP promoted or upheld human rights, but, instead, allowed criminal acts by ZANU-PF criminals to go unpunished.
Typically, Chihuri insults the very victims he is supposed to protect. His view of human rights is as warped as that of ZANU-PF.
How many times have victims of political violence burst into police stations seeking protection from ZANU-PF marauders only for the victims to be arrested themselves?
Chihuri could have done himself good had he told the truth to those young aspiring police officers that ZANU-PF and Chipangano implement their version of law.
He could have protected the cadets better had he told them not to bother with professionalism but to salute thugs who are running riot in Harare and elsewhere with the cowering police officers busy looking for bribes from the very people who are being assaulted by political thugs aligned to ZANU-PF.
It would have been ironic had it not been so tragic to hear Zimbabwe’s top police officer promising to protect the people “before, during and after the forthcoming referendum”, saying that the coming elections were an opportunity to prove to critics that the police could do “an outstanding job in keeping peace”.
Why don’t they start now? We want peace now.
Is this not the “before” he refers to in “before, during and after”?
As Chihuri was delivering this pathetic speech to the cadets, his officers were being “accused of stealing money, valuables and other property from road accident victims”.
The heart of the matter is that the nation is at the mercy of its military and police forces. The two forces seem to exist to keep peace, law and order from the people.
The two organisations are, without doubt, terrorist organisations.
Police officers demand bribes from innocent people, including victims of crime, and they steal money from the dead and dying accident victims.
This, I need not say, is the lowest level any human can sink to, except Chihuri’s police officers.
Do you remember what the ZRP motto is? I will tell you if you promise not to laugh.
It is: for the law, for the fatherland, for the people.
No, they are not doing it for the law because it seems the police are involved in much more underhandedness than sworn criminals;
Yes, they are not doing it for the fatherland but for themselves; And, no, they are obviously not doing it for the people either.
“To this end,” Chihuri told the new crop of law enforcement officers, “I am quite certain that ZRP and the people of Zimbabwe are, once again, going to seize this opportunity to prove these prophets of doom wrong by ensuring a tranquil and peaceful environment before, during and after the election processes.”
The only things they are apparently seizing are valuables, money, and other property from dead and dying accident victims.
Chihuri must just leave the media alone.
For the fatherland, my foot!
I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Thursday, July 5th, 2012.

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