‘Alshabab’ member attacks and kills patron in KweKwe pub

Settlement Chikwinya is pained by the time taken by the police and medical people to attend to the fatally injured Kadamoyo.

By Tichaona Sibanda
11 October 2012

A 29 year old Mbizvo resident in KweKwe was on Tuesday hacked to death in a pub in front of friends and patrons, by a member of the notorious ZANU PF militia that calls itself ‘Alshabab.’

Admire Kadamoyo was confronted by the ‘Alshabab’ member identified as ‘Smart’ who was wielding a machete. The unprovoked attack saw Kadamoyo being dragged onto the floor as patrons watched in terror.

Drinkers enjoying the evening sundowner fled in horror as Kadamoyo was repeatedly slashed with the machete and left in a pool of blood. He repeatedly pleaded for mercy as ‘Smart’ savagely struck his head.

Confirming the incident, the MDC-T MP for Mbizvo, Settlement Chikwinya said what pains him most about the attack is the time taken by the police and medical people to attend to the mortally injured Kadamoyo.

“After the attack, I’m told by eyewitnesses that ‘Smart’ hanged around the area for quite some time, talking to friends, while Kadamoyo was pleading for help. The incident also took place were the Alshabab group hangs around,” Chikwinya said.

He added: “I’ve made several enquiries and everybody tells me it was ‘Smart’ from the Alshabab that is controlled by ZANU PF. He is a well known figure of the group and is easily distinguishable with his dreadlocks.”

The MP said the inability by the police to arrest the murderer is “unbelievable.” The suspect is now believed to be on the run.

“It is clear who is behind the attack and the police have all of a sudden developed cold feet. The weapon used (machete) is synonymous with ZANU PF as a tool of violence. This was a savage attack carried out in front of witnesses and I find it amazing the police have not made an arrest yet,” complained the MP.

In recent weeks the ‘AlShabab’ group has been on the rampage in Mbizvo, harassing and beating up residents. Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s henchman, Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube, is reportedly behind the new militant outfit named after the notoriously bloodthirsty Somalian based Islamic terror group.

The group has also been forcibly evicting shop owners from their business premises, taking them over under the guise of youth empowerment. ‘Alshabab’ claims to promote ZANU PF’s controversial indigenization drive.

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