Makumbe leaving UZ ahead of elections

Professor John Makumbe

By Alex Bell
07 November 2012

John Makumbe, the highly respected University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Professor and vocal political analyst, will be leaving the university this year to concentrate on his own election campaign.

Makumbe, who has for years been one of the most outspoken critics of Robert Mugabe and the ZANU PF regime, will be contesting as an MDC-T candidate for the Buhera West constituency in the next elections. He plans on leaving his post as a political science lecturer at the UZ at the end of the year, to focus on his plans to contest for the seat.

Although an MDC-T supporter and member, the Professor has also been critical of Morgan Tsvangirai’s party. He told SW Radio Africa that he hopes this critical nature will help him to “remain on course.”

“There are various ways of emancipating Zimbabwe from the tyrannical system of government we have endured under ZANU PF. You can either make noise from your white castle or you can put on your boots and overalls and fight for the emancipation of the country,” Makumbe said.

He added: “I have been doing a lot of talking and now it is time to show that I can also walk the walk.”

Makumbe explained that politicians are given their power by the people, and it is something he says he will not forget as a member of the political field.

“I believe that authority and power should be given to those who are governed by the people, so I am asking people to represent them, and be their voice,” Makumbe said.

He also added that his own personal and professional morals will be tested, but insisted that he aims to stay true to himself throughout his venture into the political sphere.

“There are certain rules I have to abide by, but I hope I won’t ever bend my own ethical code or violate my own very high standards of ethics. If that happens, I will have no option but to exit the political arena,” Makumbe said.

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