‘Rebel against ZANU PF’s abuse of diamond proceeds’

Job Sikhala

By Tichaona Sibanda
07 November 2012

The militant leader of the MDC99, Job Sikhala, has said it is high time Zimbabweans speak out and rebel against ZANU PF’s blatant abuse of proceeds from diamond revenue.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Hidden Story program on Wednesday, Sikhala said it is clear revenue from the Chiadzwa diamonds is not being used to support the general population of Zimbabwe.

Responding to reports that the former ruling party is spending a massive $6.5 million on the construction of a conference centre in Gweru ahead of its
‘people’s conference’ in December, the former MDC-T MP said it’s clear where the source of that funding is coming from.

The conference centre stands on a 60-hectare piece of land on the outskirts of Gweru, along the Mvuma highway. The state of the art complex will have a 5,000 seat arena and a red tiled roof with a futuristic design. It’s being put up by Chinese contractors.

‘If there is anybody in Zimbabwe who is sceptical about where cash from diamonds is going…there is your answer. That money is funding ZANU PF projects in anticipation of winning the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans ahead of next year’s poll,’ Sikhala said.

The former student leader called upon those diverting the diamond revenue from the treasury to ZANU PF to be investigated. He asserted that stamping out corruption is one of the biggest challenges that Zimbabwe faces.

‘The issue of cash from diamonds disappearing and not finding its way to the Ministry of Finance is a system that requires an urgent chemotherapy to deal with a cancer-like situation engulfing the country.

‘A cancer-like situation is engulfing the inclusive government which is harmful for growth. Certainly the country needs chemotherapy at this critical hour,’ Sikhala said.

‘Establishing a corruption-free Zimbabwe is a major challenge. I propose for now that people speak out and rebel against these thieves and crooks.
Sikhala said there is a sense of anguish, despair and concern among people over the deteriorating service delivery system which is increasing day after day and there is need for urgent corrective actions.

‘If the situation is allowed to continue then we cannot prevent the people taking to the streets. The leadership across the country, irrespective of their profession or political affiliation, will have to put the country, its development and its pride, above their individualism,’ he added.

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