Youth leaders bailed in cop murder case

Gift Mtisi from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR)

By Tererai Karimakwenda
07 October 2012

Two MDC-T youth leaders, accused of murdering a Glen View cop last year, were finally granted bail on Wednesday.

Defence lawyer Gift Mtisi said Jackson Mabota and Tarisai Kusotera paid a $500 deposit and were released from custody Wednesday. They have to report to the Law and Order Section twice a week and not interfere with any witnesses.

The two had appeared in a bail hearing last Wednesday, when Justice Mwayera reserved judgement indefinitely.

Mabota and Kusotera were arrested earlier this month and charged with the murder of officer Petros Mutedza, in May, 2011. This was over a year after the incident, in which 29 other MDC-T members are also being accused.

Mtisi said the main trial of the 29 activists also continued separately on Wednesday with cross examination of the investigating officer, Chief Inspector Ntini, who was challenged to name the informers who provided evidence used to arrest the activists.

They challenged him to name each of them – but he refused to provide the information.

The trial continues Thursday.

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