ZANU PF plans to put stickers on members’ houses

ZANU PF supporters could be identified by a sticker on their houses

Staff Writer
19 November 2012

It was reported over the weekend that ZANU PF plans to mark its members’ houses with stickers during the coming elections, as was done during the last census, for easy identification of its supporters.

The independent NewsDay newspaper said the provincial chairman for ZANU PF in Masvingo, Lovemore Matuke, told party supporters it was mandatory for every supporter to have the sticker for “easy identification”. Matuke was addressing a ZANU PF inter-district meeting held at Masvingo Teachers’ College last week.

“You are supposed to have stickers at every household so that we identify you. Our real supporters should have them wedged at their places. If you do not have that sticker at your place, you will be skipped,” he said.

ZANU PF is saying that those with stickers on their doors would get freebies, in return for votes ahead of next year’s elections, others believe there is a more sinister plot behind the planned exercise.

A journalist in Masvingo told SW Radio Africa the whole exercise was meant to intimidate people into buying ZANU PF cards for protection.

However our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa said the plan also has its dangers in that the same stickers could be used to identify ZANU PF activists by MDC supporters.

‘It works either way. It can be used to intimidate people from the MDC or the same people from the MDC can use the house stickers to easily identify ZANU PF members in for retaliatory purposes. I don’t think this is a good idea at all. It builds tension unnecessarily,’ Muchemwa said.

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