ZANU PF threatening MDC-T in Binga with amputations

MDC-N rally in Binga Sept 2012

By Tererai Karimakwenda
20 November 2012

Traditional chiefs, soldiers and police officials in remote areas of Binga North are allegedly threatening to cut off the arms of MDC-T councillors and supporters, and forcing villagers to pay fines for failing to attend ZANU PF rallies.

Villagers from Chunga and Lusulu areas accused Chief Simupa, Chief Sinakatenge and Chief Sinamusanga of working with ZANU PF activists and using their positions to force villagers to attend meetings.

Councillor Temba Toonse Kunjulu (TTK), from Jabuba ward in Binga, told SW Radio Africa that the ZANU PF activists include Kenias Charuma and a former intelligence agent named Isaac Ndebele.

“Councillors are being threatened with having their arms cut off, and why, because of having failed to attend meetings organised by these ZANU PF activists. The big challenge in Chunga and Lusulu is that people are being victimised by Ndebele, and at times the police are involved,” a frustrated TTK explained.

Villagers are also being forced to pay a fine if they fail to attend these meetings.
According to TTK, a young MDC-T supporter named Omi was recently fined $40 by Chief Sinakatenge, for failing to attend a meeting that he addressed.

The victims of political violence have no one to protect them since the police are clearly ZANU PF supporters. Councillor TTK said a policeman named Edward Muzondo recently told villagers at Lusulu Grain Marketing Board that only those “who know where they were fathered” will receive food under the Presidential scheme. This food is donated by the office of the president and meant for all villagers, regardless of their political affiliation.

“Actually he showed himself to be a true partisan of ZANU-PF because he said ‘pamberi ne ZANU PF. Pasi ne MDC’, which was heard by every participant of that programme at Lusulu GMB,” Councillor TTK said.

Intimidation of perceived enemies by ZANU PF activists and state agents loyal to Robert Mugabe has intensified, as the country heads towards a year in which elections are due to be held.

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