ZANU PF pair arrested after threats against MDC-T

ZANU PF militia thugs! In 2008 Moses Sivalo Moyo was beaten up and suffered broken ribs after being attacked

By Alex Bell
21 November 2012

Two ZANU PF members, including one employed by that party’s security division, have been arrested in Bulawayo after threatening an MDC-T official with violence.

The pair, Tinashe Chikara and Takesure Mbano, the ZANU PF Secretary for Security, was arrested on Tuesday after storming the property of MDC-T member Moses Sivalo Moyo. Moyo was threatened with violence by the pair, who were armed with a gun, and ordered to leave his home. According to the MDC-T, Moyo was targeted solely for being an opposition activist.

Moyo, who is also the MDC-T Matabeleland North Secretary for Home Affairs, took matters into his own hands and stopped the ZANU PF pair from leaving his property by blocking his driveway.

SW Radio Africa’s correspondent Lionel Saungweme reported that Moyo also managed to disarm Chikara who was wielding the gun. He then drove the pair to the police station in Saucetown and opened a case. The ZANU PF members were still being held in custody on Wednesday under unclear charges.

“The assumption at the moment is that this was intimidation. The modus operandi here is associated with the CIO and, given that Moyo is an MDC-T activist, it is assumed this was deliberate intimidation,” Saungweme said.

Moyo was one of the many victims of ZANU PF led violence during the turbulent 2008 election period, that saw hundreds of deaths, and thousands of beatings and attacks. During that time Moyo suffered broken ribs after being attacked on his property by a gang of ZANU PF militia.

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