Jabulani Sibanda ‘contracted’ to intimidate MDC-T supporters

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda

By Tichaona Sibanda
23 November 2012

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda is in Manicaland province at the behest of aspiring ZANU PF parliamentary candidates to campaign on their behalf, a senior MDC-T official said.

Pishai Muchauraya, the MDC-T MP for Makoni South and spokesman for the party in the province, claimed Sibanda is being paid to do the ‘dirty job’ for the aspiring parliamentarians.

‘He’s here under contract. These ZANU PF people pay him to intimidate our supporters in the constituencies they’ve earmarked. When the job is done they pay him and Sibanda gladly goes back to Bulawayo with money for his rent and food,’ Muchauraya said.

Last week the war vets leader visited Nyanga South where he held several meetings with traditional leaders and villagers. He warned them against voting for the MDC-T.

Sibanda also ordered ZANU PF activists to compile a list of known MDC-T members and perceived sympathisers and submit it to war vets in Nyanga.

But Muchauraya noted that the ZANU PF officials who are hiring Sibanda for his services are undermining their chances of winning, by siding with the one of the worst purveyors of violence in Zimbabwe.

The Makoni South MP accused Sibanda of being responsible for the disappearance, murder and maiming of many MDC supporters from other provinces, especially Masvingo.

‘Who doesn’t know Sibanda’s history of violence and who in his right mind would vote for anyone seen to be associating themselves with this type of man.

‘It cannot be ignored that politicians from ZANU PF, hoping to win seats in next year’s elections, are inciting violence in order to displace their opponents’ supporters. But in so doing they are alienating themselves from the same communities they’re hoping to lead,’ the MP said.

He continued: ‘Several ZANU PF politicians or political hopefuls have been linked to violence in many parts of the country and the only way to end political violence requires bringing to book those behind it.’

6 Responsesto “Jabulani Sibanda ‘contracted’ to intimidate MDC-T supporters”

  1. Yepec says:

    At least, there is one characteristic that separates you from the Zanu PF crowd – agreeing to your faults. Even after it has been brought to your attention you still stand on your remarks, ” … I accept that the electorate will not see, they are blind after all…”. What is the use of urging a NO vote, if indeed, the electorate is blind and will not see?

    Even though you are safely tucked 12,000 miles away in Britain, that does not stop you saying nasty things on people who are brave enough to take the daily oppressive brunt of Mugabe and Zanu PF. This smacks the hallmarks of a typical “demagogue”. Can you now see why ?

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    What an idiot and fool who is always irrelevant and has not come out of the slavish and colonial mentality 32 years after independence. You shall remain chained by your slave and colonial masters for the rest of your existence. You are a learned and educated fool and at best an Uncle Tom, Wilbert. My eighteen year daughter who is in her first year at university reasons far better than you.

  3. Yepec says:

    Surprising that you have an “… eighteen year daughter who is in her first year at university (and) reasons far better than you”. Wilbert, has never written anything more sensible and upto to the point than what he writes in the comment. It is you, having been discovered for what you are who is running for cover to hide you.

    Imagine your 18 year old daughter reading all your profanity comments from the University, Library computers, what does she think of a father who writes such things? If you do not like people totalk of Zanu, hired thugs or specifically, Jabulani Moyo, tell him to stop the violence he is instigating or to stay at his home except for peaceful visits.

  4. wilbert_mukori says:

    You do not hold human life in much regard. You will never to understand why people like me are so concerned about the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who have been forced into abject poverty by this Mugabe regime and the over 30 000 it murdered. To you they are nothing.

    I hold human life as the single most precious thing on this world because it is. I am very concerned about the suffering of the millions and the many lives lost needlessly because I know
    they could easily be my own mother, brother or me. “There, but for the grace of God, goes me!” I tell myself. That is what we call human empathy and common sense; something you, Chimbwido or people like Mugabe, will neither understand nor will ever comprehend!
    You have to be human first to be capable of something as godlily as empathy; you, Chimbwido, do not qualify!

    The tragedy of our political system is that it allowed people like Mugabe with no common sense or a fiber of humanity in them to get into power. Thank God, his reign of terror and madness
    is drawing to an end. Mugabe’s rule should have ended years ago where it not for the blundering Tsvangirai who allowed him back into office through the back door. That is not going to happen again; we both know that, hence the reason rats like you are worried. And rightly so too – you will lose your loot and, for many of you, the hangman awaits!

  5. Yepec says:

    What truth can a fake person tell?

  6. wilbert_mukori says:

    Chimbwido, how can you tell the world the “truth” when it is the onething you have denied all your life! But now that there will be regime change and all you rats are finally going to be flushed out and held to account for the loot and blood on your hands – the TRUTH will finally come out!
    That is one thing we can count on a rat to do; rating on the rest – only need to catch one rat!