40 injured as soldiers go on rampage in Zhombe

40 MDC-T supporters were injured, two of them seriously, when soldiers went on a rampage at Samambwa business centre in Zhombe

By Tichaona Sibanda
30 November 2012

40 MDC-T supporters were injured, two of them seriously, when soldiers went on a rampage at Samambwa business centre in Zhombe, in the Midlands province.

The two who were seriously injured, 77 year-old Peter Frank and 74 year-old Phineas Madhlembwa, are now admitted at the Avenues Clinic in Harare suffering from broken limbs and internal injuries.

The local MDC-T MP, Rodger Tazviona, escaped without injuries. A report was made to the police but no soldiers have been arrested or questioned about the incident.

The MDC-T chairman for the Midlands North, Constain Muguti, told SW Radio on Friday that 40 people were injured in the unprovoked attack by soldiers who had been guarding farming inputs for the Maguta project at the business centre.

He said the 10 soldiers felt ‘insulted’ by the MDC-T for organizing and gathering near where they were based, even though the MDC-T had police clearance to hold a rally at Samambwa.

‘Nine of the 40 received bad injuries, but we had to rush the two old men to Harare for specialist treatment because they were badly hurt. They were made to lie down on the ground and bludgeoned with logs. Women were stripped naked and had their T-shirts burnt to ashes, including 18 cell phones and wrist watches that were also thrown into a fire.

‘So when we got to the business centre, women had fled into the bushes because they were naked. All my life as a politician I consider this as one of the most brutal and most evil acts of violence I’ve ever witnessed. It was just savagery,’ explained Muguti.

Asked what instigated the attack, Muguti said the soldiers felt belittled and undermined by a gathering of MDC-T supporters, not far from the food aid that was to be distributed by Robert Mugabe.

‘The soldiers told our supporters that they were going to teach them some manners for undermining Mugabe and supporting Tsvangirai who was not giving anyone food in Zimbabwe.
‘It’s as if the food is benefitting everybody, when we all know it’s being given to ZANU PF supporters. One day these people will pay for what they’re doing to innocent civilians,’ Muguti added.

6 Responsesto “40 injured as soldiers go on rampage in Zhombe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The first thing to be done is to write the names of these soldiers down so that they would be tracked down one day. The second thing is, I urge all leaders of MDC(T) to desist from doing their rallies when they know that these ZANU(PF) dogs are around, sure you die for nothing because they know that their days in power are numbered. Pachokwadi ukabata nyoka inokuruma, saka kubva nhasi vanhu weeee zivai kuti nyoka dzeZANU dzinoruma ngwarirai utano nehupenyu hwenyu. Musadenha mago anokurumirai pasina. Yambiro yangu ndeyekuti siyanai navo, muite marally enyu panzvimbo dzavanenge vabva kana kuti dzavanenge vasati vasvika. Munofira mahara hama dzangu.

  2. madovi madovi says:

    If they were there for sometime why hold a rally where your enemy is ,they deserve that until your Karimatsenga Macheka is in power don`t messy with Gracelands .

  3. Domingos Rui says:

    Torai mazita emSoja aya. Ngachengetedzwa mudatabase remusangano. Monyarara zvenyu. Rimwe tichavabvunza kuti nhai munozivawo zvakamboitika Zhombe musi wekuti… gore rekuti…. here.

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    I told you that once upon a time my mother used to tell me to stay away from fire. I kept to her word for close to six decades now. And she was right as I have stayed away from trouble ever since.

    • Common Sense says:

      What…? You mean the MDC-T should stay away from a legally authorised gathering?
      If you are trying to say that they got what they deserved, then you sir are disgusting beyond words

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Mine is just a warning to the peace loving people of Zimbabwe to stay away from trouble. I do not advocate violence mate.