Kunonga threatens to shoot journalists

Nolbert Kunonga, has been walking around with a gun strapped to his hip, threatening to shoot journalists

Staff Reporter
30th November 2012

The ‘excommunicated’ Anglican Bishop, Nolbert Kunonga, has been walking around with a gun strapped to his hip, threatening to shoot journalists.

It seems he is not very happy with the court ruling that finally removed from his possession the church properties that he had taken control off.

MISA Zimbabwe issued a media alert to say that when Kunonga arrived at the Anglican Cathedral on Thursday he found that some of the movable property was being taken out of the cathedral’s pre-school, located in the basement.

They reported that Kunonga advanced on the journalists who were taking photos of the scene, ordered them to stop and then threatened to shoot one of them.

The Daily News said he was, ‘sweating profusely’ and had a gun holstered at his hip. He shouted: “You think I am playing with you, I can shoot you.”

He had also been told by the court to return three vehicles he had decided were his own, and the clerk of the court tried to block his path and get the keys for the vehicles.
The newspaper said by this time he was frothing at the mouth with anger.

It remains to be seen what Mugabe’s gun toting Bishop will do next, if his head doesn’t explode with anger first.

10 Responsesto “Kunonga threatens to shoot journalists”

  1. warvets are ponses says:

    this idiot should live under a bridge as he looks like a goblin..

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The first slave ship to reach the Americas was called ‘The
      Good Jesus’ and was owned and controlled by Sir Richard Hawkins who by the 16th century standard was regarded as a very pious or virtuous man, if you like. Sir Hawkins is known to have reached the shores of Sierra Leone in West Africa in1562 and in a very short space of time; he had gathered three hundred slaves in his possession. And when queried how he had managed to have so many blacks in his possession in such a short space of time, his answer was that he had acquired them, ‘partly by the sword and partly by other means’, which he does not tell the reader. Some reports suggest Sir Hawkins captured his slaves by plundering Portuguese ships that had earlier started the slave trade, but also through violence and subterfuge where he promised his African slaves free land and wealth in the new world. Hawkins is reported to have sold most of his slaves in what is now called the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. As a devoutly religious man, Hawkins church services were held on board the slave ship twice a day. In his sermons he told them to suffer here on earth and enjoy the kingdom of heaven when they die – blessed are the meek and poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven, so he said. And when he finally went back to his home country with ships laden with ivory, hides and sugar, he was showered with praise for bringing the wealth to his country and then began slavery at full throttle. This is a tragedy Africans without exception, have suffered for centuries and yet they are still slaves to this day. Today they are being sold into prostitution unknowingly and they end up in far away countries where they are being exploited. The mineral wealth of the African continent without exception is still being exploited by the rich and powerful for a song and the list of their wealth that is being plundered by the rich and powerful countries is endless. And when the indigenous people of the African countries try to create wealth for themselves, it is called corruption. What corruption, you fucking idiots!!! People have to wake up and smell the coffee, you fu…g bastards who haven’t learnt a thing, from slavery, then came colonialism and now neo-colonialism. They still sing the song of the slave and colonial master. Muchadya izvozvo vana blaz nekupusa kwenyu.

      • Gwaya says:

        Hey Chimbwido Gay Hure FYI if you rip off someone else`s work and reproduce it without acknowledgement its called plagiarism it will land u in hot water for copyright infringement.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Only if it was for academic purposes mate. Plagiarism is an academic crime, that I am aware, mate, but my work here is not for academic purposes, mate. I have long passed that stage when I was a university student almost a quarter of a century ago, not any more mate. Ndavehari yofanzirofa and I dont f…..g care mate. But you can use your computer skills to get this information which I do not claim to be mine because I was not yet born in 1562. I got it through various means and put it in my own words just to enlighten people like you, mate. Don’t you think it is a nice piece of work for our people not to be taken for a ride by the rich and powerful countries, mate? I do not mind you rubbishing it but just tell the truth mate.

          • Gwaya says:

            Ahh ok saka iwe Chimbwido Gay Hure you are saying we can pick and choose the laws we want to obey..just like ur fake clergyman Kunonga…?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You can use your imagination mate. You can even speculate because I am not going to say anything further mate.

          • Gwaya says:

            Mmmm yeh because u have already contradicted urself Hundit?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            This statement is hanging in the air without support, mate. If there are contradictions, these need to be elaborated for you to be understood. Otherwise yours is just but an illusion, wishful thinking or a mirth, mate.

      • Common Sense says:

        Are you saying that Kunonga’s actions are justified?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kaimbwamupengo kaMugabe aka hakasvodi pachokwadi, tarisai pameso pacho kuita sechitokoroshi chaicho .He should be taken to Ingutsheni and tested mentally by putting a bucket full of water with holes at the bottom on his head. If he feels the lickage of water then we really know that kanopenga zveshuwa. If he feels nothing haa tombaiziva kuti kamupengo chaiko mentally.