Tsvangirai shocked by military brutality in Zhombe

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

By Tichaona Sibanda
03 December 2012

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said he learnt with great shock and concern about the savage beatings of MDC-T activists in Zhombe, by uniformed members of the Zimbabwe National Army last week.

The attack on the supporters left 40 injured, five of them seriously, when soldiers went on a rampage at Samambwa business centre in Zhombe, in the Midlands province. Tsvangirai said soldiers should not be terrorizing citizens who they are supposed to be protecting from external attacks.

The Premier, who was in Redcliff last week Friday for a meeting with the party’s Midlands North provincial council, was briefed about the incident by the provincial chairman Costain Muguti. Many of those who escaped unhurt or with minor injuries made their way to Redcliff, where some of them had an audience with Tsvangirai.

Muguti explained that the attack seems to have united the people of Zhombe, who ended up providing the biggest number of delegates at the provincial council meeting.

‘The people of Zhombe united and resolved that violence will not stop or deter their resolve to see change in Zimbabwe. Instead of staying indoors fearful of follow-up attacks, the people from Zhombe came in their numbers in Redcliff determined to show solidarity with their colleagues.

‘So on the sidelines of the meeting, the Premier asked to be updated on the Zhombe incident. We explained in detail what transpired and he told us he was bothered to learn that soldiers can beat up people old enough to be their grandfathers,’ Muguti said.

Two of the five people now admitted at the Avenues clinic in Harare sustained broken limbs and internal injuries in the unprovoked attack. They are 77 year old Peter Frank and 74 year old Phineas Madhlembwa.

Muguti said Tsvangirai told them such brutality by members of the military deserves a full investigation and their behavior cannot be tolerated at all. The soldiers who carried out the attack were guarding farming inputs for the Maguta project at the business centre.

Victims were made to lie down on the ground and bludgeoned with logs. Women were stripped naked and had their T-shirts burnt. 18 cell phones and wrist watches were also thrown into a fire.

‘We are happy that five of our supporters at the Avenues are making steady progress, while some were treated in KweKwe and discharged. The majority of those who received minor injuries were treated at a local clinic in Zhombe,’ Muguti added.

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  1. achimwene says:

    any comment from the army headquarters ? if the soldiers are doing this in the name of the party then they are KILLING THE PARTY. People will say kusiri kufa ndekupi and vote out the party.Even if you support the party you still get beaten. If you dont support the party you get beaten . these soldiers are sabotaging the party. never ever force a person because you will achieve the opposite effect.

  2. wilbert_mukori says:

    Shocked and bothed? Is that all the Prime Minister had to say on the matter!?

    Voters roll is in a mess, there is no free media, the escalating violence: everything points to one thing – there will be no free and fair elections. At face of it, one would think MDC is shooting itself in the foot since they stood to gain from free and fair elections but this is not so.

    WhilstM DC’s electoral victory would be assured if there was free and fair elections nonetheless Prime Minister Tsvangirai knows he would certainly have lost his position as MDC leader a long time ago if Zimbabwe was a functioning democracy right now. A free and independent media would have exposed his pathetic performance over the years, incessant womanising, etc. and thus shown him for the failed leader he is. Indeed it is for the same reason MDC has resisted all calls to accept democratic practises within the party and not just call for them at nation level.

    MDC’s failure to have any of the democratic reforms implemented was partly due to the incompetency of the party leadership but also the fear on the full glare of the democratic spotlight turned on MDC itself. It is for this reason the party is willingly taking its chance and hold elections knowing fully well they will not be free and fair when it could have forced the democratic reforms through. MDC, like Zanu PF, does not want a democratic Zimbabwe and thus being held to account by the electorate!

    Both Zanu PF and MDC are expecting the people of Zimbabwe to accept this rubbish Copac constitution in the coming referendum; both parties have told the electorate to vote yes and, as a rule, they expect the electorate to do as they are told, period! Whilst each party is completely focused on its wildcat fight to be on the gravy train after the next elections neither of them is expecting to have
    to fight a rare guard revolt of the electorate derailing the gravy train by voting NO to the Copac draft.

    A NO vote will force the nation to implement the agreed democratic reforms and to write a democratic constitution which will lead to free and fair elections. As
    long as there are free and fair elections the electorate will force those in public office to keep their promises or kick them out of office. Then and only then can the electorate be sure the gravy train has been derailed.

    Mugabe’s 2008 electoral defeat was a shock to the tyrant; a NO vote in the coming referendum would deliver the coup de grace!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Wilbert, I told you a long time ago to stop propagating what you do not know. You are just an idiot who wants to be a jack of all trades. The COPAC initiative you always talk about captures the dreams and aspirations of Zimbabweans that was compiled by lawyers and academics of Zimbabwe and you are not in this league judging by your shallowness of mind. You have no right to shoot down the wishes of Zimbabweans they have clearly expressed in the COPAC initiative. Let is be known to you that Zimbabweans are not gullible, foolish or not knowledgeable as you want us to believe. They know what they want and can never be influenced by your foolish views that you peddle on a day to day basis.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        Considering the mess your great Leader Mugabe has made of Zimbabwe turning a prosperous nation into one of the poorest, corrupt and oppressed nations in the world in 33 years. Considering PM Tsvangirai’s blundering incompetency; he failed to have even one of the agreed democratic reforms implemented and made a complete monkey of himself with his womanising.

        I may be in a “shallowness of mind” league of my own, I accept. Still I would be insulted if anyone – except you, of course – was to put me in the same league as murderous tyrants and flawed and indecisive like Mugabe and Tsvangirai and their multitude of myopic supporters. You can say what you like, Chimbwido, you are a moron and it is below the dignity of even a shallow minded person to take insult from a moron!

        If it is the “wish” of the Zimbabwean people to be ruled by Mugabe then why is Mugabe beating and murdering all these people? I told you, you are a moron!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          No mhani Wilbert, I get frustrated when people attempt to shoot down the efforts made by the entire population of Zimbabwe in coming out with this well articulated and thought out document by our own lawyers and academics. Who are we to do that and who do we represent? You in particular has not made yourself known as to who you represent for I note you do not support Tsvangirai, Ncube, Mutambara and Mugabe is your worst enemy. Put your cards on the table for us to know your constituency. For instance, do you represent foreign capital and rhodies in the diaspora? I have made myself known that I am libertarian and as such do not represent the political philosophies of ZANU or any other political party for that matter but my own views and values.

  3. david taylor says:

    Of course where is the condemnation of this brutality by the supposed President of the country. Obviously the condemnation by the prime minister is helpful, but Mugabe also needs to condemn this violence in the very strongest terms. By remaining silent, he is tacitly supporting the violence.

    This is not going to stop until the ZANU-PF and military leadership come down hard on the perpetrators of this violence. The country needs to demand that Mugabe and Chiwenga visit the site of this brutality and issue an apology. As heads of the armed forces they are ultimately responsible for the brutality.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      No one would argue that Mugabe, Zanu PF and the military leadership should “come down hard on the perpetrators of this violence”. But we must face the reality here, this has been going on for years now. Mugabe has used brute force to consolidate his hold on power; over 30 000 innocent people have been murdered by this tyranical regime for Christ sake! How many more people does he have to butcher before you people will finally accept the reality that he, Zanu PF and the military leadership are NOT going to “come down hard on the perpetrators”!
      The other reality you are always ignoring is that PM Tsvangirai had four years to force through security sector reforms and for FOUR BLOODY YEARS he did nothing. He is now encouraging the nation to accept a new constitution that will do nothing to punish those responsible for all this violence insisting there will be no violence.
      Why is it that you have never asked him to “come down hard on the perpetrators of violence”? He is after all the Prime Minister? Over 500 people lost their lives to elect him and his MDC friends; please do not tell me their sacrifice was all for nothing!

      • david taylor says:

        Wibert –

        I totally agree that there is no ways Mugabe and his cronies are ever going to come down hard on the perpetrators of this violence – after all they are totally reliant on the violence to stay in power. I was simply implying that simply having Tsvangirai condemn the violence is not going to end the violence. But at least there is someone in government condemning it – before the GPA there was no one.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          I understand David but I am sure you would also understand where I am coming from.

          You, I and the rest of ordinary men and women out there can condemn the violence and that is all we can do. Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC party are in government with a
          parliamentary majority; they can and should do a more than condemn the violence. They can and should enact laws giving more powers to the Police, get those failing to do their duties fired, etc. if that is what is needed to be done. And yet for FOUR YEARS they have done nothing, other than offer the occasional word of condemnation.

          Over 500 people lost their lives in 2008 alone electing Tsvangirai; they all believed MDC would keep their promise and bring democratic change and thus end the scourge of violence amongst other things!

          To then turn around now and accept that Tsvangirai is “at least condemning” the violence as good enough is in fact symptomatic of the feeble electorate who hardly know what they want, even when they are blatantly obvious, and who lack the political spine to ever hold their leaders to account on anything, even their very lives! By failing to hold Tsvangirai to account for his failure to end the violence we are betraying not just ourselves but all those who have lost their lives in search for justice and we are betraying all future generations too who will in turn be victims of this violence, etc.

          If we are serious about ending the violence and wanting to live in a peaceful, just, free and prosperous Zimbabwe then we must first transform ourselves from an enfeeble electorate to an informed and assertive one. If we want change then we will have to work very hard to get it. People like Mugabe with an invested interest in maintaining the status quo; they are working hard to stop change. People like Tsvangirai have learnt that Mugabe would allow them on the gravy train as long as they forgot about pushing for change. And that is exactly what Tsvangirai has done about his promise to bring democratic reforms – NOTHING! If we can not see the game these leaders are playing then we must be blind!

          We cannot say did not deserve the tyrannical regime of Mugabe or this dysfunction GNU complete with the flawed
          and indecisive Prime Minister Tsvangirai; ultimately, nations get the governments they deserve. We will need to be smarter and be more assertive if we are ever going to get out of this hell-hole we find ourselves!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr . Prime Minister, President of our party MDC(T) you need to take this seriously . We don`t know where this brutality is going to end. Are we going to have a free and fair elections next year under these threats ? Ummmmmmmmmmmm something should be done to safeguard the innocent people of Zimbabwe.

  5. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    If people stay away from trouble, nobody will get hurt. You reap what you sow, guys. Laws of the country should be followed to the letter. Even Tsvangirai can not condone lawlessness, for if he does he will not deserve my respect as the Prime Minister of this country.

    • Common Sense says:

      What were they doing to ‘get’ into trouble. Why should they not have held their authorised gathering?
      They had every right to do what they were doing… and no-one should have to avoid ZANU-PF and the army in doing what is lawful….
      Stop making it look like these folks deserved being beaten up by these cowardly dogs

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Read my article again mate. I did not say the rubbish you are attributing to me. As a law abiding and responsible citizen of this country, I only warned people to stay away from trouble.

  6. GBZ says:

    Chimbwido Warvet•4 hours ago

    Flag as inappropriate
    If people stay away from ZANUPF, nobody will get hurt. You reap what MUGABE sows, guys. Laws of the ZANUPF should be followed to the letter. Even Tsvangirai can not condone ZANUPF’S lawlessness, for if he does he will not deserve my respect as the PRESIDENT of this country. HI CHIMPS! ME THINKS THIS IS A CLEARER VIEW OF WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY???
    God Bless Zimbabwe.00You must sign in to down-vote this post.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Me thinks you are full of sh.t mate. You talk of God blessing Zimbabwe for what you f…..g fool? Coming with the Holy Bible to hoodwink the unsuspecting Zimbabweans as you did during the days of slavery and colonialism will not work this time around. Just forget it and remove all the sh.t covering your pair of trousers or is it your dress, you piece of sh.t.

      • Yepec says:

        One tries not to comment on your writings but sometimes the urge to update you overwhelms one. Your living 12,000 miles away from Zimbabwe and in the past, worsens the problem. In updating you, here are some issues to take into consideration,

        (i) It was Zanu that used to say the “MDC is a puppet organisation” and it will never sit down on the same table with it – look who with Mbeki cunningly asked for the MDC to publicly sign the GPA Mugabe.

        (ii) Who drinks tea and chairs Cabinet meetings in which Tsvangirai and his MDCs colleagues are Ministers, every Monday and Tuesday.respectively – Mugabe.

        (iii) Who used to say he has degrees in violence but now publicly preaches peace – Mugabe.

        (iv) Who went to a Johane Masowe meeting publicly wore their garb and every weekend sends his Zanu Cabinet Ministers to local denominations – Mugabe.

        (v) Who is welcomed back at the Harare International Airport by Apostolic and Guta RaMwari uniformed, singing women – Mugabe.

        Politics is very dynamic and live, however, you seem to like living in the past. When you rant about the Bible, unsuspecting Zimbabweans and days of slavery, one wonders to which Zimbabwe and period you are referring.i

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          I have no intention to give lectures on slavery and colonialism because no African has been spared of this scourge. If you do not know this history, it clearly shows you are not African or an Uncle Tom. You need to read the role of Portuguese in the Monomotapa Kingdom. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to know much as our history has been twisted to serve the interests of those who enslaved and colonized us. But you can still do a bit of research by reading the works of accomplished scholars and academics to know the truth. By accomplished scholars, I do not mean reading the works of Tichaona Sibanda, Ezra Sibanda, Alex Bell or Tererai Karimakwenda.

          Of course, politics is highly dynamic. What Mugabe has done in reaching out to the Apostolic and Guta RaMwari and Morgan Tsvangirai is what I term as the work of a statesman who seeks to unite all people of Zimbabwe. Unless there is cohesion and no political strife in the country, our hard won independence will mean nothing mate. This is what I call politics at its best in Zimbabwe. It should not be considered as political weakness on the part of Mugabe. Far from it, Yepec, trust me.

  7. aamm says:

    MORGAN you should get in touch with RENAMO you will learn you cant change an old dog ways .start a new chimurenga ..

  8. munangagwa says:

    pure britality of Zanu pf

  9. aamm says:

    Guess who benefited from the slave trade..? mirrors ,beads, gunpowder etc were traded by the local people first.. locals were selling people as slaves .,before the Arabs started trading YOUR kings rounded the opposite tribes up to sell them STOP BLAMING EVERYBODY ELSE .