Bail ruling for the MDC-T 26 postponed indefinitely

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu

By Nomalanga Moyo
5 December 2012

Twenty-six MDC-T activists charged with the murder of a police officer, look set to spend another festive season behind bars after the presiding judge postponed the bail ruling indefinitely.

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu, who heard the arguments in chambers on Wednesday, said he needed time to assess the submissions and would call for another special session to make his ruling.

The 26 have already spent more than a year in remand prison, and their lawyers had hoped to get them out on bail last Friday before the high court closed ahead of the Christmas recess.

Their lawyer, Beatrice Mutetwa, had argued that the 26 were perfect candidates for bail since there was no clear-cut evidence linking them to the crime and also given that their co-accused, Solomon Madzore, Cynthia Manjoro, and Lovemore Taruvinga Magaya, had been bailed on similar grounds.

However, prosecutor Edmore Nyazamba opposed the application, arguing that the accused were a flight risk.
Charges against the activists relate to the death of Inspector Petros Mutedza, who was murdered at a night club in Glen View last May. Since then, the group has had numerous bail applications turned down. All the 26 deny the charges, and the MDC-T has accused the state of harassing its supporters through “trumped-up” charges and called for their immediate release.

In a statement released on Wednesday, MDC-T Youth Assembly spokesman, Clifford Hlatshwayo, said: “It remains our position that the innocent 26 are unlawfully detained and deserve their absolute freedom so that they can be with us, their beloved family and friends especially during this festive season.”

5 Responsesto “Bail ruling for the MDC-T 26 postponed indefinitely”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Justice Chinembiri Bhunu is a true ZANU(PF) supporter . How can he postpone and postpone such a meaningless case. These people are innocent.

  2. wilbert_mukori says:

    This has been going on too long, no one should have to suffer what these 26 individuals have been forced to go through. People like Bhunu have acted as if they are gods his whole life including his legal judgements and his wealth must be investigated thoroughly. We all know that Zimbabwe’s judiciary in corrupt but Bhunu’s conduct is one of the worst abuse of judiciary power!

  3. Yepec says:

    Eventhough, it is known that these Activists are under detention in a Maximum Prison; the assignment of a judge and a prosecutor to them, is a flimsy-sham pretense by the state for a trial, in addition, to the waste of the badly needed national resources.

  4. KuraiMGT says:

    I ask God to take his life back from this cruel mafiaso. nxaaaaa

  5. Gwaya says:

    Detaining people indefintely does not increase the chances of pinning something on them Injustice Bhun