Family of murdered MDC-T official barred from holding memorial

The late Cephas Magura

By Tererai Karimakwenda
05 December, 2012

The family of the late Cephas Magura, an MDC-T official in Mudzi North, has been barred from holding a memorial for his death by the same ZANU PF supporters implicated in the murder.

According to SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme, the order and threats were issued by the ZANU PF district chairman for Mudzi North, Peter Karikuyimba and his vice chairman Smart Chizowa.

Cephas Magura was the MDC-T chairman for ward 1, Mudzi North. He died last May after a ZANU PF mob assaulted MDC-T members who were gathering for a rally at Chimukoko Business Centre.

The mob was allegedly directed by the Mudzi North MP, Newton Kachepa, who also drove some of the mob to the location in his truck. Villagers told our correspondent that MP Kachepa has continued to harass and intimidate MDC-T supporters in his constituency.

Saungweme said: “On December 1st Kachepa launched his campaign by forcing school kids in uniform to attend a gala he had organised. He told the crowd that worse is to come on 21 December to those who shun his meetings. He also threatened that there will be lots of bloodshed during the forthcoming elections.”

Chief Goronga, also known as Tiki Mupatisen, addressed the crowd and said those who oppose ZANU PF would not receive the maize seed that is being distributed under the Presidential scheme, which is meant for all Zimbabweans but has been diverted to benefit ZANU PF members only.

The Chief is quoted as saying: “Nhunzi yapinda mukoko nyuchi rumai (Beat up MDC-T people as they are not our kids).” Goronga also boasted that he can engage in political activity if he chooses to and no one can stop him.

ZANU PF activists have declared an unofficial “state of emergency” in the area, and MDC-T supporters are said to be living in fear.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Newton Kachepa is a true devil.