Mugabe ‘upbeat’ about electoral victory following Gweru conference

Robert Mugabe addressing the 13th annual conference held in Gweru and demonstrating what he wants to do with the nation’s economy before he leaves

By Tichaona Sibanda
10 December 2012

Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF are predicting a massive electoral victory in next year’s presidential and parliamentary polls, following the party’s 13th annual conference held in Gweru.

The conference, described by the state controlled media as a resounding success, left the party faithful upbeat about reclaiming lost ground to the MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The very first ZANU PF congress, at its formation, was also held in the Midlands capital and Mugabe was the only surviving founding member to be at the just ended conference.

Apart from 5,000 party delegates the conference was attended by the country’s top military junta. These were Defence Forces commander General Constantine Chiwenga, army commander General Phillip Sibanda, Air Force chief Air Marshal Perence Shiri, Prisons Commissioner retired General Paradzai Zimondi and CIO director-general, Happyton Bonyongwe.

Also in attendance was the chief of police, Augustine Chihuri. The MDC-T’s finance minister, Tendai Biti, said service chiefs should not have been at this gathering.

Responding to this comment one media outlet quoted Chihuri as saying:
“We are part and parcel of the revolution. We cannot be divorced from that revolution; those who are thinking of leading this country without respecting those who fought for it must stop dreaming.

In 2008 ZANU PF lost its parliamentary majority for the first time since Independence in 1980, but Mugabe told his supporters his party is poised to snatch its parliamentary majority back.

The party believes that its indigenization policy, which compels foreign companies to transfer 51percent of their ownership into the hands of locals, will resonate well with the electorate.

In fact during his address to delegates Mugabe said he wanted foreign firms operating in the country to become fully owned and controlled by Zimbabweans.

Other resolutions that came out of the conference included an increase in the jamming of private radio stations, such as SW Radio Africa.
ZANU PF’s head of the Media, Science and Technology Committee, Olivia Muchena, urged the party to adopt technology to jam ‘foreign based broadcasts’ into Zimbabwe. It seems that she is unaware that they already have this technology, and regularly use it.

Economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga told SW Radio Africa that ZANU PF’s policies had left average Zimbabweans much worse off.

‘There is no prospect for economic growth where people want to reap where they did not sow. Zimbabweans will see through this whole thing about indigenization, that it is not a policy objective but a vote catching thing. This is just an electoral campaign tool especially now that Mugabe is pushing for 100 percent and not just 51 percent,’ Mhlanga said.

Our Bulawayo correspondent Lionel Saungweme told us that what came out of the conference were self serving resolutions that will not be well received by the electorate.

He explained that voters in Zimbabwe were now more sophisticated than before and are more concerned about the state of the economy and can see through policies that enrich just a few individuals.

‘They are confident that the people are going to reward them with their votes for dishing out the indigenization policy. This typifies the misplaced prioritization of things by ZANU PF. They want to grab things for themselves and not work on things that benefit the citizens of the country,’ Saungweme said.

The Standard newspaper said the whole conference was lacking any atmosphere and that there was an air of ‘uncertainty’ among delegates. The paper said Mugabe’s age has also finally caught up with him and he frequently had to lean on the podium and some times his speech was slurred.

He also showed he was a little behind the times – his lapel badge read: ‘Vote for ZANU PF………….in 2005.’

28 Responsesto “Mugabe ‘upbeat’ about electoral victory following Gweru conference”

  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    The only reason Mugabe and Zanu PF would feel upbeat about winning next year’s elections is because the party is now more confident than ever that it will be able to use violence and get away with it. For the last four years the party was worried it would not be able to resist pressure from its partners in the GNU to implement the democratic reforms including security sector reforms which would have put an end to Zimbabwe’s culture of political violence. Fortunately for Mugabe and Zanu PF the pressure never materialized!

    It was Mugabe and Zanu PF would have brought the country into this mess and the policies he is promising would drag the nation even deeper into the mess. Zimbabweans know that and that is why he and his party would never win free and fair elections. The only way Zimbabweans can stop Mugabe and Zanu PF destroying the nation is by insisting that the next elections must be free and fair, by insisting the democratic reforms are implemented! And to make sure their demand for free and fair elections is fulfilled, the people must reject the Copac constitution in upcoming referendum.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This party will never ever win any free and fair election. Mugabe is very old that even his supporters have no confidence in him. He is just a moving grave campaigning to be elected before his death.

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    “We are part and parcel of the revolution. We cannot be divorced from that revolution; those who are thinking of leading this country without respecting those who fought for it must stop dreaming’. Nobody can say it better than the police chief, Augustine Chihuri. The MDC-T Finance Minister Tendai Biti should stop dreaming during the day and mind his party business.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Yes Police Commissioner Chihuru is part and parcel of the revolution leading to independence in 1980. Since then, he has also become part and parcel of the corruption and brutal repression of this dictatorship. He has loot to safe guard and the blood of many innocent Zimbabweans on his hands he does not want to account for. He does not want to see regime change because of what has happened after the revolution and not for the revolution for revolution’s sake!

      The revolution was to give every Zimbabwean their human rights and dignity including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and the right to life. Rights this dictatorship has blatantly denied the people a position Commissioner Chihuri and the rest of the dictatorship are defending. They are all defending the indefensible.

      The revolution is not complete until all Zimbabweans; every man, woman and child; are accorded all their democratic rights and human dignity. The looted wealth must be recovered and used to pull the millions forced into a life of abject poverty out of poverty. Those with blood on their hands must account for it.
      It is not the revolution the Commissioner is defending but a murderous dictatorship!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        If you want to equate the human rights record of the United Kingdom where you are in hiding and that of Zimbabwe, you are absolutely wrong. It has taken the United Kingdom centuries to perfect or enact its laws to what they are today. Besides, the enactment of laws that will give Zimbabweans their human rights and dignity including the right to meaningful say in the governance of the country, do not grow on trees. It is the work of the peoples’ representatives in the House of Assembly who should bring about these laws. If people elect Tsvangirai and many of the illiterates in the MDC camp to be their representatives in Parliament, what law will come out of these miserable Members of Parliament? It is the quality and not quantity of the Members of Parliament that will bring about a meaningful change in laws of the country. Quite frankly, it is the fault of the electorate that elects trash to represent their interests and not that of government. Do you appreciate the logic and rational here, Wilbert?

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          You call that nonsense “logic and rational”?
          If you knew the history of UK then you must know that Charles I was beheaded for treason against the people. Mugabe, Chihuri, etc. have earned a similar end for themselves!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I was talking about the origins of laws of our country and you now introduce a totally different subject. President Mugabe or Chihuri do not make the laws of the country but Members of Parliament of this country. If you elect Tsvangirai to be your representative in next Parliament, then you should know what to expect.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Well you can use that in your defence for the blood on your hands; I doubt every much whether that nonsense will save your neck!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh Gosh, no, no, Aah, what the hell are you talking about you f…ng idiot?

        • Yepec says:

          When Parliament was filled by Zanu members whom Margret Dongo called “Mugabe’s wives”, no such legislation came forth but repression of their own people. Furthermore, what does one make of revolutionaries who agree to make a cease fire agreement a Constitution of the country, hence, the tyranny and corruption of its members? Adding salt to the injury, the so called Constitution, is from the former colonisers. Zanu had the quantities, is this its quality?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My friend, laws of the country evolve with time. Some thirty years or so ago when the Lancaster House Constitution was created, nobody had the slightest idea about the question of human rights, including the United Kingdom. But today, the question of enacting laws that take into account human rights and dignity is topical. And once again that brings us to the question of who among our representatives is capable of promoting the laws that will consider human rights and dignity as issues worthy talking about in Parliament. Of course, if the electorate elect Tsvangirai as their representative in the next Parliament, then they should know what to expect, and that is zilch.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            You have said some nonsense on this site but this takes the biscuit! “Some thirty years or so ago when the Lancaster House Constitution was created, nobody had the slightest idea about the question of human rights, including the United Kingdom.”

            What was the war of independence for if it was not to fight to end the exploitation, oppression and other human rights violations and injustices perpetrated by the white colonists on the blacks? It is a great tragedy that, 33 years after independents, people are still dying for a constitution to grant every Zimbabwean the most basic rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and the right to life itself. These rights have been denied to the majority of our people and granted to a select few as if they were for any mortal to deny or grant.

            Over 300 000 Zimbabweans lost their lives in the fight to end white domination and oppression, sadly only we did in 1980 is replace a white oppressors with a black ones just as oppressive but with added edge of being the corrupt and stupid! The masses of Zimbabwe gained nothing politically from Mugabe’s rule compared to Smith’s rule but their
            economic lose have been great as seen by the drop in life expectancy from 68 years in 1980 to 34 year in 2008!
            No my murderous and stupid fiend; Mugabe, his cronies and all his acolytes understood what difference between right and wrong all along; when they got in power their greed got the better of them! And for betraying the nation so; they will not only have their loot taken from them but those who murdered so many of our people must hang!

  4. david taylor says:

    The attendance of the security chiefs at this ZANU-PF ‘love fest’ is a clear message that violence and brutality will be used to keep Mugabe in power. Both the military and Mugabe have no intention of relinquishing power. We Zimbabweans must not be fooled yet again. There should be no elections or referendum before ALL reforms agreed to as part of the GPA are fully implemented. No reforms = no referendum or elections.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      If the clowns finally agree on the Copac rubbish there is nothing we can do to stop the referendum being held. What we can do then is make sure the Copac rubbish is rejected.

      If the Copac draft is accepted then, it is hard to see what anyone can do to stop what we all know will not be free and fair elections.

      The biggest problem here is PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends. Not only have they wasted the last four years with they snout down in the gravy train feeding trough when they should have implemented the reforms but worse still, they are aware of the pending dangers. The snouts are still down. Unfortunately we have an electorate that is totally dependent on what the leadership says and will not think for themselves. And Tsvangirai is leading them like sheep to the slaughter!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The GPA agreement that was reached by the political parties of Zimbabwe does not bind the entire nation. If you want an honest opinion, I do not f….ng care about the GPA agreement that was reached by leaders of three political parties in Zimbabwe. It is merely an agreement by them and not law in Zimbabwe. I am not interested in their stupid agreement.
      Consequently, the country can not be held at ransom by an agreement that is not law in this country. And quite frankly, the holding of elections and a referendum in Zimbabwe can not be dependent on the implementation of agreed reforms by President Mugabe, Prime Minister Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara as there is no connection whatsoever.

      • Yepec says:

        The GPA, is the 19th amendment to the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Supreme Law of the Land). Since Zanu had wanted elections since 2010, 2011, 2012 and, now, by the end of March 2013 but did not, what was the reason for not holding them? Can one still insist that there is no connection between the GPA, Zimbabwean Constitution and the elections? If wishes were horses, beggars could ride them, one observed.

  5. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Where is the connection between the attendance of the security chiefs at the conference and their brutality to keep Mugabe in power? Their attendance no connection with violence or brutality whatsoever. People should not be so scared like cockroaches, ‘anotiza akangonzwa chati kwatara’. F….ng hell, these guys have their political party at heart and quite frankly it is nobody’s business if they wanted to attend the conference to hear what their party leaders had to say.

    • Common Sense says:

      Their attendance IS our business. The forces must by law be non-partisan. Of course they can vote for whom they wish…. but this open support (although no surprise) goes against their rules and the law…

      But the good news is that this is the last time they’ll be able to enjoy this ‘freedom’.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Then why behave like cockroaches if you hold this view? Cowards die many times before they actually die. Kungonzwa chati kwatara magwara anomhanya semapete kana kuti semhushu inoti kana ukaibata chete inosarudza kuzvigura makumbo ayo ichikava butsu chete kwauri kuti itize. There are more important to think about than worrying about the security chiefs who wanted to hear the leaders of their political party speak.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          There is nothing honourable about someone who kills a deferenceless and helpless civilian just to get the populous to vote for you!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            First of all, where have you been hiding while the Warvet has been attacked for speaking his mind. These guys you are attacking have not committed any offence. They attended a conference of their political party and have not killed anyone. Get your facts correct Wilbert.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Who killed the 500 innocent Zimbabweans in 2008? And why has no one been brought to book? You would not see the problem of a partisan Police because you close your eyes to such realities, fortunately that reality is coming to an end!

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        It is NOT “against their rules and the law” for members of the security sector to attend Party Conferences or even play an active role in the campaigning of the said party. The South African constitution, for example, explicitly forbids this; we would have been wise to follow their example, particularly after the 2008 elections orgy of violence. There was nothing in the Lancaster House Constitution one could fall back on and there is still nothing in this Copac draft to force the Police, etc. to stop behaving in a partisan manner.

        In the GPA, security sector reforms were listed amongst other things as necessary for free and fair elections. The fact that none of the reforms were ever implemented is largely PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends’ fault: in the PM’s case he was too busy globe-trotting and chasing women! It is rich that the same incompetent individuals should now be complaining about Police Officers and Soldiers
        attending Zanu PF Conferences and out campaigning for Mugabe!

        • Gwaya says:

          It is not the constitution that forbids servicemen in politics it is the service charter. So you are right about the Lancaster House constitution but wrong as to whether service men can indulge in politics explicitly as they are so fond of doing pa Zim….

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            When after what happened in 2008, one would expect the new constituition to be very explicit on this point; the Copac draft is silent and that was not by accident. Mugabe saw to it that Copac constitution said nothing because he needs the Police, Army and the CIO to terrorize the nation to win the next elections! And Tsvangirai and MDC have allowed Mugabe to do this. We, the people, would be foolish to let Mugabe get away with it!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Which service charter and for which country are you talking about? What does the service charter for Zimbabwe say, if possible verbatim as you appear knowledgeable?
            My good friend, service charters are made by people and can be changed to suit the prevailing situation. Of course, if you are talking of the service charter for the South African government, it is a different kind of fish.

  6. Trueafrica says:

    What future can a 90yr old man offer a nation. His leadership is based on the 1960s – someone should tell him that the White House has a black man, and we need a new man

  7. Brian Chikwati says:

    The problem with ZANU PF is that, when ten people gather, they make a decision which they want the country to abide by. No no, things have chaqnged ZANU PF. If the 5 000 deligates who attended the conference were the only voters, surely ZANU PF would win convincingly. Unfortunately we the voters were not at the conference.The other issue is that ZANU PF is mis-led and mis-directed by the so called political analysist who regretably are destroying the party. A former bishop cheated ZANUPF into believing that he was in charge of the Anglican church, alas he was actually chasing away the hard core ZANU PF supporters. Very easy to destroy, the bishop managed, but very difficult to now re-built.