Komichi to launch peace campaign in Sanyati

National deputy chairman of the MDC-T, Morgan Komichi

By Tichaona Sibanda
11 December 2012

The national deputy chairman of the MDC-T, Morgan Komichi, is hoping to launch a campaign against political violence and intimidation, to ensure next year’s elections are organized without destruction of life and property.

The deputy Transport Minister seeks to launch the campaign in Sanyati in the Midlands province, in an effort to try to avoid violence flaring up between rival political parties. He explained that his crusade will ensure the district does not witness a repeat of the violence witnessed in the 2008 elections.

Komichi told SW Radio Africa on Tuesday that he would also ask the ZANU PF MP for the constituency, Fungai Chaderopa, to demand violence-free campaigns in the area. A resurgence of inter-party violence in Sanyati saw an MDC-T activist lose her home last week when it was torched by suspected ZANU PF supporters.

A widow and mother of eight, Senzeni Hove of Village 33 in Madzivaenzou, is lucky to be alive after the hut she was sleeping in was set ablaze. She managed to escape and made a report at Kadoma central police station.

Komichi confirmed the incident and said he had been assured by the member-in-charge that investigations had been launched in the attempted murder case. But there are renewed concerns that tensions could spread to other parts of Sanyati and the province, hence Komichi’s attempt to try and encourage people to be peaceful.

Komichi is eyeing to unseat Chaderopa in next year’s elections. He will be in the constituency to celebrate his recent appointment as a deputy minister next week Thursday and Saturday and to preach the gospel of peace.

Chaderopa gained notoriety in her constituency in the run up to the 27th June presidential run-off elections, through her heavily militarized perpetration of political violence in the constituency.

Komichi said his initiative seeks to expose politicians who adopt any form of violent campaign tactics leading to elections in 2013. He said although the 2013 presidential and parliamentary elections are still months away, the peaceful and violence-free elections should be the responsibility of all Zimbabweans.

‘We need to remind both from ZANU PF and MDC of the horrible effect of violence, destruction of life and property. I will ask the local MP to take some action or implement Mugabe’s call to desist from violent electioneering.

‘All efforts must be created by the state, non-political and political actors to clear the hurdles of any intended anarchy to mar the elections and plunge the nation into chaos,’ he said.

The minister said building peace is a collective responsibility. He said he will encourage citizens, civil society organizations, youth groups, the media and stakeholders of Zimbabwe to work together to name and shame all politicians who incite the public to violence, for their political interest.

2 Responsesto “Komichi to launch peace campaign in Sanyati”

  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    This is really sad and tragic instead of doing concrete things to end violence those in the position to do so are now indulging in pointless token actions!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The sad and tragic thing is while they talk of ending violence so that they get elected into positions of authority, nobody from the MDC camp is telling us their program were they to win the next elections, which I doubt they will anyway. For instance, we need to know the MDC’s position on the land question and what views they have on the question of the indigenisation of the economy and many other thorny issues in Zimbabwe. I am aware the few remaining whites in the country and a few blacks like you have labelled the indigenisation of the economy as a racist policy were misguided and arrogant and yet every white who once lived and still live in this country became and have become rich at the expense of the indigenous people. The MDC formations should come clear on these thorny issues for the electorate to make informed decisions/choices as to who should be voted into positions of power and authority. I propose that a devil we all know is far better than to travel in uncharted waters. Quite frankly, the MDC is not yet ready to lead this nation.