KweKwe’s Alshabab terror group put under police radar

Alshabab graffiti in KweKwe

By Tichaona Sibanda
12 December 2012

Police in KweKwe have promised to turn the heat up on the activities of the terror group Alshabab, by keeping a close eye on its operations, an MDC-T MP said on Wednesday.

The group calls itself Alshabab (the boys or youth in Arabic) after the notoriously bloodthirsty Somali based Islamic terror group and claims to promote ZANU PF’s controversial indigenization drive in the Midlands based town.

But Settlement Chikwinya, the Mbizo legislator, said they had a meeting with the police on Monday and the three Midlands JOMIC co-chairpersons representing political parties in the GPA. It was decided to pursue all cases perpetrated by the rogue militants until violence is weeded out in the areas they operate.

In the last few months the terror outfit has induced fear in the general public in KweKwe with the primary objective of ensuring people vote ZANU PF in next year’s elections.

The MP told SW Radio Africa that following a spate of attacks on innocent civilians in his constituency orchestrated by the Alshabab, he had written a letter of complaint to JOMIC about the lethargy of the police in failing to arrest members of the deadly group.

‘I wrote this letter in October and it has taken two months for JOMIC and the senior leadership of the police in KweKwe to convene a meeting and deliberate on the constituency’s concerns on the activities of Alshabab, especially around Section 4 shopping centre,’ Chikwinya said.

He emphasized that it is on record the group has been on a spree of terrorizing patrons and shoppers at the shopping complex.

‘ The long and short of the meeting is that we agreed to alert members of the community to report to the police these cases of harassment and forward the crime report or RRB number to my constituency office. People can also text the constituency hotline.

‘The intention is to pursue all reported cases and see to it that the police have acted on them as they promised on Monday. All cases will be forwarded to JOMIC until we weed out any form of violence in our community.

‘I appreciate the lack of confidence which people have in our police, given how they handled previous cases, but let’s ride on this new page and give the police a chance to execute this new commitment. Police argue that while they got to know of the cases of violence, victims were reluctant to report thereby making the cases difficult to prosecute,’ the MP added.

Chikwinya said it was a disturbing fact that nothing had been done to perpetrators of the violence in his constituency.

‘The police have shown no enthusiasm to deal robustly with violence by ZANU PF linked individuals or groups and one wonders the reason for this reluctance,’ he asked.

He called on the police to show courage and be proactive in prosecuting violence offences brought to them, to serve as a deterrent to others, especially in the run-up to crucial elections set for next year.

The number for the constituency hotline, to report cases of harassment, is 0778555941.

3 Responsesto “KweKwe’s Alshabab terror group put under police radar”

  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    police have shown no enthusiasm to deal robustly with violence by ZANU PF
    linked individuals or groups and one wonders the reason for this reluctance,’ MDC
    MP for Kwe Kwe, Settlement Chikwinya asked. These Kwe Kwe thugs hacked an
    innocent man to death only a few months ago and no one was ever arrested and
    punished. And the MP should supporters are being butchered does not know why
    the Police are doing nothing about it! Well, is it any wonder we are in this
    political mess and, with MPs like, we will never get out of the mess!

    Zimbabweans have been desperate to get rid of Mugabe; so desperate they would
    “vote for a donkey” if the choice was between Mugabe or the donkey as
    Professor Jonathan Moyo once said. Desperate people do desperate things,
    indeed. Given all the chances to end Mugabe’s rule Tsvangirai has wasted in the
    last ten years Zimbabweans have to now realize that they cannot afford to
    ignore the crying need for electing quality leaders. The nation has paid dearly
    for Tsvangirai’s blunderings. He and most of his MDC friends are taking
    advantage of the nation’s desperation, they have no leadership qualities and it
    is folly to keep pretending anyone, even a blundering idiot, can ouster a ruthless and cunning fox like Mugabe.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      History teaches us that no leader worth his name can promote those he considers to be cleverer than him to positions of power and authority for fear of the unknowns. It is no wonder Tsvangirai has filled all important positions with imbeciles who can not distinguish between day and night, because he is so scared that he may even loose his powerful position. But we all know, this has been his downfall because all guys he has put in positions of authority are not competitive and consequently can not argue their case convincingly with the likes of Mugabe and his well schooled and learned Ministers. Nobody can really blame Mugabe for the blundering Tsvangirai. This has been known for years and yet Tsvangirai has been the leader of the MDC for nearly 20 years. You can not expect miracles Wilbert as you will always be the losers with the crop of leaders you have in the MDC camp.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        Well I have to agree with you there other than to add that it is exactly for the same reason that Mugabe is himself surrounded by imbeciles! I add that because we need a complete picture to deal with our political problem.
        Zimbabweans took over 15 years to acknowledge Mugabe was a tyrant surrounded by imbeciles because they had focused on getting rid of the white colonial regime and forgot about who they were replacing it with. Having done that, the people are now so focused on getting rid of Mugabe they are failing to see Tsvangirai as the blundering, flawed and indecisive character he is!
        Zimbabweans have two eyes, surely we can keep one eye on tyrant like Mugabe and the other on who should replace him!