Kunonga challenges Supreme Court ruling

Nolbert Kunonga is challenging the Supreme Court ruling

By Tererai Karimakwenda
14 December 2012

The ex-communicated former Bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, has continued to fight for control of church buildings and properties owned by the main Anglican Church (CPCA), despite losing a legal challenge at the High Court earlier this week.

Lawyer Jonathan Samukange filed a notice of appeal at the Supreme Court on Thursday, challenging High Court Judge George Chiweshe’s refusal to deal with Kunonga’s latest application.

The former Bishop was seeking to block the deputy sheriff from evicting those occupying church buildings he had taken from the CPCA in the five years since he left. But on Monday Judge Chiweshe said he had no jurisdiction to hear the matter because the Supreme Court had already ruled on it.

The Supreme Court ruled that Chad Gandiya was the rightful Bishop of Harare and the CPCA was granted ownership of all church properties. The CPCA has already taken back many of the buildings they lost to Kunonga, but the former Bishop refuses to let the case die.

His lawyers now claim the fresh application at the Supreme Court is from the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe (ACPZ), not Kunonga himself. But the ACPZ was formed by Kunonga and his allies after he resigned from the CPCA.

2 Responsesto “Kunonga challenges Supreme Court ruling”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh my God, I was wrong in thinking the former Bishop was finished. Oh Gosh, no, no, Aah, the guy is a real fighter and combatant who knows what he wants. He is not about to herd goats and cattle yet for now unless he gets a slice of the cake from the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe. But whether or not he will succeed in this endeavor is another matter we can discuss on another day.

    • Morgan Tsvangirai says:

      Taura zvako Chimbwido, I asked the former Bishop to join my party so we could help him but he does not seem to see the light. He still wants to have dealings with ZANU PF which do not appear to be working, Everyone knows that we have connections all over the world who can to come to his rescue but the former bishop is adamant. Achadya izvozvo.