ZANU PF is unelectable with Mugabe as presidential candidate

Pedzisai Ruhanya

By Tichaona Sibanda
19 December 2012

ZANU PF has already blown its chances of winning the harmonized elections set for next year by fielding an unelectable Robert Mugabe as their presidential candidate, a political analyst has said.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, a director with the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute said as a result of its failure to change its leadership, the former ruling party is being ‘propelled into the wilderness by political and economic plans that repel voters.’

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Hidden Story program on Wednesday, Ruhanya predicted that after 32 years in power, at which he presided over the worst economy in the world, Robert Mugabe is now unelectable and so is ZANU PF.

‘Mugabe is going to turn 89 in February next year and will become one of the oldest political candidates to contest an election. Zimbabwe will reject him at the ballot box. The inability to change its leadership will almost certainly condemn ZANU PF to political history.

‘Zimbabweans cannot invest their future into an 89 year-old candidate and this is a quandary for ZANU PF and a huge problem for Mugabe and this is not opposition driven, it is self inflicted,’ Ruhanya said.

He said Mugabe failed to implement the GPA because that would also mean his defeat: ‘ZANU PF being aware that it has survived for 32 years because of repressive media and security laws would not dare implement the provisions of the GPA’

He emphasized that Mugabe abuses, disregards and celebrates violence, which has seen him survive for this long, including in his own party.

‘Violence is part of ZANU PF’s DNA and this is why they say ZANU PF ndeyeropa (ZANU PF is for blood). That is why in his own party Mugabe is not contested, he’s intolerant to internal democratic processes.

‘Now….what do you think will be his attitude when he is contested by a foreigner, someone outside ZANU PF. If you look back to 2008, the results are there for everyone to see,’ observed Ruhanya.

15 Responsesto “ZANU PF is unelectable with Mugabe as presidential candidate”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    For ZANU PF, the age for President Mugabe has never been a factor for consideration at all. Mugabe has been fielded as a ZANU candidate to contest the forthcoming elections based on his intellect and what he can deliver to the people of Zimbabwe. Anyone who knows Mugabe well, will testify that he is far cleverer that his Prime Minister Tsvangirai who has been fielded by the MDC to contest for the presidency with Mugabe. And Tsvangirai knows it is a fact that Mugabe is more intelligent than him. And so who is fooling who here? Quite frankly, Pedzisai Ruhanya does not know what he is talking about. In any case, who can stop a man from having wet dreams?

    • Common Sense says:

      I think the populace of Zimbabwe have no doubt that Mugabe is more intelligent than Tsvangirai.
      The problem though is that Mugabe has used his intelligence to manipulate, cow and abuse the peoples that he purports to govern to a path of freedom.
      He is untrustable, and a liar…. that is his downfall.

      People don’t care about Tsvangarai’s intellect. Despite his pitfalls, he is trusted

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I like the idea that you have been sincere and honest that Mugabe is more intelligent than Tsvangirai. Believe it or not, Mugabe has led a country that has been under economic sanctions, a country without any balance of payment support from the World Bank and a host of problems deliberately placed against his leadership for him to fail. We are in this hellhole because of problems left behind by our colonial power which it has refused to resolve up to now. You and me know fully well that the United Kingdom has an obligation to resolve the land question as the former colonial power of Zimbabwe but nobody wants to talk about it. For over two hundred years our wealth was plundered by the United Kingdom to rebuild the country to what it is today but the UK just walked away from Zimbabwe soon after our independence as if nothing had happened. Today the same country with a host of others in the western world have imposed economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. Is this not punishment of the highest order by a country that should come to the aid of Zimbabwe to do that? No country in the civilized world has been a success with such unparalleled hostilities that have been deliberately placed against Zimbabwe for the country to fail. It is now time to talk about the payment of reparations by the former colonial power to Zimbabwe. This is what we should now focus our attention to and not that silly and foolish talk by a Pedzisai Ruhanya, a director for the so-called Zimbabwe Democracy Institute who knows very little about the history of this country.

        • Yepec says:

          The Liberation Fighters and Zanu PF, from what you said above, were expecting a “dominion or worse still a protectorate status”, from the United Kingdom. When a country fights for its independence, it is because it wants a clean break and cannot live with the past misdeeds or faults of the other.

          As such, given these past misdeeds, there must be a clean and clear break from each other for one to be truly independent. Our so called leaders must be chosen because they have the abilities to solve the problems the new country would have inherited rather than crying on the past and depending on one’s former masters to solve. How can an independent people call on those they took up arms against yesterday, to come in and help them with the problems of the new country?

    • Ras says:

      What can he deliver now that he failed to deliver in 32 years. Zimbabwe has lost it’s currency,zesa,zisco,zimasco,zupco,csc, infrastructure has all but fallen apart. Hospitals and clinics are now places where people go to die. Mugabe is even scared to go there.Being intelligent doesn’t mean you can lead a country to prosperity. Mugabe has been a drag. He failed to build on the little the white man left. People are dying on the narrow pothole filled so called highways of Zimbabwe like flies. Let’s have free and fair elections and have vanhu decide freely tione if zimboz care kuti who is a true leader or a smart dictator

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Tell me any country in the civilized world that has survived for more than a decade without any balance of payment support from the World Bank as Zimbabwe has done? We have survived against all odds deliberately placed against Zimbabwe for the country to fail. No doubt, the country and its leadership have been resilient against the onslaught of the western world against the people of this country.

        • Ras says:

          You didn’t respond to the issues I brought up. It tells me of your myopic,blinkered view of zim politics. For you it’s all about zanu, you’re not about issues affecting the country. You’re not an independent thinker. I hope you got a farm and 51% share of somebody’s business

        • Yepec says:

          Readers cannot believe some of the things you write on this post. In reference to the commentary above, what is your measurement scale of a country’s surviving? What indices are you employing? Many countries have gone for more than a decade without any support for their balance of payments from the World Bank, a post World War II institution. Furthermore, the levels of economic performance to which those countries sank, cannot be compared to that which the Zanu-ruled Zimbabwe reached.

          An inflationary rate of 500 million and above, over 96 unemployment, less than 10 percent industrial output, less than 20 percent of its GDP, 34 years of life expectancy for its population, schools and hospitals closed, etc, what is that called, if not failng? Can you, honestly, say a country like that is surviving? Is this a normal state for countries without the support for their balance of payments? Please, clarify yourself, you fake Chimbwido Warvet.

      • Mukanganyama says:

        A man who has taken our land back from foreigners who took it by the barrel of the gun can not be described as a failure for our land is the basis of our nationhood.Chimbwido Warvet who has been banned from contributing on this site has been quite clear that no nation can survive the onslaught of capitalism and vestiges of colonialism without any balance of payment support from the International Monetary Fund except those who own and control this world bank. But Zimbabwe has survived for almost twenty years without any assistance from the world bank and to make matters worse has been under illegal economic sanctions. Of course, people can live in their own fantasy world, but this is the reality that has visited this country after over two hundred years under slavery, colonialism and thievery by those who governed this country against the will of the Zimbabwean people. Today Zimbabweans continue to be punished for refusing to toe the line set for them by foreign capital and quite openly we will continue to resist oppression from any quarter. We shall determine our own destiny without the dictates of any foreigner.

        • Ras says:

          Nothing new here, thats the same shit that zanu peddles. Look around you,mface, zanu yaka oresa nyika. Endai muno rima tione

    • Anonymous says:

      I never ever see, hear or read about such a dull and moron person like you.Mugabe is now a useless garbage to be thrown away in 2013 elections. How can you compare such a murderer like Mugabe to an intelligent man like Tsvangirai. Those Mugabe degrees are for murdering innocent souls while Tsvangirai never murder anyone. So shut up and close your thoughtless mind.

  2. Sam Millwood says:

    Any discussions are purely rhetoric as Mugabe has already counted the ‘votes’ and declared himself the winner. How can we win against someone who totally disreagrds any kind of legal system whether it be land acquisition or voting for a new leader. the only was he will leave office is when he dies in his presidential chair and a lot of use his billions will be to him then.

    • Mukanganyama says:

      What legal system and land acquisition are you talking about you silly man? The bottom line is that what was taken at gun-point from the Zimbabwean people should be taken back. They should be total economic and political power by the Zimbabwean people. Quite frankly, if there is no land acquisition by the people of this country there will be no nation to talk about. They should be no argument about that.

  3. Nhamodzenyika says:

    It’s important to realise that just
    because someone holds a position of leadership, doesn’t necessarily mean they
    should. Put another way, not all leaders are created equal. Leaders produce
    results. It’s not always pretty, especially in the case of inexperienced
    leaders, but good leaders will find a way to get the job done. A leader who lacks character or integrity
    will not endure the test of time. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, affable,
    persuasive, or savvy a person is, if they are prone to rationalizing unethical
    behavior based upon current or future needs, they will eventually fall prey to
    their own undoing. Nobody is perfect, but leaders who consistently fail are not
    leaders, no matter how much you wish they were. Beware the know-it-all: The
    best leaders are acutely aware of how much they don’t know. If a
    leader doesn’t understand the concept of “service above self” they will not
    engender the trust, confidence, and loyalty of those they lead. Real leaders take the blame and give the
    credit – not the other way around. Long story short; if a leader receives a
    vote of non-confidence from their subordinates or constitiuents …game
    over “My way or the highway” leadership
    styles don’t play well in today’s world, will result in a fractured economy , and ultimately a non-productive
    country. Leaders not fully committed to investing in those they lead will
    fail. Real leaders are accountable. They
    don’t blame others, don’t claim credit for the success of their team, but
    always accept responsibility for failures that occur on their watch. Leaders who tend to be more concerned about
    survival than the people they serve won’t do well over the long-run, as in the case of mugabe