Army joins forces with China for $2 Billion gas & coal project

Energy Minister Elton Mangoma on Behind the Headlines

Energy Minister Elton Mangoma

By Tichaona Sibanda
20 December 2012

Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Mangoma was sidelined from the US$2 billion coal and methane gas project that was commissioned on Wednesday.

The project, which falls under his ministry’s jurisdiction, was commissioned by Emmerson Mnangagwa, the defence minister.

Mangoma told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that everything to do with the gas project was done behind his back. The minister was even excluded from the ground breaking ceremony in Gwayi.

‘I wasn’t even invited to the ceremony and I don’t even know that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces are involved in the project,’ Mangoma said.

The deal is a joint project between Sunlight Energy of China and Old Stones Investment, an arm of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. ZDF commander General Constantine Chiwenga was present at the commissioning.

‘I have been getting phone calls from people asking why I wasn’t at the ceremony. The honest truth is I was never invited and the whole thing was done behind my back,’ the minister added.

Operations at the project are set to start next year and according to the state media will create 4,000 jobs. Two power stations will be built and powered by coal mined in the area.

Reports say the investment will also create a chemical company which will utilize the methane gas to manufacture fertilizer and coal tar for road construction.

However it is the military’s involvement and the lack of transparency that is raising eyebrows. Economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga said concern will be raised over the secretiveness of the deal that is meant to benefit the country.

‘We know of the plunder in Marange and the question to be asked is will the gas project be transparent to the extent that the public would be informed of the exact resources generated from the operations,’ queried Mhlanga.

According to a recent report $2 Billion worth of gems have so far been stolen from the Marange diamonds fields by President Robert Mugabe’s ruling elite.

Partnership Africa Canada, a group campaigning against ‘blood diamonds’, claims revenue that could have revived the country’s ailing economy has been channelled into a ‘parallel government’ of police and military officers and government officials loyal to Mugabe,

The Marange fields were discovered in 2006 and are one of the world’s biggest diamond deposits. But funds from diamond sales have not reached the state treasury and there is evidence that millions have gone to Mugabe’s inner circle.

20 Responsesto “Army joins forces with China for $2 Billion gas & coal project”

  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    Everything that Mugabe, Zanu PF, and their proxies in the Army, Police and CIO have been doing for the last year confirms one thing that the Zanu PF dictatorship is determined to retain political power at all cost including the use of violence. What is tragic in all this is that the nation is walking into this like sheep to the slaughter misled, one must add, by a very naive and incompetent Tsvangirai and MDC.

    Here is a situation where the MDC Minister was treated with total contempt and all he does is shrug his shoulders.

    ‘I wasn’t even invited to the ceremony and I don’t even know that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces are involved in the project,’ said Minister Mangoma. How typical!

    • prophet says:

      This is why we are heading to civil war. There is only one way zato are going to stop and that is at the end of 7.62.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        We have numerous chances to end this dictatorship without firing a single shot indeed a NO vote in the upcoming referendum is yet another chance. A military solution is to be considered when everything else has failed.
        In this case the military solution is uncalled for; Mugabe and Zanu PF have nothing more than the walking dead, so why start a civil war when a puff of wind will blow them into the grave?

        • Prophet says:

          … this referendum/election is already a done deal mirai muone the Mudedes and Kazembes of the system will ensure a result is “manufactured” ……and so whilst we wait in vain for your solution and “peace in our time” more innocents die….do you honestly think zanu have stuffed ZEC, REg Gen office etc with lackeys to roll over and accept electoral defeat?You need to open ur eyes. Zimbabwe is a failed state and war is upon us whther we would wish it or not.

          • Mukanganyama says:

            You do not even know the meaning of the term prophet and yet you just give your name that reminds us of slavery and servitude. The so-called prophets told people like you to suffer here on earth and enjoy pies in the skies when die and inherit the kingdom of heaven. Get out of this stupid idea and begin to love your people than spreading hatred to your own people. Only then will the world begin to have the respect of the black people.

          • Prophet says:

            CIO duzvi know one thing. Zimbabweans are getting quite ready to break out of the Zato PF slavery imposed on us. You and your party are the ones that hate Zimbabweans and when the time comes will bring destruction down on yourselves.

          • Mukanganyama says:

            Kana washaya nyambo dzekunyora woti CIO duzvi. Duzvi ndiwe usina pfungwa dzakapinza blazo.

          • Prophet says:

            Mirai muone duzvi…

          • Mukanganyama says:

            Hapana chekumirira blazo. You should get this in your greasy head that you and me can not determine the outcome of an election in Zimbabwe. It is the collective efforts of the people of this country who will decide and not a stupid prophet who is drinking beer somewhere in Tsholotsho or Mahusekwa.

        • Mukanganyama says:

          How do you intend to go about a military solution when we all know you are in hiding in the UK? Are you suggesting that others should die fighting for you to realise your dreams?

      • Mukanganyama says:

        Do you know the meaning of civil war and if so can you tell us what it means. If your prophesy is that of civil war, can you also tell us how it will come about and who will sponsor a foolish dream? It seems to me you are playing with English words to appear sophisticated when you seem to be one of those fools like my friend Wilbert Mukori who does not know whether he is coming or going. I will tell you right now that no civil war will work in Zimbabwe but only dialogue among the warring political parties will deliver goods. Ask Tsvangirai your leader and he will tell you just that.

        • Prophet says:

          Keep living in fools paradise. And you can keep your Tsvangirayi and Mugabe both.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            While Robert Mugabe and your leader Tsvangirai are enjoying life to the full, fools and idiots like you are crying foul. You got to smell the coffee and realize that no civil war will take place in Zimbabwe. We had a war of liberation fighting against slavery, foreign occupation and domination that gave rise to the independence of the country you are now so proud of today. If there is to be another war, it should be in your fu..g dirty head. And quite frankly, the black people of this country are still stupid 33 years after independence because they continue to be used and divided by foreigners to enable foreign capital to continue owning and controlling our land and mineral resources. If people of this country need unity, it is now. We need to sit down as a united people to speak of peace and tranquility for our people irrespective of their political affiliation to realize their dreams of a sovereign and independent state. Foreign capital thrives on causing division for our people to fight against each other. Our mind set which was ingrained in use for the last two hundred years by the slave and colonial master needs to change.

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The country has resolved to have economic relations with its Chinese and Russian friends. It is only logical that it does so with countries that want to engage with it as equal partners and not as exploiters of our natural resources. And besides, China and Russia have not imposed economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. And where is the connection between the methane gas project and violence as Wilbert Mukori is suggesting here. You see, at times it pays to shut up and just listen instead of talking nonsense.

  3. david taylor says:

    It is quite incredible to see a replay of the Marange debacle. And Mugabe and the military leadership will again receive tens of millions of dollars (probably more) in back handed payments (again at the expense of us ordinary Zimbabweans).

    The MDC really needs to quit playing the victim here.

    There is a saying which is applicable here: “if you are conned once, that is OK. If you get conned twice, then that better be the last. And if you get conned again, you are being a willing participant “

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      I must admit, I am really worried that Zimbabweans are going to accept the Copac draft constitution knowing fully well that it will not deliver any of their rights including the right bto free elections and the right to life itself. . Talk of being “a willing participant!”

      • Mukanganyama says:

        If you are really worried as you want us to believe, why don’t you come back home instead of hiding abroad and fight for changes while in the country, you idiot? You have no idea of what the Copac draft constitution stands for and for you it is already the new constitution of Zimbabwe. This is far from the truth as the draft constitution is still going to be debated in full by members of the next parliament before it is signed into law of the country by the next head of state and government. The bottom line is that you can never fool the people of Zimbabwe because they know what they want.

    • Mukanganyama says:

      What Marange debacle are you talking about you silly man for a country that is developing its mineral resources using the expertise of its friendly country? You must be out of your mind to still hold the view that only the western world has the right to exploit the mineral resources of Zimbabwe. This country called Zimbabwe is a sovereign and independent state that has a right to choose which country it wants to have economic relations with and can not be dictated to by people like you. You can go and eat your ‘air pies’ in heaven as the prophets used to tell the black people of this country. The goal posts have changed for the better 32 years after Zimbabwe attained independence.

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    We all know that if it was the late Tiny Rowland who had joined hands with the army to exploit our natural resources, it was not going to raise eye brows from any quarter. The problem is the western world has not been involved in this venture and that the Chinese and Russians are now at the fore in the development of the mineral resources of Zimbabwe. Of course, Zimbabwe will not listen to any disruptive elements when it comes to the development of its economy. It shall work constructively with the Chinese and Russians who have come into the country as equal partners and not as exploiters of its people as was the case during the Tiny Rowland era. The Zimbabwean people are fully aware of the plunder that visited the country during the years the late Tiny Rowland of the United Kingdom operated in the country and nobody can fool us.

  5. Mukanganyama says:

    Lotus today