Mystery surrounds death of Zimbabwean woman in Kenya

Agnes Galawu Nemakonde

Staff writer
20 December 2012

Mystery surrounds the death of a Zimbabwean woman in a Nairobi hospital in Kenya. Reports suggested she had become stateless in that country following her deportation from Scotland where she had sought political asylum.

The reports said Nemakonde was imprisoned at Kenya’s Lang’ata Women’s Prison where she fell ill and was admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Media reports quote the hospital’s public relations officer, Simon Ithae, confirming her death. It is believed that sometime last week Nemakonde was in court complaining about the facilities at the Lang’ata jail.

But the court dismissed the application and ordered that she continued being detained at the prison. It appears this decision forced her to go on a hunger strike, which led to illness.

Attempts by SW Radio Africa to find out more about the tragic death of Nemakonde, or to find out if she was receiving any form of assistance from the Zimbabwe mission in Nairobi, proved unsuccessful.

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