Tanonoka Joseph Whande – Excuse me, Mr Prime Minister

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Our Dearest Prime Minister,
I bet you are astounded to hear from me, Sir.
I am your man on the doorstep, Honourable Prime minister and I been watching and following you for a long time now.
I know a lot that those fake, sweaty MDC-T supporters don’t know. Like that overly enthusiastic kid Madzore who is trying to create hero worshipping of you like those morons in ZANU-PF did to Dear Leader, Bobs Mugabe.
The kid even had the gall to say he is prepared to die for you. Oh, Morgan, I do not know what you did to that kid. The last time I heard something like this was from Christians who were emphatically declaring that they are ready to die for Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Madzore threatened us, saying that “this time we are going to make sure that our Morgan Tsvangirai marches into State House if he wins the election and no one will stop him”.
Aaah! Morgan, this kid must be high on something. We won’t let him get away with this, will we? We all know that you will not violently march into State House even if you win the elections. You are going to do the same thing you did last time when you won the elections.
Last time, you withdrew from the elections to save lives and some fools even considered you for the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t think you expected that, did you? Here you were, presiding over a government you could not control…a government that was killing and abusing its own citizens.
No, Mogiza, I am your man on the doorstep and I tell you that you are nowhere near Peace Prize territory. We, including you, Morgan, are still paying for that stupid blunder to join the unity government.
More than three years later you are still being impeded by those morons you defeated at the polls. They say you are the ruling party and you believe it but you are still begging them for permission to address the people who voted for you.
I am your man on the pulse, Mogiza, and you are making my job a bit difficult.
As your right-hand man, I am concerned with your flip flopping. Why, Mogiza, why, do you change positions more often than a windshield wiper? You are creating too much pressure for everyone and you are opening yourself to ridicule.
You should be afraid of the people, Sir. Your subordinates have destroyed the ‘musangano’. People are saying this is not what they expected from you.
The party is in shambles, Morgan. Please, just listen a bit.
We cannot go on like this.
You have to change and you have to change right now. The people say they cannot recognise the party since it has moved so much away from their original intentions.
I listen for you and I do not like what I hear.
Chinja maitiro is your party’s slogan, please, heed it yourself otherwise no one else will care about it.
Yes, Morgan, you and Madzore are going to change your ways because you have taken a wrong path.
Let’s just stop the bull, Mogiza. Let’s listen to the people. Don’t ever think that you can do anything alone. You cannot go it alone
Sir, how has ZANU-PF managed to outmanoeuvre you at SADC, African Union and elsewhere, telling absolute lies while your party was quiet and not hitting back?
If ZANU-PF can make an issue out of nothing, why can’t you make an issue out of all the issues that the world knows? You are not even taking advantage of the advantages given you by your opposite.
Oh, sorry, Sir, I am getting carried away. I don’t mean any disrespect but you need to respect the people.
Gosh, you make my job very difficult.
“MDC is ready and so am I,” you said just a few days ago.
That was very neat, MT.
Are the people ready, though?
You said that: “I am ready to take power. After we win the elections, we should defend our victory but we need stability.”
Who provides stability? Us again?
Come on, MT. What is this?
You are ready to take power? Wait a minute. The people would like to know if what you have been doing in the last three years is what you are going to be doing when you “take power”. If so, no deal.
And for your information, you don’t ever take power; people give you power.
I am your man on the doorstep and I hear and see things you can’t hear and see anymore.
We are losing you, MT.
You listen to close friends and relatives and you are making all those who voted for your party look stupid and irrelevant.
The party has lost its identity and you care less and less because you are sitting pretty now.
As your man on the doorstep, I can tell you that you are not sitting pretty because somewhere along the way, you lost rapport with the people. Because you still want to run a national party and politics as if they are a trade union.
You have alienated civil society now.
You believe you are big enough to go it alone. You are not. Not by a long shot.
Mr Tsvangirai, Sir, you have done a lot of bumbling since you joined this unity government and your arrogance seems to be growing at a very rapid pace.
You seem afraid and reluctant to take on your juniors. Try, please to rise above the rest, something you have failed to do while you sink as low and fast as those ZANU-PF people you once denounced.
Don’t, please contradict yourself. This is one of your greatest weaknesses because you criticise the takeover of farms, businesses and companies at an agreed percentage that leaves investors not in control of their investments yet Mugabe sends you to scout for investors around the world.
Your party has just introduced a discriminatory system of elections. Nice and slow is how ZANU-PF started. You are doing it too. No matter how you look at it, you are protecting non-performers.
Mr Tsvangirai, in 2013, we expect you to do better.
We expect you to stop this conniving with friends and relatives at the expense of more deserving and able people.
We implore you to stop imitating ZANU-PF. We challenge you to show the nation why they should put their faith in you.
Yes, you declared that you are ready to rule but if you are going to use the system you used during the existence of this so-called unity government, then you are a fake. We expect better from you, Mr Tsvangirai. Zimbabweans have paid heavily for you to be where you are now.
Dedicate yourself to serving your people and stop this unfortunate practice of ignoring your people’s wishes.
We expect you to rise from the ashes of the unity government with determination and resolve to lead Zimbabwe in the right direction.
We expect you to lead by example by shunning violence and forcing tranquillity on our nation.
We have been abused for a long time, we expect you, Mr Tsvangirai, to show us why we should stand by you, why we should vote for you.
Give us hope, not through speech, but through deeds. We want to follow in your footsteps.
Zimbabwe is in distress; be an example of tolerance and remember that people must not die for you or for anyone else.
Starting now and through 2013, please give people hope. Do not let yourself be lowered to dirty politics.
Stand alone. Be an exception.
Stand with us. We need change but for change to come, you, Mr Tsvangirai, must change.
We are watching all of you.
The heart of the matter is that we expect better services from our politicians.
None of them meet the grade and we hope that, in 2013, they will wake up without their jackets of selfishness, corruption, violence, intolerance and many ills they have introduced into our nation.
I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Thursday, December 20th, 2012.

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2 Responsesto “Tanonoka Joseph Whande – Excuse me, Mr Prime Minister”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh gosh, no, no aah, Tanonoka Whande is almost crying or is it pleading to Tsvangirai to change course. I say to Whande that Tsvangirai and his cabal can not arise from the ashes the have been since 2008. The MDC can never win an election whatsoever. I can tell you right now that yours is just wishful thinking because Tsvangirai and party have long been dead before he joined the inclusive government.

  2. wilbert_mukori says:

    For four years Zimbabweans have appealed to Tsvangirai, begged him, groveled before him, flattered him, anything to get him to implement the democratic reforms and to stop letting Mugabe continuing riding rough shod over the people. But all to no avail.

    By the mid-1980s it was clear the Zanu PF government has leading the country into trouble. The people appealed, begged, you name it, Mugabe to something about the mismanagement, the rising corruption and, even more worrying, the increasing political repression. But all to no avail.

    The truth of the matter was that resorted to appealing and begging year after year because we didnot want to accept whilst he might the surrounded by bad advisers and corrupt ministers Mugabe himself was a great leader. Of course, he was the fountain from which all the rot flowed, he is a heartless selfish brute who cares for nothing but power and wealth; the people all different reasons and weakness just did not want to accept that reality much less take the necessary decisive action to replace him as national leader. Sadly history has the habit of repeating itself.

    We have all know for years now that PM Tsvangirai is “a flawed and indecisive character” as US Ambassador Chris Dell rightly pointed out in 2002. Whilst we would have all wanted the PM to have been a decisive and visionary leader; the reality is that he is not and no amount of appealing or begging has made one iota of difference.

    Zimbabwe is already paying a heavy price for years of Mugabe tyrannical rule and PM Tsvangirai’s failure to implement the necessary democratic reforms to end the tyranny. My fervent wish for 2013: that Zimbabweans finally accept individuals like Tsvangirai for the indecisive blunderer he is and stop this folly of groveling to him as the infallible great leader they wish him to be!