Sibanda calls for MDC-T supporters to be denied farming inputs

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda

By Tichaona Sibanda
03 January 2013

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda last week ordered that all known MDC-T supporters in Makoni district of Manicaland province be denied farming inputs from government, as punishment for ditching ZANU PF.

At a meeting at Makoni country club in Rusape, Sibanda emphasized to traditional chiefs and headmen that no MDC-T meetings should be sanctioned in the district. The meeting was attended by ZANU PF stalwart Didymus Mutasa as well as several high ranking police and CIO officers.

Over 400 traditional leaders, drawn from the five constituencies in Makoni, were also in attendance. MDC-T spokesman for Manicaland, Pishai Muchauraya, confirmed the development and added that Sibanda told the chiefs and headmen to keep a record of their subjects and ensure that all of them vote ZANU PF in this year’s elections.

Sibanda promised that those who don’t would be dealt with thoroughly. He also took a swipe at some of the so-called neutral traditional leaders, saying there is nothing of that sort, as all chiefs were ZANU PF.

Muchauraya said: ‘They were given notebooks and pens to go and draw up a list of MDC-T supporters or anyone who does not support ZANU PF. This week we got confirmation that some of these traditional leaders are already implementing what Sibanda instructed them to do.

‘We have 10 people who have fled from Nyamukamai in the Headlands who have been receiving threats from these chiefs. At Gandanzara a family of five fled their home this week after a headman David Zumbanu issued threats against them.’

The Makoni South MP said the most worrying thing is that when Sibanda discussed these issues in detail, senior police officers were there and listening, and took no action.

‘We don’t have any law that denies people food aid or farming inputs. MDC-T supporters were openly threatened in the presence of police officers but they decided to turn a blind eye,’ he said.

Muchauraya promised that they will be lodging a complaint with JOMIC as well as writing a protest letter to the officer commanding police in the province, raising the issue of partisanship by the police towards ZANU PF.

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  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    Whilst MDC publicly acknowledges the scourge of political violence is getting worse and thus tacitly accept that the party failed the people by failing to get the necessary reforms implemented that would have stop the violence. What is worse, MDC lying to the people that the party will get the reforms implemented and the violence stopped before the elections just to get them to accept the Copac draft constitution.

    PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have had four and half years to get the
    democratic reforms implemented and for reasons best known by to themselves not even reform has been implemented. If they had done so all this nightmare of chiefs and headmen being threatened in the presence of the Police and the chiefs in turn threatening defenseless citizens with the horrors of 2008 would not be taking place. It is a complete outrage that these MDC minions should seek to
    hide their failures and thus drag the nation into yet another bloody election.

    Zanu PF and MDC will both be held accountable for every Zimbabwean beaten or raped and every life lost in the coming elections – the former for the heinous act and the latter for lying that there would be no violence.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Tora Bora says:

    This imbecile will get what he deserves after the election. The amazing thing is Diesel from rocks Mutasa was there and did not stop this blatant violation of the GPA. Then these morons complain about the sanctions imposed on them by the west.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      What I find disappointing about people like you Tora Bora is that you PRETEND Mugabe, Mutasa, the Police and the rest of the Zanu PF dictatorship are good law abiding people! Give me a break; we all know they are greed and ruthless tyrants who will stop at nothing to retain political power and their loot.

      When Mugabe and his fellow thugs decided to disregard human rights, the rule of law and all the other niceties of a free and democratic nation to establish this de fact one-party dictatorship they knew exactly what they were doing. By the mid1980s when the beatings, rapes and murders started mounting they knew they had crossed the Rubicon, the point of no return. Ever since then they had acted consistently like the ruthless dictatorship they had become.

      “The amazing thing is Diesel from rocks Mutasa was there and did not stop this blatant violation of the GPA,” you said. Did you really expect Mutasa or the Police to stop Sibanda making the threats? To be fair to you Muchauraya, Tsvanmgirai and the rest of the MDC leaders, who should know better, have expressed similar sentiments. How naïve can one be!

      Indeed Tsvangirai is basing his whole argument that there will not be
      violence in the coming elections on thing but that naïve the Mugabe his Zanu PF thugs stop using violence if the nation pretends they are incapable of such acts of barbarism.

      Wake up! Mugabe has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans already. How many more Zimbabweans do you want him to beat, rape and murder before you will finally accept we have venomous viper in State House?

      We can restore the rights of all our people including the right to free
      elections without have to risk one more Zimbabwean beaten, raped or murdered is we stop pretending Mugabe the just man we wish him to be and not the murderous tyrant he is!

      • Tora Bora says:

        I think you misunderstood me. My post is that Jabulani is an imbecile and will get what he deserves after the elections. I don’t like the way the Zanoids have managed our affairs for the past 32 years. I know there was genocide in tne Midlands and Mat north and south. I think you are mistaking me for the Zanoid Alstrosam or such who signs of Shalom. Happy New Year.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          I understand you are angry with the way Mugabe has ruled the country what I am disappointed about is that you have failed to take that further. You hatred of Mugabe and Sibanda should not blind you to the reality that for the last ten years the nation has failed to end this Mugabe dictatorship because of the sheer incompetency of the part of Tsvangirai and MDC.
          Mugabe will never win free and fair elections we both agree on that. By failing to get the reforms implemented Tsvangirai effectively allowed Mugabe to use violence and thus win the elections. Tsvangirai is foolish to allow that, of course he is but we the people will be equally foolish to follow a fool! That is what I am disappointed about!

  4. media wrangler says:

    Sigh to the ever-present dictates of the farce that is democracy

  5. Yepec says:

    Here is a revolutionary cadre of Zanu PF, waging the struggle. In its 32 years of being in power, how many recruits has Zanu PF had in a country of 14 million, according to the last census? Revolutionary activities is not fomenting corruption, coercion, conspiracies of stripping the country assets, raising Chipangano gangs or looting national resources. What type of revolution, is Jabulani Sibanda practising and waging?

  6. Brian Chikwati says:

    Obviously the comments of an idiot. Its government funded and politically funded. Why concentrate outside Matebeleland where ZANU PF need support..

  7. BRIAN Chikwati says:

    Government funded and not and repeat not ZANU funded. By the way ZANU PF is not the goverment poor SIBANDA.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Comrade Sibanda. PEOPLE who need your services are those in homeland Matebeleland. Vana wasu are clever than you think. No amount of intimidation will make mutiro to behave otherwise. Tinonzi vana chatagwiNYra. So far takagwinyira pa MDC T. FULL STOP!!!!!!

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      A piece of wishful thinking this! In 2008 when the violence was turned on full blast where were you, Chandagwinyira?

      Did you read the article above? People are already running away from the homes in fear! The point is these things should not be happening. Tsvangirai has had the last fuve years to have the reforms implemented so that this madness stops. You should be asking yourself why Tsvangirai has failed in this very important task. You macho stance is stupid and what makes even worse is that you are supporting the failed leader behind this mess!

      There is nothing wrong with loyalty to one’s party and leader, it is blind loyalty that stinks and has landed the whole nation into this hell-hole! First we had blind Zanu PF supporters and now equally blind MDC supporters; what chance do we have of ever getting out of this mess! Chandagwinyira my foot!

  9. Common Sense says:

    Amazing, so he can ACTUALLY do this in front of ministers and the police (illegal campaigning for voters), and yet when those Zimrights folks were merely accused of doing the same the were remanded in custody and are still there (see, disgusting ZANU-PF pigs

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      What I find shocking Common Sense is the number of Zimbabweans who pretend to see what Sibanda is doing, even Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are this minute lying to the people that the elections will be free and fair just to get the people to vote yes to the Copac rubbish!

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