MDC-T branch chair detained in military barracks

By Tichaona Sibanda
04 January 2013

Mystery surrounds the detention of an MDC-T branch chairman, held in military barracks following his arrest on Wednesday by Bulawayo police.

Twenty-eight year-old Happison Ncube, an ex-soldier and chairman of the Cowdray Park branch of the MDC-T, is being held at Brady barracks after he handed himself in to the police on Wednesday.

Officers from the Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) had visited his home last week and left a message for him to report to Luveve police station, with the papers that showed he had resigned from the army.

Ncube presented himself to the police but was arrested and handed over to the army. Our correspondent Lionel Saungweme said: ‘Ncube told the police he resigned from the army through the normal procedures whilst based at the 4 Brigade headquarters in Masvingo. The army has insisted they will take him back to Masvingo to verify his story,’ Saungweme said.

MDC-T officials in Bulawayo have been left baffled at the way the authorities are treating Ncube, despite the fact that he voluntarirly handed himself in to the police. They believe he’s being punished just because he’s a senior MDC-T official.

‘They are saying here is a man who presented himself to the police but they are now treating him like a criminal. The MDC officials are arguing that if they had issues with the way he left the military they could have simply checked their records and not dragged him to military detention as if he’s been absent without official leave,’ Saungweme added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don`t worry Ncube, they are going to release you soon. This is a punishment for leaving the army. Many soldiers are no longer interested in this ZANU(PF) army. The true Zimbabwe army is going to come out after elections when MDC(T) is in power.

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