8 more die on the roads

The scene of the bus accident that took place in Honde Valley at Christmas time

Staff reporter
7th January 2013

Another serious vehicle accident, caused by bad driving, has taken the lives of 8 people and injured 57 others. Many of the injured are critical and more deaths are expected.

The bus was heading to Botswana from Harare when it veered off the road after the driver failed to negotiate a curve at about 2am on Saturday. It flipped twice and landed on its roof. The bus was carrying 65 passengers.

This latest traffic accident means Zimbabwe has the highest road death toll since records began.

209 people have died in accidents since December 15th. In the same holiday period last year 147 died.

The poor standard of driving has been the main contributor to the many accidents this holiday period. But police have also been accused of contributing to the problem. They have been taking bribes from drivers of un-roadworthy vehicles, which have been allowed to continue on their way.

Corruption and the lack of the rule of law affects every aspect of Zimbabwean life – but when it affects driving, you stand a good chance of dying.

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  1. malcomX says:

    Again, we can blame the corrupt police here but I think the driver should take most of the blame. For the sake of argument, I want to disagree on the issue of roadworthness vehicles. The possibility is that this driver might have been tired since it was 2am.The question is whether he had enough rest during the day ready for night shift. There are chances that the driver dossed off.
    I think we as public need to take responsibility of our actions and stop blaming others for our shortcomings.

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