Biti lobbies Canada to remove restrictive measures on ZANU PF

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has been in Canada this week calling for end to targeted sanctions

By Tererai Karimakwenda
09 January 2013

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has been in Canada this week, where he made headlines after appealing to the Canadian government to remove the targeted sanctions in place against members of the Mugabe regime.

Speaking after a presentation at Carleton University on Tuesday night, Biti called on the international community to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe’s officials, saying “they are not serving anyone.”

The Minister is quoted as saying: “Canada is such an important country, and has been an important country over the years, that it must be engaged in Africa and in the difficult places over the world.”

He added: “The use of sanctions and isolation, I think they’ve outlived their usefulness.”

Some Zimbabweans in Canada responded very negatively to online reports of Biti’s comments. Many said they were surprised an MDC-T official would support removing these restrictive measures on officials whose political thugs abused their supporters.

One commentator said: “The reasons for those travel restrictions have not gone away and here we have a senior leader in the MDC-T telling the Canadians to remove them because they are “not serving anyone”. Really? I sincerely hope that the Canadians stand resolute with the people of Zimbabwe on this one.”

But political and economic analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga agreed with Biti that the restrictive measures are no longer effective, because Zimbabwe is seen as having moved forward with the constitutional reform exercise. He insisted that removing them would take away ZANU PF’s excuse for its abusive behaviour.

Mhlanga also explained that it is up to the MDC-T to be clear that the restrictive measures are on specific individuals, when they speak about them publicly, so that there is no confusion.

Biti was reportedly due to meet with Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, in a private session on Wednesday. Reports said Biti was to update the Canadians on Zimbabwe’s economic and political reforms.

Rick Roth, a spokesman for Baird, said the Foreign Affairs Minister would use the meeting to express Canada’s position regarding the need for continued political reforms in Zimbabwe. This includes completion of the constitutional reform process, free and fair elections, and the respect for human rights.

29 Responsesto “Biti lobbies Canada to remove restrictive measures on ZANU PF”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Biti is just one step towards doing the right thing. He should now start to talk nice to the British government to consider the question of paying reparations to the Zimbabwean people for the over two hundred years the country was under slavery and colonialism. The plundering and unjustified exploitation of our natural as well as human resources for these years should be paid for instead of just talking of the unjustified economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. Of course, Canada should now consider in doing the right thing and that is to stop meddling in the domestic affairs of Zimbabwe. It has never been the restrictive measures imposed on individuals, but an economic blockade that has been imposed against the entire country. It has been an economic war by a giant against a small nation.
    If they want our diamonds, gold, platinum, and many other resources we are endowed with by Almighty God in abundance, Biti should nicely tell them we are ready to talk to them, end of the story.

    • Anonymous says:

      A message to Biti: See what this clown Chimpweedo is saying? He likes your appeasement

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        You f…ng thing do not have a monopoly of views and opinions. Remember we have the Yepec, Wilbert, super mondo, dumbu, GLZ and many others all vying to be the best in offering solutions to problems. What you have all failed to realize is that yours are just opinions or views that one may describe as stupid or foolish at times. In other words, what you fucking think are solutions to our problems are what I would characterize as warped views and opinions that are not even shared by my four-year old daughter. Get this in your greasy head and think again. Uri shiri iwe kana kuti katsi.

        • Anonymous says:

          OOOOOOHHHHHH the chimp chirps in anger as I get under his thin scabby skin.

          Watch your mouth Chimpo. I’d be careful if I were you. Your mother will spank you for being a fowl mouth

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You started the game when I expressed my views and opinion on problems we have as a country and as usual you expect me to be submissive to your fu..g piece of shit. And remember I do not offer solutions but only opinions and views you are free to dismiss without causing distress to their originator.
            My mother reads all I write and she finds my articles full of humanity and fun. I love people and their human dignity.

          • Anonymous says:

            Chimpwimpo, your handlers in Zanu PF kill people for expressing their opinion. Do you have a short memory or what?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You call me Chimpwimpo and you think its fun and yet this is just your opinion and not objective fact. What makes you think all you say is factual and not what I say? Do you suffer from amnesia or what? It is just a mouth bubble one after the other.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            So you are angry at being called “chimpwimpo” and yet has dismiss the murder of over 30 000 innocent civilians as if they were ants crashed by a passing truck? What a hypocrite!

          • Anonymous says:

            Wilbert, Chimp-wanker doesn’t give a continental sh1t about the slaughter, rape ,smashing of babies’ heads on tree trunks or the impaling of babies on bayonets. After all, he’s Zanu PF and everyone in Zanu PF pride themselves about their degrees in violence. That’s the pinnacle of their education – degrees in violence which means killing Zimbabwe citizens.
            No wonder they have to rig to “win” elections.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Many Zimbabweans committed the violence against civilians without realizing they were being used to promote a selfish party agenda. But when this becomes systemmatic and widespread it is hard to see how anyone can claim they did not know.

            For people like Chimbwido saying that they did not know what was going on because nonsense after all the loot they have received as a reward for the contribution in keeping the dictator in power. He has defended the murderous regime with his very life and now that justice has caught up with him; lady justice must judge and punish him as she sees fit!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Once again, this is your opinion and views which are not objective reality. You can not even prove all these allegations you have leveled against Chimbwido Warvet in a court of law. This is why idiots like you end up incarcerated in prison for just opening your foul mouth without evidence and you wonder why. They fail to understand and appreciate their ignorance and foolishness.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are beginning to sound like a Zing Zong Chimp-wanker. Are you one of the scribes employed by Zanu PF but funded by China?

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          Well if Mugabe and Zanu PF had offered the nation anything useful then the nation would not be in this mess in the first place. What single democratic change can MDC say they have brought after five years in government? None. You have supported MDC and even more so Mugabe with blind passion; that surely says a lot about your so call “opnions”!
          You clearly have your reasons for defending the indefensible – you benefited from the looting and have blood on your hands. It is payback time, the regime is collapsing and the truth is coming out. I am here to see to it that people like you account for the loot and the blood! This is what is at issue here.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Can we honestly debate on your views and opinions which are not objective reality? I am a realist who uses brains very well and I will not waste my time reacting to opinions and views which my four-year daughter can easily dismiss as nonsensical.

    • Common Sense says:

      When Zimbabwe is a proper democracy then they should lift sanctions (ZIDERA), and possibly talk about further compensation.

      Economic sanctions are justified to demonstrate that ZANU-PF’s practices are not acceptable, and that their President is illegitimate.

      Which overseas power would invest/give credit to an illegitimate entity? China, Russia and Iran. That shows you something.

      You want the money, you change, the end

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Talking of plunder, we must open up talks with Swiss Banks and Banks in the Far East to recover the billions of dollars siphoned out of the country in the last 30 years. But most important of all, Zimbabwe must ask the ICC to prepare the dockets for the arrest of those responsible for the over 30 000 murdered in political motived violence!

      Chimbwido you naughty, naughty boy! You keep sweeping the corruption, looting and murderers affecting people’s lives today and far into the future if it is not addressed now as a matter of urgency under the carpet. Just as well there a few of us making sure these issues are never ever forgotten!

      • Anonymous says:

        Viva Wilbert VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          I note by that silly cap you always don, that you are a beautiful girl and knowing Wilbert as I do now, he will have a field day. I guess you understand what and where you are getting into, girl.

          • Anonymous says:

            A loser always gets personal so I expect it from a loser like Chimp-wanker to attack my cap. But unlike Chimp-wanker, who is one of Mugabe’s wives, my preference is woman. Like Tsvangirai, I am a raging heterosexual.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Unfortunately I can not decolonize the mind that grew up in a society where since birth has been taught to act and think like a white man and to always think the blacks are an inferior class or pagans who have to be despised even by a maroon for as long as the perpetrator was white. My advice to you is that if we are to survive as black people in this country, we need to change this mind set of yours and start to love ourselves and not to hate ourselves. Group economics and group politics where we should all unite and work together as Zimbabweans should be the answer for our survival. Capitalism is well known for dividing the people to maintain its dominance in our economic and political spheres. And to maintain its dominance, some stupid and foolish Zimbabweans I always refer to as Uncle Toms have been used and I have no doubt in my mind that you are one of them, Wilbert. How you despise you own people and come to the defense of white capital in Zimbabwe is legendary. Time will tell as to who is on the right side of history, you or me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bekithemba Mhlanga is so naive to think that the removal of these restrictions will stop Zanu PF’s “abusive behaviour”.

    Whilst the people of Zimbabwe may have ‘moved on’, Zanu PF remains a violent thieving abusive bunch of thugs and no amount of appeasement is going to change this situation.

    Removing restrictions will simply allow Zanu PF to find some other “issue” to exploit.

    Biti lives in planet Mars if he thinks removal of travel restrictions will change Zanu PF. Most Zimbabweans want them to remain in place until justice is seen on the perpetrators of violence (See the list).

    If Canada wants to help the people of Zimbabwe, they should stand with the people by continuing to voice their abhorrence of the abuses inflicted on Zimbabweans by known Zanu PF thugs.

    The restrictive measures must remain and the list should be increased as more knowledge of the crimes are discovered.

    What has happened in Zimbabwe is no different to what happened in Rwanda!!!

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Biti does not live on planet Mars but here on earth on this Luxury Express called the gravy train. To you and me and to Tsvangirai and Biti before they got their ministerial Benz, etc. the murder of the over 500 for political gain, for example, was heinous crime.

      After they got the Benz the MDC leaders’ passion to have those responsible for the murders hunted out completed died out. MDC leaders were seating next murderers’ handlers on the garvy train and gravy train etiquette demands that you enjoy the extravagant luxuries on offer and say or do nothing to rock the boat. “Kudya unyerere!”

      MDC has failed to implement not even one democratic reform after five years in government with its parliamentary majority. Once the got on the gravy train they became as “silent” as the grave!

      In a way you are right, for the little MDC has done for democratic change, the likes of Tendi Biti and Morgan Tsvangirai may just as well be living on Mars! My personal wish is if these Marsian idiots would shut up!

  3. Mwendaz says:

    Two wrongs never make a right, so goes the cliche which I have no choice but to use in this instance! If we are going to heal our beloved country we need people who are balanced and level headed. Revenge and actions motivated by anger will not take us forward. If removing some of the targeted indivduals who have demonstrated a genuine inclination toward political reform benefit us as a country then Biti is right in calling for the lifting od sunctions on such deserving individuals. However there should bot be a wholesome lidting of such sunctions. Its must be on a case by case basis.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mwendaz Can you explain what you mean by two wrongs never make a right. Your cliché is inappropriate in the extreme .

      Are you saying it is wrong to place travel restrictions on human rights abusers?

      Are you saying that the human rights abusers should be let off the hook and those who have been abused, tortured and raped should never see justice just like the victims of Gukurahundi have never seen justice?

      DUH! Are you one of the perpetrators?

    • YouDontWantToKnow says:

      I agree, two wrongs dont make a right, so you disagree with the land grab then? or are you happy to selectively apply your chiche’s?

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Has anyone in Zanu PF “demonstrated a genuine inclination towards political change”? If that was so then all those responsible for the over 500 murdered in 2008 should be jail; not even one has ever been arrested. More than twenty of the Army, Police and CIO operative who masterminded the orgy of violence in 2008 have so far declared their intention to contest the coming elections and there is nothing stopping them using the same murderous tricks!
      It is rich that the MDC should be calling for the lifting of sanctions when it is the one that failed to get any reforms necessary to end the violence implemented!
      As for people like you Mwendaz, you should learn to distinguish your wishful thinking from the hush reality, especially when you are not the ones facing the brutality of these Zanu PF thugs!

  4. wilbert_mukori says:

    The threat of Zanu PF once again using violence to achieve its selfish political gain has never been greater than it is now with the party’s popularity rock bottom and yet the party even more desperate then ever to retain power. The sanctions should be tightened to remind all those being tempted to use
    violence that they will not get away with it. Lifting the sanctions will send
    the exact opposite message!

    It is bad enough that MDC has failed to get even one of those responsible the over 500 murdered in political violence in 2008 arrested. The sanctions imposed by the West were a token of the displeasure of Mugabe and Zanu PF’s violent
    conduct. It is absurd that the West should now be targeted as if they are the villains in this sorry affair and to be targeted by none other than MDC!

    MDC is one confused and blundering party! It is sheer folly for Zimbabweans continue to blindly follow where MDC is going – the abyss!

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