Teachers fired and ordered to leave by ZANU PF MP Kachepa

Video implicates Newton Kachepa as inciter of violence

By Tererai Karimakwenda
11 January 2013

A ZANU PF legislator, implicated in the murder of an MDC-T ward official last year, has reportedly fired all school teachers in his constituency who are not ZANU PF supporters and were not raised in the area.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme spoke to teachers who said MP Newton Kachepa from Mudzi North, gave orders for all primary and secondary school teachers who support the MDC formations to pack their bags and leave Mudzi.

The orders were given on Wednesday at a meeting that was also addressed by a ZANU PF youth ministry official by the name of Kativu.

According to Saungweme, at least 15 teachers in the area had already been affected before the meeting. Among them is the MDC-T chairman for Mudzi West, who was transferred to Muzarabani. The latest orders are meant to clear up the remaining teachers who have not yet moved.

“Kativu addressed teachers in the presence of district education officers. He told MP Kachepa it was his duty to empower the youth by giving them teaching jobs. But my sources said the youth who have been hired to replace teachers do not have qualifications to teach,” Saungweme explained.

He added: “Some of the staff brought in by Kachepa do not even have five O’levels. Among them is a ZANU PF youth named Fungayi Kangora who is teaching at Nyamaropa Secondary School.”

Last year MP Kachepa was accused of transporting ZANU PF supporters who attacked a group of MDC-T gathering for a rally at Nyamukoko Business Centre. The mob assaulted the rally goers, causing the death of MDC-T ward 1 chairman, Cephas Magura.

Kachepa was also later linked to reports that Magura’s family had been banned from holding a memorial for his death. The late official’s family continue to be victimised by ZANU PF thugs and Mudzi remains a no-go area for the MDC-T.

Saungweme said most teachers are brought to remote areas from colleges outside these constituencies. There are no teacher training colleges in Mudzi, so almost every teacher working there would have come from outside. Unless they are staunch ZANU PF supporters, they most certainly will have no job by the end of the month.

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  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    Zimbabweans are sleep walking into yet another electoral process that is
    already evidently not free and fair but worse still already marred by violence
    and the violence will get worse much, much worse. As soon as Mugabe and Zanu PF have the Copac draft constitution approved, then the party’s terror machine will be unleashed. And none other than Prime Minister Tsvangirai is leading the sleep-walkers telling them lies that he WILL have the democratic reforms implemented to ensure free and fair elections.

    78% of the 474 Zimbabweans answered YES to an ongoing SW Radio Africa
    poll asking: Will 2013 see an MDC government in Zimbabwe? There is blind
    optimism for you!

    After the sham 2008 presidential run-off marred by unprecedented political violence in which millions were beaten and/or raped and over 500 murdered; the GNU was tasked to carry out a number of democratic reforms to ensure future elections are free and fair and the 2008 orgy of violence is not repeated ever again. The GNU has had five years to implement the reforms and yet not even one of these reforms has seen the light of day.

    Over twenty Army, Police and CIO senior officers, many of who played an active role in the 2008 orgy of violence, have already said they are contesting in the coming parliamentary elections. It is naïve to think that they will not use the same brutal methods to secure electoral victory again. There is absolutely nothing on the ground to stop them using the violence.

    MP Kachepa’ s is firing all teachers known to be MDC supporters from his patch is not something new; MDC supporters have been denied food, forced out of
    their homes and others like Cephas Mangura were ever killed. This GNU has done nothing to ensure the violence of 2008 is not repeated.

    At the height of the Zanu PF violence in 2008; would these Zimbabweans still voted 78% to 22% for an MDC victory? Of course not, because Mugabe went
    on to “win” by an even bigger margin.

    Clearly Tsvangirai does not care how many Zimbabweans are beaten and/or

    raped and how many hundreds are murdered; all he cares about is that he gets
    back on the gravy train. What is surprising is so many ordinary Zimbabweans
    should too ignore the reality of political violence. How can a whole nation be
    so reckless and naïve!

    • Common Sense says:

      Wilbert, some of what you saying is correct, but you are like a broken record player now, writing novels about the same message every time.

      You keep saying MDC-T is toothless and is not implementing change. Well duh! we all know that but unlike you, we know WHY this is happening and have a lot more confidence that it will be rectified after the elections.

      ZPF controls the army, the police (all under the ministries they took hold of), and we know MDC should have fought further to control those when the GNU was formed. They are powerless without those, but what is done is done.

      We KNOW that there will be violence and cheating, but the truth and the people will eventually prevail. Stop harping on about something that will never happen prior to the elections. This is the ONLY chance of getting rid of the ZPF machine.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        My step grandmother suffered from a throbbing migraine headaches, she talked about nothing else. Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems are a throbbing migraine affecting millions of ordinary men, women and children who have been thrown into abject poverty, denied all hope and the right to life itself. Unlike my step grandmother’s migraine, there is a ready cure for the nation’s migraine – have free and fair elections.

        “Wilbert, some of what you saying is correct, but you are like a broken record player now, writing novels about the same message every time,” you say!

        Well I sure hope all I say is correct but will happily settle for “some”; thank you.

        As for why I keep going on and on, “like a broken record player” about the nation’s migraine headache and the over 30 000 innocent
        Zimbabweans murdered by Mugabe and his thugs in political violence. My answer is simple; because there are millions of innocent Zimbabweans today, this minute suffering the ill effects of being unemployed, collapsed health and education services and thousands are at risk of politically motivated beatings, rape and murder. But even more significantly, I will keep on drumming about it because nothing is being done to stop this madness.

        You are many others keep talking about how Zanu PF has all the power and MDC is powerless to do anything. You are wrong. To start with MDC signed the GPA against all the advice that it was a one sided agreement; it is therefore stupid for them now to use that as the excuse. Secondly, even within all the limits of the GPA MDC could still have forced through the democratic reforms. They did not. MDC does not have to lie to the people that the reforms will still be implemented to ensure elections are free and fair. Why are they lying about?

        Those who are suffering the migraine headache have the right to talk about nothing else; it is totally intolerable that those who are well
        much less those causing and/or doing nothing to end the suffering.

        Tyrants like Mugabe and failed leaders like Tsvangirai know most Zimbabweans are like mother hen, she will make a racket when the eagle snatches one of her chick but will have forgot all about it ten minutes later. We are in this mess because Zimbabweans will complain about corruption or whatever for two days tops; leaders do not need to end the corruption but wait for two days!

        Zimbabwe has a real chance of ending the madness destroying
        the very core of the nation by voting NO to the Copac rubbish and thus force the implementation of the reforms necessary for free and fair elections. That is a bone worth fighting for and I for one have no intention of giving this one up!

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