Madzore engages lawyers to fight UZ ban

Solomon Madzore

By Tichaona Sibanda
14 January 2013

MDC-T Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore has engaged the services of lawyers to fight the University of Zimbabwe’s ban that is stopping him resuming his undergraduate studies.

The youth leader is being prevented from going back to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in social work, after spending a year in remand prison at Chikurubi. The UZ authorities argue that Madzore has a pending criminal case.

Madzore and 30 other MDC-T activists are facing charges of murdering police inspector Petros Mutedza, in Harare’s Glen View suburb in 2011. They all deny the charges.

Last week Madzore said he received a one-paragraph reply to his application to resume his studies at the UZ. The deputy registrar for academic studies wrote: “I regret to inform you that your application for resumption of studies was unsuccessful.”

A furious Madzore said the UZ’s actions were tantamount to an extension of persecution led by the former ruling ZANU PF party. He said he’s since engaged lawyers to fight the ban.

‘Convicted criminals are allowed to study in prison; even Robert Mugabe did many of his degrees inside Chikurubi prison. Why is my case any different from the many others?’ asked Madzore.

3 Responsesto “Madzore engages lawyers to fight UZ ban”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I support you Madzore. Go ahead and fight for this. Aluta Continua my brother!

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Madzore should know that until such time his murder charges have been completely dropped by the courts will he be a free man again. Madzore is still one of the major crime suspects and can not boast about going to university when he has been suspected of murdering a peace officer. Justice should be seen to have been done by the loved ones of the peace officer who was killed while doing his work. And these are the people who say there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, when they kill peace officers and still want to run away from crimes they are suspected to have committed. Oh, no, no, Gosh Aah, nothing like that Madzore. He should face the consequences of his diabolic actions head-on and never allowed to stand on a high moral ground because we know he is a suspected murderer.

    And by the way, Madzore should never be allowed to compare his case with that of Robert Mugabe who was incarcerated in prison by an illegal regime for his call for a sovereign and independent Zimbabwe. He was not suspected for murdering any white Rhodesian. It was not criminal for Mugabe to do that and to go to prison for his political beliefs while Madzore is a suspected murderer.

  3. When will the UZ learn that a man remains innocent until proven guilty?Its so sad that these instituitions continue to be politicised at the expense of hard working citizens.Shame on those administrators!

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