ZANU PF investigating party diamond fraud

Zimbabwean diamond miners in Chiadzwa diamond fields

By Alex Bell
18 January 2013

ZANU PF has launched an investigation into alleged diamond fraud involving five of its officials, who have exposed the party’s control of the Chiadzwa diamond fields.

The case involves more than US$750, 000 that the five party members allegedly managed to convince companies mining at Chiadzwa to hand over for ZANU PF activities. The money was then reportedly used in part to fund their personal lives.

The five include Manicaland provincial chairperson Mike Madiro, ousted provincial youth chairperson Tawanda Mukodza, provincial youth secretary for security Admire Mahachi, provincial youth secretary for information Masimba Kangai and former district coordinating committee member Clever Muparutsa.

They stand accused of soliciting cash from the Chiadzwa based Mbada and Anjin firms as well as a third unnamed company, stating the money was needed for party activities, including last year’s people’s conference in Gweru. It is alleged Mbada gave them US$300,000 while another US$450,000 was given by the unnamed company. Anjin was also reportedly approached by the group, but the company insisted that it would transfer its US$400,000 ‘donation’ into a ZANU PF account.

According to the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, the group appeared before a provincial disciplinary committee chaired by ZANU PF Manicaland vice chairperson Dorothy Mabika last Friday, and again this week. The fate of the group is not yet known, although reports suggest they could face being kicked out of the party.

It is already widely speculated that ZANU PF has been using the diamonds fields to generate cash for the party, and hidden profits that have not been seen by the government Treasury are said to be lining the pockets of top party officials. There have also been warnings from top international human rights groups about the diamond mines financing a parallel regime in Zimbabwe, to keep Robert Mugabe in power.

The case against the five party officials has further exposed how deep ZANU PF’s influence runs at Chiadzwa, if money is so readily handed over for party activities. Political analyst Clifford Mashiri, who has been closely monitoring the diamond situation in Zimbabwe for several years, said Friday that the case “is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“There’s every reason to suspect that there’s more to this than is just being reported,” Mashiri told SW Radio Africa, adding: “We can clearly deduce that ZANU PF is using diamond money for its election campaign and for terrorising Zimbabweans head of elections, all of which needs money.”

Mashiri also questioned why the five party members are being “sacrificed” in this way, given ZANU PF’s usual silence on illegal activity involving its membership. He said the party is “trying to bring in some fake transparency,” because they are attempting to save face ahead of elections.

“It is an election tactic to say you are rooting out corruption. But what we see here is corruption within corruption because there is ongoing corruption, allegedly committed by the diamond mines, and they are in turn being solicited for money by corrupt ZANU PF officials,” Mashiri said.

ZANU PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo’s phone went unanswered Friday.

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11 Responsesto “ZANU PF investigating party diamond fraud”

  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    Zanu PF is swimming in money and the party will have all this money to finance if terror machine, buy vote by bribing village heads, chiefs, etc.

    MDC has underestimated the money Zanu PF is getting from Marange much less the mischief the party will do with all this money! Everything points to the fact the coming elections are NOT going to be free and fair, that is simply impossible.
    The only logical thing is now is to delay the elections until the reforms are implemented because only then will the nation have a chance to ensure political party funding is transparent, amongst many other things.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      What a mother fucker who spews poo through the mouth each time he opens his foul mouth. What evidence do you have to make such outrageous utterances against ZANU PF. It is no wonder many of you end up incarcerated in prison for disgorging nonsense and you then say your human rights have trembled upon. Who gave you the right to abuse other people and yet when others do the same to you, you shamelessly invoke the human rights provisions for your protection?
      The bottom line is ZANU PF was not born yesterday and knows perfectly well how to generate funds for running its political affairs. Diamonds at Chiadzwa in the Marange district are a recent discovery and yet ZANU PF has survived since 1963 when it was formed to this present day.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        What had the five Zanu PF
        Officials done to get US$ 750 000 from these two companies other than flash their party cards? Nothing! The companies were dolling out all this money because they were granted very generous rights mining rights by the party knowing fully well there will be bribes to be paid. The five were there to collect the bribes.

        These companies are racking in billions of dollars the sums the five asked for is chicken feed. Indeed the two companies knew straight away the five officials wanted the money for personal use and not for Zanu PF party’s use. The companies also knew there will be
        hundreds other party officials knocked at their door making similar demands that was why these companies paid the five the chicken feed but made sure Zanu PF big wigs got to know about this.

        Zanu PF big wigs are furious with the five because they know these companies would not have dared to make anything less than US$ 1 billion donation. After this debacle the party will be embarrassed to make fresh demands.

        As we say in Shona; “Matsotsi haangerai – rimwe ritorumwa chete!” Two crooks cannot shave each other – one will always cut the other or worse with a slit throat! It is interesting to note that many times it is Zanu PF officials have had to nurse cut faces.

        Remember the story of Grace Mugabe paying US$ 1 million for new Lorries only to receive Chairman Mao Long Match relics! She was furious and had the drivers who delivered the Lorries from SA detained but in the end had to release them. She is not a registered
        dealer; the whole deal stunk of corruption. And in the end she was conned!

        Then there is the story of the multimillion dollar house the Mugabes bought in the Far East. They did not want the property bought in their name for obvious reasons; when they tried to do so latter, the agent insisted HE was the owner!

        The truth is whatever millions or billions Mugabe and Zanu PF make out of all this corrupt wheelie dealings – a very significant amount of which they are cheated of, as we can see – the crooks they are dealing with make 1000s or 100 000s times more than them! These crooks push up their markup 1000 times because they know the regime is desperate for money and no honest companies would want to do business in such mudded waters.

        The biggest loser in all this corruption and intrigue are the ordinary citizens. Withou the corruption the wealth generated from honest business activities would be to pay for a decent education and health service for all and to buy food for the 1.6 million now
        totally dependent on UN Aid!

        Instead the torrent of dirty money flowing through Chibuku House is being used to finance world class football player lifestyles for the ruling elite and to finance Zanu PF’s campaign of intimidation, beatings, rape and murder to retain power at all cost. Zimbabwe’s
        diamond wealth, rich lands, etc. should be a blessing to the nation but now, thanks to this corrupt and repressive Zanu PF dictatorship, these riches are but a curse!

        “It is no wonder many of you end up incarcerated in prison for disgorging nonsense and you then say your human rights have trembled upon,” you say! Chimbwido these Zimbabweans are in prison and many have died terrible deaths under this Mugabe regime because they dared speak the truth!

        The real tragedy is Mugabe and Zanu PF would not be tormenting this nation for much longer if Tsvangirai and MDC had implemented the democratic changes they promised in 2008 and were agreed in the GPA. The reforms were the only guarantee of free and fair elections. Still Mugabe and Zanu PF should not celebrate yet that they will use the dirty money to secure election victory – there is the referendum still to go through. A NO vote will force the implementation of the reforms and thus scupper the dictatorship’s hope of yet another bloody election process!

        The battle now is about exposing Tsvangirai and MDC’s lies about the elections being free and fair and how voting NO in the referendum will save life and limb and, more significantly, end the
        grim choice of a tyrannical regime, dysfunctional coalition or a mediocre government! That is a fight worth fighting and I do not intent to lose!

        • super mondo says:

          how can zanu investigate corruption,,they are the instigators of corruption with qualifications in rouge politics.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Zanu PF are vultures they have been feeding on helpless victims but, make no mistake about it, they will readly feed on one of their own. The five officials are dead meat!

            The only thing that might save them is if they have, like the late Hebert Ushewokunze once warned his fellow Zanu PF, a dossier in a vault overseas with instruction to be released in the event of their untimely death, disappearance or arrest! Sadly not many of these Zanu PF thugs are as smart as the late Ushe!

      • Common Sense says:

        All the evidence since 1980 shows that ZANU-PF raises funds by extortion (forcing big companies to donate, or else), to some extent by member contributions, and the rest by theft… like diamonds, and in 2008 printing money to give to the green bombers to wreak havoc on the normal population….

        So your inference that they have ‘found a way’ does not mean they have found a legal way using member contributions demonstrates that you are either totally myopic, or take the rest of us on the forum as a bunch of school kids.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Let us agree to disagree because yours are all blue lies, mate. I do not have the energy to debate on frivolous allegations which have no foundation at all.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        Mugabe and Zanu PF have denied the people of Zimbabwe their basic rights including the right to free and fair elections and the right to life itself. Over 30 000 murdered in 33 years of
        Zanu PF rule! Indeed the money the party is collecting here is to finance its campaign of intimidation, beatings, rape and more murders.

        You are boiling mad at me not because it is not true that Mugabe is a murderous tyrant and Zanu PF is a party of ruthless thugs. You know it is true and, if it was possible for a murderous thug to be ashamed then you are ashamed. Still you are boiling mad at me for saying these things because you want to keep them under wraps.

        Frankly I do not give a damn about you and your totally misplaced sense of loyalty. What I care about is that this madness of corruption and brutal repression that has left millions of Zimbabweans destitute and without hope should end. And the nation’s looted wealth is given back to the people and those responsible for the heinous crimes of the last three decades are punished!

        You have loot to hold on to and blood of many innocent victims on your hands and clearly you and many others do not like to hear what I am saying one bit. Well tough s***t!

        Mugabe and Zanu PF’s rule of terror is drawing to an end and justice will rule the land! Regime change is upon us and Mugabe and Zanu PF no longer call the shoots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “The fate of the group is not yet known, although reports suggest they could face being kicked out of the party” These ZANU(PF) crooks are not worried of being kicked out of the party. They are doing this so that they could be kicked out of the party to cover up charges ,and they could join MDC(T) party. ZANU(PF) is no more .

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