Elephant death prompts action against UN tourism conference

One of the baby elephants sent to China

By Alex Bell
21 January 2013

The death of a baby Zimbabwean elephant in a Chinese zoo has prompted public action against the upcoming United Nations (UN) tourism conference, with participants being urged to boycott that meeting.

The meeting is set to take place in Victoria Falls in August. But the recent exportation of four baby elephants to China, along with ongoing human rights abuses, has resulted in a public backlash against Zimbabwe’s hosting of the international conference.

A new petition on the action website Avaaz calls on the participants at the conference to boycott the event.

“Human rights in Zimbabwe is at an all time low, as is their protection of the environment and wildlife. The Zimbabwe government recently exported 4 young elephants to China, using inhumane methods to transport them and complete disregard for CITES laws. One of the young elephants has died and there are allegedly more young elephants waiting to be exported. The Zimbabwe Government has a long and distasteful record with regards to its treatment of its wildlife and its people. It is only with boycotts and sanctions from people across the world that the message of this unacceptable behaviour can be clearly communicated to them,” the petition reads.

The petition only has 107 signatures so far and Zimbabweans are being urged to use such petition tools to have their voices heard.

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