Jabulani Sibanda threatens MDC supporters in Chipinge

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda

By Tichaona Sibanda
21 January 2013

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda has told MDC-T supporters in Chipinge that they will be killed if they vote against ZANU PF in the forthcoming harmonized elections.

The MDC-T says Sibanda has been based in Musikavanhu for the last three days, forcing villagers to his meetings. He has promised he will unleash violence against anyone who supports the party led by Prime Minster Morgan Tsvangirai.

Pishai Muchauraya, the party spokesman in Manicaland, confirmed that the war vets leader had been intimidating their supporters with the object of spreading fear.

Muchauraya, the MDC-T’s Makoni South MP, accused Sibanda of lying to the villagers that he had the capability to monitor how the villagers will vote in the election.

‘He has ordered all headmen and chiefs in the district to write down names of people whose ages range from 15 to 60 and also state which party they support,’ he said.

According to Muchauraya, Sibanda claimed that all villagers in the district will be issued with numbers by the chiefs that they will present to ZANU PF people who will be monitoring people as they come to vote.

‘Sibanda says they will use the numbers to see who has voted against ZANU,’ Muchauraya said.

The MP however rubbished the claims, suggesting Sibanda belongs to the ‘wild west’ where things were settled using the laws of the jungle.

‘This is just a gimmick by Sibanda to intimidate our supporters. He has no capacity whatsoever to dictate how voters will cast their votes, once inside a polling booth.

‘He preached the same message in 2008, but ZANU PF lost the election and they will lose again this time using the same strategy,’ Muchauraya said, adding that an election campaign needs to be done in a free and democratic manner.

‘Electioneering should not be done under threats and intimidation. Intimidating people is itself, of course, the highest manifestation of dictatorship,’ explained Muchauraya.

Meanwhile police in Chivhu arrested an MDC-T official on allegations of waving his party symbol to a senior police officer.

Reports said the MDC deputy district chairperson for Chikomba West, Patrick Chipo Gwini, was arrested in Chivhu and was detained for about four hours. He was charged and was ordered to report again to the police.

The official said police allege that he provoked a Superintendent Mutasa by waving the open palm MDC salute at him. Gwini denies the allegations claiming the police were after him, after he accused them of being partisan at a recent meeting of political parties.

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  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    The coming elections are NOT going to be free and fair and MDC’s promise that they will be free and fair are lies!

    MDC did not stop the violence in the presidential run-off in 2008 and Muchauraya is lying that MDC will do any better this time round. MDC’s Polling Officers disappeared last time and with only Zanu PF thugs running the show it is nonsense to talk of a secret vote!

    All the evidence on the ground point to one thing – there will be no free and fair elections. Who are the people of Zimbabwe going to believe MDC or what they can see with their own eyes!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Are you a prophet Wilbert? If not how would you know the non-existence of a secret vote long before elections are held? I can not believe this is coming from the mouth of someone who is regarded as a political commentator by SW Radio Africa. There should certainly be a difference of approach in your writings between you, Yepec, Dumbu and Super Mondo if you want us to give you the respect that is usually given to political analysts and commentators. Otherwise, your article above is tosh or foolish nonsense, mate.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        The decision on whether an election is free and fair is not based on the one thing; whether the ballot paper was marked in secret or not. There are many others things too that must be taken into consideration, for example:

        1) There must be a free media to allow free flow of ideas; not a few months before polling but all the time. The voters must have the opportunity to hear from all the competing candidates what they are offering and to cross examine them.

        Zimbabwe should have at least 10 independent TV stations, 50 Radio Stations and 100s of independent newspapers. Instead we have 1 TV Station, 3 Radio Stations and one large public print media which are all the exclusive monopoly of Zanu PF plus a handful of independent newspapers which are muzzled by repressive laws.

        Prime Minister Tsvangirai is yet to be interviewed on ZBC TV!

        2) Everyone should enjoy the freedom of association and movement instead we have citizens being constantly harassed and hurried along at every turn by Zanu PF thugs, the Police, the judiciary.

        The democratic reforms that were meant to end the partisan bias of the Police, Army, etc., were never implemented. All these institutions are still headed by the same Zanu PF loyalists, the Police by Chihuri, Tomana is still AG, etc.

        3) The very fact that Mugabe and Zanu PF can conclude deals with companies worth billions of dollars and channel the money into individual or party accounts is totally unacceptable in a democracy,
        particularly when the money is then used to finance political violence and other dirty tricks as is the case here.

        4) The only change on the ground since 2008 is that this dysfunctional GNU has finally agreed on this Copac constitution.

        Only those who are politically naive believe the approval of this constitution in the referendum will bring the political transformation in which Jabulani Sibanda, Chipangano and all the other Zanu PF thugs be rounded up and thrown in jail where they should be, Zimrights Director and other activists will be set free, etc.; everything will fall into place and the nation will have free and fair elections. And we all lived happily ever after!

        As for me, I am a realist – not a prophet, one only to open one’s eyes to see what is there to be a realist – I believe there will be no free and fair elections in Zimbabwe unless all the reforms are implemented BEFORE elections are held. If the Copac rubbish is approved, I believe Zanu PF’s terror machine will go into overdrive
        and the nation will see a repeat of the orgy of violence of 2008 or worse!

        Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC friends will have the blood of every Zimbabwean beaten or killed in the political violence unfolding before us, as if they have done the beating or killing with their own hands, because they not only failed to get the reforms implemented in five years but they then lied that approving the Copac constitution would deliver free and fair!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Who can say our views and values are homogeneous? We all think differently and hold our views religiously. Consequently, let us agree to disagree as we can not honestly predict the outcome of an election which is more than six months away. At least I am a realist and not a prophet as you.

  2. Tora Bora says:

    This idiot must be put in his place. I don’t understand why the MDC do not bring this Zanoid’s activities before JOMIC. One day he will be charged with treason and the Gukurahundi party will disown him like they did with another ignoramus, Kunonga.

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Sibanda is doing what he knows best and people should simply leave him alone. He is doing exactly what Tsvangirai and Biti are doing for their political party to win the forthcoming election. The difference among the three politicians is while the other is being denigrated by SW Radio Africa, the two from the MDC are always glorified by it. This is all there is to it guys.

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