Govt urged to intervene in ZANU PF takeover of Renco Mine

Renco mine

24 January 2013
By Alex Bell

The government is being urged to intervene in the ZANU PF takeover of the Renco Mine, believed to be part of a strategy to force the company to abide by the party’s indigenisation campaign.

Last week, ZANU PF’s Chivi South MP Irvine Dzingirai declared he was the new manager of the mine, which has been the site of a labour dispute for several weeks. Production there had ceased last Monday after workers’ wives and local villagers barricaded the main gate demanding an improvement in workers’ conditions and community assistance projects.

The MDC-T spokesperson for Masvingo province, Harrison Mudzuri, confirmed on Thursday that Dzingirai has declared himself the new general manager of the mine and is refusing to give up the position. Mudzuri told SW Radio Africa that there is an appeal to the government, particularly the Labour and the Mines Ministries to intervene.

“Dzingirai is trying to threaten workers to either join ZANU PF or they will be fired. We are concerned because this is a labour dispute that is being politicised by ZANU PF,” Mudzuri told SW Radio Africa.

Mudzuri added: “I spoke to Dzingirai on the phone and he told me that: ‘ZANU PF are doing what we did on the farms, and we are just waiting for (Indigenisation Minister) Kasukuwere to confirm the 51% handover of the mine’.”

The MDC-T spokesperson said ZANU PF is trying to use “political muscle to make sure no one intervenes.” He said the labour dispute at Renco should be dealt with, without political interference.

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4 Responsesto “Govt urged to intervene in ZANU PF takeover of Renco Mine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Irvine Dzingirai is very stupid greedy for riches. ZANU(PF) is not going to win any fair election . This stupid person is wasting his time doing such nonsense.

  2. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    I am beginning to feel proud to be Zimbabwean.This is the greatest news I have heard for the last 33 years since the country became a sovereign and independent state. It is a fight we should not loose as a nation to reclaim all the mineral wealth to be in the hands of the Zimbabwean people. It is a bold move which should be supported and emulated by our people, end of story. Of course, Uncle Toms will disagree and so what?

    • Common Sense says:

      So you are proud to see the takeover of a mine in this way?!

      You really are short sighted… watch this space, this mine will close as there will be no more investment….. now everyone will lose their jobs, the labour dispute will be irrelevant…

      Zimbabwe is screwed already and all this does is destroy it.

      What if an MDC person went in and did the same thing, would you still be happy….

      Bring on elections and lets get rid of this Mafia mentality

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        I have my views which I have spelt out and you have yours which I have read. Let us hold on to our views and see what next. I will congratulate you if you win elections and get rid of what you term as the mafia mentality. In my opinion, this is what Zimbabwe should have done the first day we became a sovereign and independent state. There was nothing we should have waited for, the reconciliation policy was a complete failure as those we forgave laughed at us. They never wanted to leave the land they had stolen from us and almost all the mines 33 years after independence are still being owned and controlled by foreigners while we control and own nothing. If you think what has been done is being short sighted then win the elections and let us see what you will do as the MDC led government. You are probably one of the most short sighted person I have known contributing on this site. I have a feeling that your faculties need to be liberated as you still believe we are incapable of running the mines on our own initiative.

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