Makandiwa ‘miracle diamonds’ sparks debate

The ‘prophet’ Makandiwa at one of his weekly gatherings

By Violet Gonda
25 January 2013

The possession of diamonds in Zimbabwe appears to be tightly controlled for some but acceptable for others.

Activists have accused ZANU PF of being ‘two faced’ in regard to possessing diamonds. There are several high profile cases where people have been arrested for possessing diamonds, such as in the case of businessman Newman Chiadzwa.

The issue came to the fore when controversial prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa “miraculously” manifested diamonds and gold during a church service last weekend.

Zimbabwean law, as it stands, prohibits unlicensed people from possessing these valuable objects. But Mines Minister Obert Mpofu reportedly said the United Family International Church founder has a “God given talent and should be supported.”

The NewsDay newspaper quotes the minister saying: “If it is true that he does those things, then he should be supported. He has his gift from God and no one can dispute or criticise that. If he can perform miracles let us support him.”
Kimberley Process Local Focal Point person Shamiso Mutisi, who is also a lawyer with the Zimbabwe Environmental Association, said Mpofu’s response is especially shocking as there is a law administered by the Ministry of Mines that tightly controls the dealing or possession of precious stones.

Mutisi told SW Radio Africa: “Those provisions should have been stated by the minister because he is the one who administers that piece of legislation.”

Makandiwa, who is drawing thousands of people to his church in Harare, reportedly stunned worshippers last Sunday when some found themselves in possession of pieces diamonds and gold during the service while others experienced equally extraordinary miracles like growing teeth, hair being extended and one woman claims to have lost weight.

Mutisi said, while he does not believe that the precious stones fell from heaven, the authorities should investigate how these diamonds were acquired. He added: “If you picked the stone from somewhere, be it through religious purposes, you are still required to report to the police, if you do not have a permit.”

When contacted for comment, Minister Mpofu said he was on leave. But critics say it is not a surprising response from senior ZANU PF officials who have a history of supporting miracle manifestations.

The best known case was that of Rotina Mavhunga, the ‘diesel n’anga’ who conned government ministers into believing that she could miraculously manifest diesel which came oozing from a rock in the Chinhoyi outback.

Meanwhile, doubters of Makandiwa’s ‘spiritual powers’ say the controversial prophet is using the promise of miracles and financial abundance to manipulate people. Believers are adamant he is an anointed servant of God who is demonstrating that God can do miracles.

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12 Responsesto “Makandiwa ‘miracle diamonds’ sparks debate”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Why is that the most fanatic Christians are the poor Africans and not the Europeans where the Holy Bible and Christianity have their roots? Traditional Christian beliefs include the belief in the one and only true God, who is one being and exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the belief that Jesus is the divine and human Messiah sent to the save the world. Christianity is also noted for its emphasis on faith in Christ as the primary component of religion. While these are the teaching of the Holy Bible, the poor Africans follow its teachings to the letter while in Europe the majority its people do not believe in Christianity and do not go to church. Some renowned academics like Richard Dawkins of Oxford University, Peter Singer and the late Christopher Hitchens, to name just a few, suggest that God does not exist at all. In Zimbabwe we have ‘the prophet Makandiwa’ the son of God. Nhamo nematambudziko vakomana nevasikana. This guy knows how to make money by manipulating the intelligence of our people. This is another form of enslavement but this time by a fellow negro.

    The same scenario finds expression in the Islamic Religion where the most fanatic Muslims are the poor Africans and not the Arabs themselves. It is really tragic. I suggest that the only explanation one could derive from the above dates back to the days of slavery where the Bible and Koran were used as tools to brainwash and enslave the African people. Both Europeans and Arabs were involved in the slave trade and used the Bible and Koran respectively to brainwash the mind of the African slaves to be a better slave. The same slave mentality still finds expression in Zimbabwe to this day.

  2. Archie says:

    mutisi u a devil u dont believe yet you want to investigate..if you dont believe it happened then why bother your self to have stupid guts to investigate what God is doing ..shame on you

  3. Truth says:

    This is strange and miraculous,you cant use the natural methods to fight the supernatural. Mpofu knows what he is doing and for the first time i salute him fir that understanding. Minerals from the ground yes you can investigate,but those from the unseen world,how could you do that? Leave to the spiritual that which is spiritual. Mutisi have you lost gold or diamonds somewhere? Do you have a case of reported missing gold or diamonds? Even if your conscience is dead,its crystal clear that if you are not mad staightaway there is no story to purse here!

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      You are the truth mate

      • Yepec says:

        You are totally lost or you cannot fight against the truth. Either way, your sentence above provides a rare window into the way you think. From now onwards Chimbwido Warvet, you are nothing but a shell, in addition, to your faking the liberation fighters, you are.another Jabulani Sibanda. You cannot condemn the phony actions of Makandiwa neither can you those of the “obedient son” and criminal, Zanu PF, Minister of Mines and Development, Obert Mpofu.

    • cleo mastermind says:

      I can’t agree better with you on mind slavery by the west and middle eastern traders who manipulated our forebearers to their entitlement if not all fairness this asshole one day will claim to heal AIDS if he isn’t put on a leash

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obert Mpofu is a true thief . Why is he supporting such nonsense of Makandiwa.

  5. Hapana mwari says:

    @CW While you are spot on in terms of religion as a tool of oppression (in all societies, not just the ones you mention – religious fanatics in the Philippines are far worse than Africans, re-enacting crucifixions etc), you write that “Richard Dawkins of Oxford University, ……suggest that God does not exist at all.” Suggest? Please give them some respect! They state unequivocally that there are no gods whatsoever. And why do you use a capital G if not to indicate your own belief in some monotheistic supernatural entity? Free your own mind first.

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Thank you mate for the apparent oversight on my part. You are right that they state categorically that there are no gods whatsoever. But let me hasten to mention that I have an open and free mind, mate.

  6. William says:

    mpofu is the one who gave makandiwa the gems

  7. super mondo says:

    how lucky zim is .with goblins in control of the wealth and fairries making a profit from misguided believers.

  8. Mufudzi says:

    You, the one reading this message are a miracle. So, if you are a miracle, what is more important you or Gold or Diamond? We must first of all think before we leap. Do not comment on things you do not understand. God is the creator of all things and He distributes His creation (wealth) the way he wants. Especially, when He does it to His loved ones, the believers, He does it in special ways I call, a new fashion. A time of revival brings about what man has never known, seen or mind conceived, 1 Cor 2v9. When the gold, diamond, weight loss, new teeth, hair growth, legs being rectified, babies being born instantly, it was after the reading of the word of God from Jeremiah 33v3. The God we worship is a Living, True God who loves those who call unto Him. It was after we had called unto the Name of God that God began to do His Wonders, Signs and Miracles in our midst that we experienced this new phenomenon or revival. Only those with a free mind will agree and accept that Prophet E. Makandiwa is an Anointed Man of God sent to deliver you, me and every one. Even if you don`t agree, He was sent for you, Zimbabwe. Jesus was sent for everyone, but only those that believe in his benefit. That same principle applies here. When God remembers His people, He sends them a man in like manner he send Moses to deliver Israel out of Egypt. Believe me you, you ain`t seen yet. Greater things are yet to come. Brace up for God Zimbabwe.

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