Mugabe’s son expelled from school

Chatunga Bellarmine with his parents

By Violet Gonda
04 February 2013

Last year President Robert Mugabe, who has been described as a perfectionist and a disciplinarian, expressed his disappointment after his oldest son Robert failed his Advanced Level exams.

“’How are you doing?’, we would ask him, ‘The papers were not hard,’ he would say. We expected he would get through, but no, he became an undertaker! ‘U’s! That is why they call them undertakers! The whole group were all undertakers; about six of them,” the president revealed at the time.

Now according to recent press reports his youngest son, Chatunga Bellarmine, was expelled from the Catholic run St. George’s College in Harare for “indiscipline and insubordination”.

It is not clear what the 16 year old did, but according to the Daily News the president’s son is now receiving “home schooling” . The news paper reports he was on a last warning after having been suspended for a week from school last year for bad behavior.

Political commentator Clifford Mashiri said this is an eye-opener as it reveals what goes on in Zimbabwe’s first family.

“It shows that not all is well and neither are they all as intelligent as their father appears to be, with a chain of degrees and shortchanging Zimbabweans here and there and outwitting his political opponents.”

Some observers say it must be a difficult life for the children, who are brought up around people who constantly praise their father, sometimes saying he is God.

The president has three children with his wife Grace. His eldest Bona graduated with a degree in accounting from City University in Hong Kong in 2011.

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  1. super mondo says:

    his sons are intelligent enough for zanu

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      What does this mean, Mr Buffoon? Just write a paragraph about the intelligence of the President’s children. Only one paragraph of twenty words will do for you. Please surprise us. Ini ndinoona kuti iwe ndiwe dununu blazo.

  2. `Like Father like Son`?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The boys are madofos like their mother . I don`t know whether Grace`s first husband was a dofos too.

  4. jongwerachembera says:

    Shame how embarrassing for Gushongo! Maybe they are not his kids?

  5. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    What a load of rubbish. The President’s children are just like my own children or your own, Violet Gonda if you have children at all. It does not matter which country or race you look at, their mannerisms and behaviors are the same. They are all just but children whose behavior change with time. They are no different from Dumbu’s, Jongwerachembera’s, Mr Buffoon’s (Super Mondo’s) if they have children at all or Jerro Davies except that the latter could be a rhodie’s children who were borne to hate people of a different color or race while the former are typical ‘negros’ children whose parents were being used by Rhodies to propagate their interests. How irrational and foolish ‘negros’ can be.

  6. Chatunga is just like any other student at school, who comes to learn.In europe the teacher is just as guilty as the student,if the learner does not pass the tests(examination).
    …Why?.Because it is the task of the teacher to make the student understand what is being taught.

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