Traditional leaders not happy with new constitution

Zimbabwe traditional leaders (Photo courtesy of The Zimbabwean)

By Tichaona Sibanda
04 February 2013

Traditional leaders want to have an audience with President Robert Mugabe this week to discuss the contents of the new constitution, as they feel some of the clauses have made them powerless.

It’s unlikely the chiefs would be able to convince Mugabe to make changes to the charter, which would need the support of other principals in the GPA to do so.

The traditional leaders told the state media over the weekend that they had been excluded from the administration of most land, except communal land, a move they argued had left them with no powers.

Douglas Mwonzora, the COPAC co-chairman representing the MDC-T, said there was no chance the draft will be subjected to any changes at all. COPAC will present the draft to parliament on Tuesday for debate and adoption, possibly by Thursday.

‘We have taken note of their concerns but unfortunately as responsible citizens we couldn’t take farming land, commercial farms for that instance and put them under chiefs. The chiefs want to move away from capitalism to feudalism and that’s not right at all,’ Mwonzora said.

Our correspondent in Harare, Simon Muchemwa, told us many people are surprised at the timing of the chiefs’ complaints as they had ample time to study the contents of the draft, even before it went to the second all stakeholders conference last year.

Muchemwa said the problem lies with the fact that the chiefs aligned themselves to ZANU PF, and were told what to say by officials from the former ruling party.

‘The chiefs and other ordinary members of the party received instructions from ZANU PF on what to say in the constitution. Most of what they said was not constitutional and ended up not being included in the new charter,’ Muchemwa said.

‘The chiefs, for reasons known to them, were being told what to say by ZANU PF. They never bothered to let their personal feelings known and they have to take the blame for that,’ he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are these chiefs crying now ? We told them way back that they were being used like tissues with this party . Now you see ! This is a party not to trust again. These chiefs need to support the coming ruling party the MDC(T).

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Oh dumbu, you once were my friend a few day ago but when you said our chiefs need to support the MDC-T as the next ruling political party of the country, I then wanted to analyse every word you have said above. By implication, it seems to me you now acknowledge that ZANU PF is the current ruling political party in Zimbabwe. I want to be very nice to you in case my article is not published by SW Radio Africa but can you kindly confirm whether my assessment of your views above is correct? In addition, do you ever dream that your political party led by our Prime Minister, comrade Tsvangirai, the only official who holds premiership position (top of the table position) in Sub-Saharan Africa with two official wives and numerous girlfriends that are scattered across the entire country will ever occupy the Zimbabwe House as the President of Zimbabwe? And how would he accommodate his two wives. Will the other wife be staying at the State House of Zimbabwe while Zimbabwe House will be accommodate by Locadia Kembo? It is going to interesting how the Prime Minister Tsvangirai is going to jiggle this apparent problem that will plunge the country should he win the next election.

      • Anonymous says:

        My friend you need to open your eyes.Tsvangirai has one wife. He did not take anyone`s wife. Tsvangirai never ever killed anybody.

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          Oh no no gosh Aah, my friend dumbu you seem to have gone off-topic. I was merely responding to your previous article which does not address other issues you have included in your discourse above. Just to set the scene, it is about the forthcoming elections and the possibility of Prime Minister winning the election. The question then was should he win the election, which is becoming almost impossible each passing day, how he will possibly jiggle around accommodating his two wives. I am aware there is the State House and Zimbabwe House. Kindly tell the readership which of the two wives will be staying where and why, please.

  2. I agree with you Dumbu totaly

  3. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Oh, no, no, gosh, Aah, even vana sekuru vangu vachena ndebvu nemisoro vanoda masimba or literally my grandfathers and grandmothers want power to control people living in their jurisdiction. Even Morgan Tsvangirai and Chimbwidos Warvets want some form of power of control people in their neighborhoods. To top it all, even foreigner in far away countries want power to control our people and their natural resources. They also want power to control their mind-set to enable them play their well know games of dividing our people so as to serve their political and economic agendas. It is all about power and control everywhere you go. So who does not want power and control as it appears it is so, so sweet to be in charge of other human beings? It now seems to me that human beings should not be given the latitude to think for themselves as adults because a chief somewhere in the countryside should be in charge of us and it is very very important they are given enormous powers. It is settled, we no longer need Minister Chombo and his ministry of Local Government as it will be duplication of services. Our chiefs are good enough. What a world!!!!!!!! kana vana kamba vodawo kukwira miti.

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