Central bank governor blasted for ‘sanitising’ Makandiwa & Angel

Gideon Gono talks to prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Eubert Angel about various miracles, including hair extensions

By Violet Gonda
6 February 2013

Zimbabweans have expressed shock after seeing the country’s central bank governor, Gideon Gono, appearing to give credence to the so-called ‘miracle money’ prophets, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Eubert Angel, at a press conference in Harare on Tuesday.

Economist John Robertson told SW Radio Africa the Reserve Bank Governor missed the chance to caution the general public against the prosperity gospel prophets. Instead Gono appeared to confirm that ‘miracle money’ is a reality and his only concern was that such miracle money had to conform to the laws regarding currency. Money being miraculously materialized should come with a paper trail and proper serial numbers.

Social commentator Rejoice Ngwenya said the Gono press conference with this controversial pair is in the same league as the incident of the diesel n’anga, Rotina Mavhunga, who fooled ZANU PF ministers into believing that she could miraculously draw diesel from a rock.

Ngwenya said this shows “Zimbabwe is a land of ‘jokers’, where you have the head of the country’s bank paying attention to such ‘frivolous’ beliefs.

The two self-styled prophets have been dominating the news and drawing thousands to their churches, claiming they can perform extraordinary miracles, promising wealth and a better life to their followers.

Some worshippers reportedly found cash in their wallets, pockets and bank accounts, while others claimed to have found diamonds and gold during the church service. Some said they experienced equally ‘extraordinary miracles’ like hair being extended, sudden loss of weight and new teeth.

After the meeting with Makandiwa and Angel at the Reserve Bank offices Gono said: “We, as the central bank, came in to give our views concerning their work. They belong to the spiritual realm, we are charged with ensuring that earthly laws are observed, implemented and monitored.”

Previously the banker had described the prophets’ claims as “very dangerous” and said they could be breaching international laws governing the printing of money. But in a complete u-turn Gono said he was now “sure that what the two men of God do is not in violation of any rules.”

Gono said he could not prove that they had broken any laws, even though there was no explanation as to how the ‘miracle money’ is being deposited into individuals’ bank accounts without following normal banking transactions or regulations.

Some observers have said that the central bank governor should be dealing with facts and not hobnobbing with these prophets, which undermines his credibility.

Robertson said Gono should never have allowed himself to be associated with this activity in any way at all. “The implications now are that many people are clever at defrauding other people and they are going to get away with it.

The prosperity gospel duo in-turn said their “miracles” were based on “restoration of what one would have lost” and “not on creation of money”.

Ngwenya said there is a fine line between “religious freedom and religious insanity but then again Zimbabweans have a history of extreme behavior.”

The commentator said it is possible that with ZANU PF in the middle of an election campaign it is looking at this huge block of potential voters from the Pentecostal movement, and wanted Gono to do a bit of ‘damage control’.

“This to me is just one of those political jokes that is only meant to prove that ZANU PF accommodates these eccentric characters for the purposes of political capital.”

Ngwenya believes this ‘incites a sense of laziness in Zimbabweans that manna comes from heaven.”

He pointed out that it is difficult to say how the prophets have committed a crime since none of the so called beneficiaries have gone to a bank and produced the money that has allegedly been materialized with the help of the prophets.

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18 Responsesto “Central bank governor blasted for ‘sanitising’ Makandiwa & Angel”

  1. Mugandani says:

    I used to have faith and admire GG, the Banker, from CBZ to RBZ. Here was a man who could stand up and surpriseMu the whole business community and the country with his knowledge of figures. Now this Apostle GG. is something else. GG used to quote bible verses may he should read again.

  2. Zvinani says:

    The scandal widens, Angel GG joins the team.
    so how do they restore a lost $100 with serial numbers if it has for instance been deposited into another account. Do they transfer from the other account, l do not get it.

  3. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    There is, according to legend, a sucker/parasite that is born everyday, and of course, there are confidence tricksters of the likes of Emmanuel Makandiwa and Engelbert Angel who are too ready to pounce on the gullible black christian fanatics in Zimbabwe. Have these black christian fanatics of Zimbabwe ever wondered why white christians do not involve themselves in such garbage? It is shocking to note just how gullible some black christian fanatics of Zimbabwe are being conned of their hard earned money and wealth by these confidence tricksters. This is another form of enslavement of the black people of this country but this time by fellow black men. In the past it used to be the white man but today it is being practiced by our own brothers and sisters. These guys should be arrested and sent to jail for crimes against humanity. For those who believe in Jesus Christ, what they are doing is referred to as blasphemy for claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of Almighty God. Surely, there is a legitimate claim for their arrest and incarcerated in prison for an indefinite period for lying to our people and above all to God.

  4. super mondo says:

    3 stooges

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      I want to be nice to you super mondo for the first time, but what you have said above is irresistible for Chimbwidos Warvets to ignore. You see, if we include you and take away Gideon Gono from this equation, three stooges will still remain. Is it not true, sir?

      • super mondo says:

        No if they remove Gideon Gono from this equation, only two stooges will remain. I think you are wrong Chimbwidos Warvets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How can such a foolish man like Gono continue to remain as a governor of our blessed country Zimbabwe ? You see how stupid he is ,believing in those two thieves chased away from Britain because of their indecorous behaviour. How can a governor of our country be such foolish to the extend of putting a wig on his head?

  6. X ZANU says:

    We already know what this thief Gono has in mind, is flooding the streets with fake U.S dollars to discredit it then propose to bring back the ZIM. dollar which he can print to finance the ZANU COMPAIN.

  7. Mike Rook says:

    Greetings Cde Chimbwidos and fellow comrades. Let us not be too quick to condemn Emmanuel Makandiwa and Eubert Angel. Whilst on a recent holiday I stopped off at a small bar situated deep in the countryside of Ireland. The draft Guinness was superb. Late into the night I was the last man standing and I staggered outside for a breath of fresh air. Staring into the distance I saw this dwarf like old man clad in a green coat and a rather comical hat. Being of a curious nature I approached him and realised to my astonishment it was a Leprechaun. He was busy making shoes and he hadn’t noticed me approaching. It is a matter of fact that if captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for his release. Therefore I was quick to grab him by his long white beard before he could make good his escape. Knowing Leprechauns store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow I demanded just one wish: that the next day be sunny with intermittent rain showers, then releasing my grumpy captive I returned to my rented room. Alas and alack the long range meteorological forecast suggests a long wait for the weather required to produce my rainbow with its pot of gold. In the meantime perhaps a visit to Giddy Gono in Zimbabwe for a bridging loan in exchange for my pot of gold would be in order. After all if he believes in Emmanuel and Eubert, he must consider a wish granted by a Leprechaun a cast iron security.

    • Chimbwido Warvets says:

      I am beginning to like your sense of humour. I dropped the bible as I was reading your article as I laughed my lungs out. You see, we need to laugh at times other just talking about the farms/estates in Zimbabwe, which after all are owned by others while we own and control nothing.

  8. Sadducee says:

    So at last our powerful , the untouchable ,and the god of Zimbabwean bankers,has been forced to eat humble pie by two timing conmen pausing as Paul and Barnabas.Lets face it the guv is almost begging for mercy from the two annointed ones who see God everyday, exclusively in the comfort of their princely homes.But was the guv forced into it by more powerful forces. Lets face it Mugabe had come guns blazing against modern day prophets only to be warned by his wife that he will be locked out of the bedroom if he is not careful.A few weeks ago the Guv did the same,an honest, professional and procedural thing to do,but instead of going to the police and Financial Services Authority the guv makes peace without even carrying investigations or evidence that these guys can really create wealth.Of course all they preach is sweet bread to their followership,properity,money,money.There is no sorrow no hardship that should experienced.’and these are false doctrines.The first Lady’s beliefs should not be imposed on the general populace and it appears the Guv was under duress.

  9. Mukaranga says:

    The two “profiteers” were deliberately created by certain sections of the media with the help of vakomana vema dark glasses. Nyaya iripo is that thy have been roped in for the campaign effort.

  10. Masimba Dube says:

    Check the link below. Gono’s words expose the boys. You just need to read between the lines. The miracles are fake says Gono: http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-10206-Makandiwa,%20Angel,%20Gono%20What%20they%20said/news.aspx

  11. M says:

    It’s common-sensical.Really it is..If God made all creation out of nothing other than His divine nature.His ability to speak things into existence,wud He fail to make material things manifest now?All nature,the mighty oceans and land and all thats in them,the innumerable stars n planets n endless galaxies were spoken into existence..Making money n gold materialise in peoples hands n bank accounts is nothing man.All nature is a display of God Jehovah’s majesty…Pray that your eyes be opened..I doubt u see that Zimbabwe is better than the USA..Yes..I am looking @ the future u r looking at how it presently looks like..America is doomed..

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