Mugabe to announce referendum and election dates soon

Robert Mugabe could announce dates for a referendum and general elections next week

By Tichaona Sibanda
07 February 2013

President Robert Mugabe could announce dates for a referendum and general elections next week, after the draft constitution successfully sailed through Parliament and the Senate.

A highly placed source told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that Mugabe, in consultation with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, had decided on the election date.

The source told us the adoption of the draft in Parliament paves the way for Mugabe to announce the date and end the country’s anxiety and speculation. He said this could be anytime from now.

The draft constitution is ready for a referendum after its passage in Parliament and this gives Mugabe the powers to proclaim the election dates. Newspaper reports over the weekend suggested the leader of the former ruling ZANU PF party wants this year’s elections to be held on June 29th.

COPAC co-chairman Douglas Mwonzora told us this week that the draft will be translated into nine of the country’s official languages.

By next week the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will effectively take over the baton for this last phase and start preparing the public for the referendum.

The public vote has to take place within 60 days from the publication of the proposed constitution. ZEC will have 30 days to conduct civic education.

6 Responsesto “Mugabe to announce referendum and election dates soon”

  1. super mondo says:

    tell me one thing this goblin can get right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truely speaking ZANU(PF) is desperate, how can they choose that grave above as their pesidential candidate ? ZANU(PF) yakaora kare pachokwadi.

  3. Yoozak Hunt says:

    … and this will be the last election RGM announces, and the last one ZANU-PF announces

  4. Yepec says:

    Zimbabweans have been lied to by their political leaders, have their national assets-resources-appropriated by Zanu PF, their rights usurped through tyranny and dictatorship (oppressed), and their votes stolen through official violence and rigging. In this constitutional Draft Referendum, should the Yes votes carry, it is time to strategically use the Constitution to get a democratic dispensation. Given a level field, “tichaona kunowira tsvimbo ne dohwe”.

  5. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    President Mugabe has nothing to rush for as he has all the constitutional powers to decide on a date for the general elections. He can even tell us that elections will be conducted tomorrow or the day after and that is what will happen. He can not be pushed by the two MDC formations to make such a decision as it is non of their business. People should simply watch the press or listen to the radio for the election date. There is no need for excitement as Mugabe has a duty/obligation of telling the nation when elections will be conducted.

  6. warvets are racists says:

    mugabe to announce the date he will lose dictatorial power.the hangman awaits

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