EU criticised after lifting Zim targeted ‘sanctions’ against 21

‘War vet’ Shuvai Mahofa, also known as the Iron Lady

By Alex Bell
18 February 2013

21 members of Robert Mugabe’s regime have been removed from the European Union (EU) list of targeted ‘sanctions’, with the European leadership bloc facing criticism for putting its economic interests ahead of human rights.

EU diplomats met in Brussels on Monday to decide Zimbabwe’s sanctions future, with the measures set to ‘expire’ on Wednesday. Officials had indicated that the EU would be lifting some measures to reward Zimbabwe’s ‘progress’, as a result of the finalising of the constitution reform exercise. The EU said it “welcomes the breakthrough in the constitution making process as a significant step forward in implementing the Global Political Agreement.”

21 people, including Masvingo ‘war vet’ Shuvai Mahofa, have now been removed from the list, along with one company named as Divine Home (Pvt) Ltd. Visa bans on six government ministers, including Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi and Media Minister Webster Shamu, have also been lifted.

The other ministers now free from European travel bans are: Herbert Murerwa (Lands), Sylvester Nguni (State in the VP’s Office) Sithembiso Nyoni (Small & Medium Enterprises) and Francis Nhema (Environment).

The other individuals removed from the ‘sanctions’ list are: David Parirenyatwa, Dani Rangwani, Richard Ruwodo, Patrick Zhuwao, Isaac Mumba, S. Mutsvunguma, John Nkomo, Michael Nyambuya, C. Muchono, Isaac Mudenge, Mudonhi Columbus, Mugariri Botwell, G Mashava, Gilbert Moyo, S. Mpabanga, Cephas Msipa, David Chapfika, TInaye Nzirasha, Tongesai Chipanga, R Kwenda.

The decision by Europe comes after days of speculation that the state-run Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) would also be removed from the list, with Belgium leading the call for the company to be allowed to resume European trade. Belgium has since been slammed for putting its own interests before the human rights of Zimbabwe, because such a move will allow the Belgium diamond capital Antwerp to trade in Chiadzwa diamonds from Zimbabwe.

The ZMDC has not yet been removed from the list, but there is more speculation that this will happen later this month. Reports over the weekend, quoting European ‘diplomatic sources’, said that a deal had been struck between Belgium and the UK for the ZMDC to be removed from the blacklist later this month.

Farai Maguwu, the head of the Centre for Natural Resource Governance in Zimbabwe, said Monday that if Belgium’s call for the ZMDC to be removed from the list is heeded, it will cast the EU’s credibility into doubt.

“The EU will then become part of the problem. There is lots of research that clearly shows that Zimbabwean diamonds are controlled by the security forces and are used by Mugabe to retain control. So trading in Zimbabwe diamonds is the same as trading with ZANU PF,” Maguwu warned.

There still remain 91 individuals and 10 companies on the list, although it is becoming increasingly clear that Europe plans to drop the measures altogether after the completion of a ‘credible’ referendum.

Political analyst Clifford Mashiri told SW Radio Africa on Monday that the EU’s attempts to normalise the situation in Zimbabwe stems from their own economic interests.

“The EU is putting its economic interests first and human rights in Zimbabwe second. Nothing has changed to warrant the measures being lifted, but the EU wants to get involved in Zimbabwe for economic gains,” Mashiri said.

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33 Responsesto “EU criticised after lifting Zim targeted ‘sanctions’ against 21”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can only hope the UK will continue to have nothing to do with Zimbabwe until such time as Mugabe is 6 feet under & his political legacy is a thing of the past

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      This is the sweetest news I have heard all my life. It was unjustified, anyway.
      For my friend, JoeThorpe1963, you have demonstrated to the world that you do not know the role the UK played in Zimbabwe. For your information, the role played by the UK in Zimbabwe is littered with the blood of innocent lives that were lost at their hands and should never have been allowed to walk away from Zimbabwe before it had resolved the problems it left behind. From enslaving my people to stealing the land and its mineral resources for hundreds of years, the United Kingdom has a responsibility in paying reparation to the Zimbabwean people. For these reasons, the United Kingdom can not just wish away the legacy it left behind in Zimbabwe. You should shut your foul mouth if you do not know your history mate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rubbish, Rhodesia was the breadbasket of South Africa, it wanted, it got independence then it wanted black majority rule & it got it everyone was jumping & hollering big parties happy faces then it dawned they’d preferred a whacko mad man to the civilisation of the Smith Government, & don’t say what civilisation because things were a whole lot more civilised than the place that which is there now

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          Give my your physical address and I will pay you a visit mate. I will then ask you to repeat your statements above and see what happens mate. Mugabe pardoned you for the war crimes you committed against my people but you will not get a pardon from me. I will give you a good hiding mate. I will not care whether you are a boer or rhodie mate, I will just deal with you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Your planes cant even fly into Europe because you cant afford the fuel. Your gradually under Mugger Mugabe returning to the place you were before civilisation was brought to your shores When Europeans were “exploiting” resources the native population didn’t even know what these could be used for. Now you do but you have murdered your economy not to mention a great many people along the way. Mugabe is a rabid dog that should be put down & then & only then will the country have any chance of returning to the civilised world

          • Yepec says:

            Joe Thorpe1963, you are being trapped by Chimbwido Warvet who centres his discussion on racism but initially starts with colonialism. The argument runs to the effect that the white settlers of Southern Rhodesia were racists to the locals who not only lost control their land but, also, the exploitation of their resources.

            At heart and seemingly true to his argument, Chimbwido Warvet, his association and Zanu PF, are mercenaries.who prey on the achievement of Zimbabwean independence but expect to be highly paid materially for their sacrifices. He, also, says that he elected to live in UK on an “educated guess”. But the main issue is that It was because of racism, loss of land and control of the country’s economy that he was forced (philanthropically), to fight on the side of the black people.

            However, due to his political bankruptcy, Chimbwido Warvet cannot see any injustices committed by the black elites, of which he sides, on ordinary black people, for instance, Mugabe and Zanu PF oppression on black Zimbabweans.

          • Anonymous says:

            ChimpWanker is just a wannabe warvet. He’s very brave and loves threatening from the comfort of a computer keyboard in a zanu office but trust me, he’s a coward and a wimp who is just singing for his zanu supper.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Duzvi rambuya shaz. Since 2000 we discovered that you can run faster than Vasco da Gama. Even if you were to ask my four-year old daughter as to who is the easiest person to kick his butt and run away so fast, your answer will be a rhodie. There is empirical evidence because the majority of you guys took the next available flight to either Australia or England when we demonstrated to you that we meant business.

          • Mpunity says:

            Aaahh the impunity to rape kill and bash Zimbabweans as you boast about your degrees in violence. Chimpo you are always brave in numbers but cowards when you are on your own. Wimp.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            I could not understand what this ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘house negro’ is talking about. Even if someone can make it simple for me, I don’t think any ‘house negro’ can side with his own people. You see, in 1861 when slavery was declared as having been abolished, there were still ‘House Negros’ who did not want to be free. While the ‘House Negros’ were better looked after by their slave owners when compared to the ‘Field Negros’ who toiled in the plantations, ‘House Negros’ preferred to remain slaves than to have freedom. It so sad that even in this 21st century we still have ‘House Negros’ whose terms of reference is to promote the interests of their masters in Europe. They usually have too little knowledge but would like to appear sophisticated when they not even know their own history.

          • Yepec says:

            Chimbwido Warvet, if the opposite of what was said in the comment is true, why do you not just prove it to be untrue?. No amount of ridicule, “house negro”, can be substituted for the truth -do you have it anywhere then say it. The amount of garbage words coming out of your mouth, go on to show that you are hurt deep down in you because you have been exposed.

            Your mercenary plots have been made public, hence, your attacks like a “wounded or old lion”. As if that is not enough of a proof to show that you are a liar and a mercenary, you proceeded to attack a comment that you professed not to have understood. Can that be really so? If you read today’s (19/2/2013), Zimbabwe Mail article at Parliament House in Harare, you will understand what was meant by the phrase the “War Veteran Association is mercenary”. After Jabulani Sibanda, Shuvai Mahofa will be your next leader because without exception, all of you are mercenaries.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Apart from what has already has been said by the Warvets before, there is no intention on his part in engaging with you for it will be like talking to a brick wall.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            As the conquerors, murderers, thieves and illegal occupiers of my peoples’ land, rhodies and the British people have always been loathed by my people. They never brought civilisation to my people but enslavement and colonialism which are the worst crimes ever known to mankind. When the British government say there are no human rights in Zimbabwe, I just laugh at their foolishness for they are the worst offenders of human rights. They have enslaved other human beings for close to a thousand years. All crimes against humanity you can think of have been committed by rhodies and British governments put together.
            Zimbabwe has been well known for employing good farming practices and became the so-called bread basket of sub-Saharan Africa not because rhodie farmers ever worked on their ill-gotten farms but was through free labour of my people. The so-called rhodie white commercial farmers became some of the wealthiest people on earth because they used my people without paying them a penny.

          • Anonymous says:

            Make an appointment to see me here. Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey CR9 2BY –
            Phone: 0870 606 7766 If im not there just show them the link to this website I’m sure someone will take care of you

          • Anonymous says:

            We were fed to lions & tigers for fun in the Collesium by the Italians get over it

          • Anonymous says:

            I truelly support you my friend on this issue.

          • super mondo says:

            yes i would love to break your neckchimpus warfart give me your address in london i will come toytoying down your road and invade your filthy home.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            I would not give you for the second time when you chickened out at the last minute in 2012, if you still remember. Of course, I know you are in Ireland and I have your full address, mate. So don’t play silly games you will live to regret, mate.

        • Muktar Sayed says:

          You as much as the person you are responding are both entitled to your opinions. But there are limits to this where the truth must be allowed to prevail. Firstly you are wrong, Rhodesia was never the “breadbasket” of South Africa. Also you are naive and silly to suggest that the blacks in both countries were not entitled to their inalienable rights to self determination,
          I strongly deplore your attitude and sheer arrogance that you as a whitey can claim to be civilized whereas the rest of us that is people of color are not. Civilized people do not oppress and hate their fellow humans which was the norm under white colonial rule. How can you even justify whites are more civilized than blacks when in fact the truth is blacks have strong cultural values severely lacking or extinct in you. All you can boast off is your materialistic way of life and your oppressive record.

          • Anonymous says:

            There is nothing civilised about Zimbabwe, there is no democracy either. Apartheid is abhorrent & nothing I have said is racist. I’m not playing the white card or the black card that this fella is. It is a fact that Anglo Saxon white people were enslaved & were fed to lions & Tigers so that Romans & Egyptians could have a jolly good laugh & enjoy a family day out. It is also a fact that Africa had peoples that did a lot of unsavory things to each other until they became more educated & civilised which was largely as a result of colonisation. In the case of Zimbabwe they have put the clock back 200 years, they know have loonies at best & psychotic murderers at worst running the country & these people are exploiting their citizens for their own gain. Shuvai Dmohofa clearly hasn’t missed many meals or gone without which is the case for many of the malnourished children & families that cant escape the clutches of this Vile creature Mugabe. Don’t be throwing the race card at me because someone cant face facts.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            You clearly show how you and the country you represent are brutal beings. Very arrogant, ignorant and full of I know like most of your countrymen. Quite frankly, you are a man of a little mind, shallow and obviously you only have a school certificate of education. Consequently, I can not wast my precious time debating with the illiterate as the readership will not notice the difference. Judging you by your behaviour, I no longer have the inclination or desire of visiting you because I have no intention of talking to a brick wall, end of story.

          • Muktar Sayed says:

            There is just no point engaging you in any further discussion. You have a tiny world view of people and politics which is anti black and intended to show that your white race is God’s gift to mankind. Your response above is nonsensical it is so stupidly crafted that you should remain quiet rather than expose what a moron you are.

        • Zimdesian says:

          Rhodesia was better for Zim economically but was a much tougher place to live in if you were black with regards to your dignity and being made to feel inferior from the day you were born . Watching most whites living the “High life” from the sidelines . At the moment , Zim is not good at all economically and lets not even talk about the blatant unjustified murders and obvious racism from the ZANU party. My point is that both Rhodesia and Zim have their problems and I hate that most whites forget that Rhodesia wasn’t all that great for everyone .I hate what has been happening in Zim but I def do not want to go back to Rhodesia either .

    • super mondo says:

      you mean 60ft under

  2. Bojinka says:

    The EU could have waited another 6 months as they had sustained the past decade. As we speak, nothing has changed on the ground. Activists are being harassed and detained by the Gestapo Bhurakwachas just for encouraging peoplet register as voters.

  3. JS says:

    well, of course, one wouldn’t expect any sort of ethical behaviour from that pseudo-nation, Belgium, the rapists of the Congo and paedophiles of note,

  4. wilbert_mukori says:

    PM Tsvangirai can noe open the bottle of champagne he has kept specially for the occassion. He and his MDC friends have campaigned long and hard for the lifting of the sanctions!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The lifting of sanctions on those individuals is a well come. This is a progress marked. Shuvai Mahofa is not a war vet because I really know her. She did not hold any gun to fight during the war of liberations. But if you say well coming the freedom fighters at her farm and sleep with them , yes I can agree.Such people like Shuvai robbed our government moneys claiming that they fought yet they didn`t. These people should be thoroughly investigated and give back the money they robbed our government when new era comes.

  6. super mondo says:

    have the eu read the zim constitution,,,i dont think so

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      The EU is a group of 21 countries that haven’t got eyes to read the Zimbabwe constitution. Even if these countries were to have eyes one day to read our constitution, what will they do about it, you silly man?

  7. jongwe says:

    I guess these 21 thugs will be on the plane heading for Europe soon to sell diamonds and reactivate their swiss bank accounts maybe even a little shopping.

  8. Zimdesian says:

    Rhodesia was better for Zim economically but was a much tougher place to live in if you were black with regards to your dignity and being made to feel inferior from the day you were born . Watching most whites living the “High life” from the sidelines . At the moment , Zim is not good at all economically and lets not even talk about the blatant unjustified murders and obvious racism from the ZANU party . To say that I loathe this party would be an understatement. My point is that both Rhodesia and Zim have their problems and I hate that most whites forget that Rhodesia wasn’t all that great for everyone .

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