Violent Chegutu ‘war vet’ removed from sanctions list

The EU has lifted sanctions on Chegutu ‘war vet’ Gilbert Moyo led the beating of Ben Freeth in 2008

By Alex Bell
19 February 2013

Shock is being expressed over the European Union (EU) decision to remove a notoriously violent ‘war vet’ from its list of targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe, despite the man being guilty of serious crimes.

EU diplomats met in Brussels on Monday to decide Zimbabwe’s sanctions future, and decided that 21 individuals and one business entity would be de-listed. The EU said in its reasoning that it “welcomes the breakthrough in the constitution making process as a significant step forward in implementing the Global Political Agreement.”

21 people, including Chegutu ‘war vet’ Gilbert Moyo, have been de-listed, along with one company named as Divine Home (Pvt) Ltd which is linked to one of the individuals who have been removed from the list. Visa bans on six government ministers, including Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi and Media Minister Webster Shamu, have also been lifted.

The other ministers now free from European travel bans are: Herbert Murerwa (Lands), Sylvester Nguni (State in the VP’s Office) Sithembiso Nyoni (Small & Medium Enterprises) and Francis Nhema (Environment). Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, who are in the EU-Zimbabwe re-engagement dialogue team, had their travel bans removed last year.

The other individuals removed from the ‘sanctions’ list are: David Parirenyatwa, Dani Rangwani, Richard Ruwodo, Patrick Zhuwao, Isaac Mumba, S. Mutsvunguma, John Nkomo, Michael Nyambuya, C. Muchono, Isaac Mudenge, Mudonhi Columbus, Mugariri Botwell, G Mashava, Gilbert Moyo, S. Mpabanga, Cephas Msipa, David Chapfika, Tinaye Nzirasha, Tongesai Chipanga, R Kwenda.

The EU gives only brief details about who they add to their blacklist and why. But research by SW Radio Africa would indicate that Gilbert Moyo is the ‘war vet’ implicated in serious violence in Chegutu for many years.

This includes the abduction and brutal beatings of former Chegutu farmer Ben Freeth and his parents-in-law, Mike and Angela Campbell, in 2008. Freeth and his in-laws were abducted on the same day that Robert Mugabe was being sworn into office after the one-man presidential run off poll that year.

Freeth recounted the experience during an interview with SW Radio Africa on Tuesday, and explained that he identified Moyo as the leader of the gang that abducted him and the Campbells on that Sunday, 29th June 2008.

Mike and wife Angela Campbell were abducted by a gang of ZANU PF supporters lead by Gilbert Moyo and savagely beaten

“They took us to their militia camp and beat us severely. I had a fractured skull, broken ribs, severe bruising. I nearly lost an eye and I had a stab wound to the arm. Mike had seven broken bones and Angela had a serious break to her arm and she was beaten around the face. They also thrust a burning stick into her mouth,” Freeth explained.

Mike Campbell passed away in April 2011 after never fully recovering from his injuries.

Moyo was never brought to book, despite eventually being tracked down in the Mike Campbell’s car, that he stole during the abduction. Freeth explained that they managed to get Moyo detained, but he was set free.

Freeth also explained how Moyo was notorious in Chegutu, particularly in 2008, for going door-to-door at all locals farms and houses “terrorising people and looting their homes.”

He also led the violent invasion of different farms as part of the land grab campaign, including the property belonging to James Ogden Brown. Moyo terrorised the family and their children in their home before eventually succeeding in running them off the property. He also led the invasion of the farm owned by Bruce and Netty Rogers, who were also brutally beaten in that attack.

“This is the guy the EU says is fine now. I don’t understand how they can take a man who has been committing crimes against humanity off their list. He has never been brought to trial. He has had absolute impunity for his crimes. Of course the police don’t touch the untouchables and nor it appears does the European Union,” Freeth said.

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19 Responsesto “Violent Chegutu ‘war vet’ removed from sanctions list”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Alex Bell, this is a war no so-called white commercial farmer can win and take advice from Chimbwidos Warvets that these war veterans are serious about taking their land back from the previous illegal occupiers of farms in this country. There is absolutely no reason for any so-called white commercial farmer to fight when to all intents and purposes it is a war they will not win.

    As previously advised, these farms were occupied illegally from day one they were occupied against the will of the Zimbabwean people by the British settlers and can never be legal entities in year 2013. As a people who were denied our heritage for almost two hundred years, Zimbabwe should file for the payment of reparations that should be paid by the British government. it is not yet government policy but it is on its way.

    Your business as a journalist, should be to advise the so-called white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe to understand that it no time to fight a war they will never win.They should be educated to understand that their history is littered with the innocent blood of my people. They took a calculated risk in coming to my country and imposed their will on my people and should not cry foul as we are in the process of taking back our land they stole from my people. It is this straightforward, Alex Bell. Let those with ears hear that there is no going back on the land question in Zimbabwe. That the European Union lifted economic sanctions against Zimbabwe should have no relevance to the land question of Zimbabwe.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      No one believe your nonsense of “this is a war no so-called white commercial farmer can win and take advice from Chimbwidos Warvets that these war veterans are serious about taking their land back from the previous illegal occupiers of farms in this country”.

      This has been a convenient excuse behind which to hide Zanu PF’s brutal political repression. Do not see the lifting of the sanctions as proof that Mugabe and Zanu PF are now off the hook and can as you please.

      The failure to get meaningful political change for the last five years as forced many to give up. Having Tsvangirai and MDC campaigning to have the sanctions lifted has only made it even more difficult.

      Still, Zanu PF’s continued repression will not be allowed to continue for very much longer. There, that is something you can be sure of; bank that!

      All those Zanu PF thugs with blood of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans on their hands have a date with Zimbabwe’s newly appointed hangman – I would hate to see them miss it! I have very strong suspicions that you are one of the thugs, Chimbwido; your postings are those of someone who as a lot more to hide than mere blind loyalty to land seizures or a murderous tyrant!

      So get off the rooftop and stop crowing this is not over until you have the hangman’s rope round your neck!

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        I could not understand what this ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘House Negro’ is talking about. Even if someone can make it simpler for me, I don’t think any ‘House Negro’ can side with his own people. You see, in 1861 when slavery was declared as having been abolished, there were still ‘House Negros’ who did not want to be free. While the ‘House Negros’ were better looked after by their slave owners when compared to the ‘Field Negros’ who toiled in the plantations, ‘House Negros’ preferred to remain slaves than to have freedom. It is so sad that even in this 21st century we still have ‘House Negros’ whose terms of reference is to promote the interests of their masters in Europe. They usually have too little knowledge but would like to appear sophisticated when they do not even know their own history.

        Wilbert and Tiger Shona, the general elections are around the corner. There is no need to pre-empt the outcome of an election that will be made known to you soon. As I have previously advised, you are going to live in the Diaspora for the rest of your life hoping against hope ZANU will be dislodged from political power. I can tell you right now, that it is a figment of your imagination that status quo will be disturbed to suit your wild dreams. And let me add that if the current crop of leaders are tired of ruling the country, we would rather let our wives and children run the country. We will never let the irrational and ignorant like the two of you run the country for fear there will be retribution instead of nation building. You have opened up and we have taken heed and we are going to dig in further and further.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          Sure, sure; your tyrannical master, Mugabe, murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans and have driven millions into a life of abject poverty and yet you still say he is “siding with the people”! You really live in your own imaginary world where
          everyone else is but just another nincompoop like Tsvangirai you have at your beckon and call. Even Tsvangirai is waking up to the reality that Mugabe is using him!

          I understand at this Monday Cabinet meeting Tsvangirai suggested that the referendum date should be changed
          to allow the people to at least read the Copac constitution, such as it is, before they vote. You may not agree with anything else Madhuku has said but saying people should be allowed time to read the constitution is such a common sense position only an idiot would seriously object. Guess who objected; that’s right, Robert Gabriel Mugabe! Your man of the people doing his usual best of “siding with the people” by shafting them again!

          Mugabe is so desperate for a yes vote in the referendum, he will do anything. Now that everyone over 18 years of age will be allowed to vote; I would strongly edge every Zimbabwean to go out and vote or Zanu PF will “vote” for you. If people do that then, no doubt the results will show sudden and very significant up surge in the country’s over 18 age group! Mugabe the man of the people, the man of the moment, in “siding with the people” has been known to get even the
          dead to vote for him!

        • Out comes the race card again chimbwi , and the insults then if you could the beatings and the the abductions then the murders , you are not much different from your masters are you ,you see the truth as a lie when it suits your purpose , a lie as the truth also when required .IT is so sad even in this 21 century we still have those who are puppets of foolish partys to the extent they are willing to brutalise their own people for a minority party like zanu pf. You need to understand tribalisim and racisim are the same just different names same meaning and zimbabweans have seen that in action in zimbabwe along withb corruption state sponsered brutality and violence , murder ,favoritism neopitisim and the list goes on . All the shouting you do will not make people not know the truth We know and We have felt it for 32 YEARS

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            My friend, it is only the white people who have been and are still racists today. They have enslaved people the black people and others races they considered inferior. No black man like Chimbwidos Warvets or any African for that matter has enslaved other races throughout the entire world. Consequently, a black man or an African man can never be a racist, as it would be a misuse of the word. Those who are ignorant would say racism means hatred, not liking someone, bigotry or disliking someone. No, it is not the correct meaning of racism mate
            For those in the know, define racism as a competitive relationship between groups of people that are competing for the ownership and control of wealth and power. It is a group phenomenon. It has always been the white folks who have practised racism because they have always owned and controlled wealth and power while the blacks have not. It is no wonder they enslaved the Africans who they easily displaced from the African continent to far away continents as the Americas, mate. It was a race when the European powers were competing to own and control wealth in the Americas by enslaving the black people to work for them for peanuts

    • Tiger Shona says:

      You are trying to BS yourself and everybody else that Zanu PF is gona do what they want, and that they are invincible.

      Everywhere I go, and apart from the people that have reaped heavily from Zanu Pf’s system of stealing from the population and giving to it’s supporters, you guys have zero support left in this country

      Come election time, you are gona get smoked.

      If your concision’s are starting to bother you to much with all the stuff you are trying to hide, go and confess at a police station, and hand yourself over for prosecution.

      Sooner or later the authorities will come and collect you.

    • What you should understand is is that your reasoning is absolutely pathetic. The Ndebele conquered and colonized long before the white man did , You hate and blame the white man for every single failing in your life, newsflash every road every bit of clothing every building every single bit of technology that is around you is and has been the result of the white man, colonialist or what ever you want to call them . Guess who is always the first to get asked when there is a need for the begging bowl, yes you guessed it the white man. People like you make me sick, The white man has not run Zimbabwe for over thirty years and that is why it is such a mess , with corruption, starvation, hyper inflation, and the rest. Most of the land you cry about taking back was worthless jungle to you before the white man arrived (and funny enough since the politicians who now consider the land as their own personnel gain and not the peoples) stole the land back, is fast becoming jungle again. Wake up fool this is 2013 not 1813.

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        After reading this crap all I can say is we need a man to man talk at any place convenient to you. You appear a very sophisticated and interesting man indeed and I am interested to meet and know what stuff you are made of mate.

        • Tiger Shona says:

          Mr. Big mouth, I may need to remind you of some statistics of long ago, and the only reason that you are still around, may be because you were a very good runner. We know what you are made off. You can only make that suggestion because of the state es quo.
          I think the liberation struggle was a noble idea, but NOT what you guys have done the last 14years.
          You are trying to defend the indefensible.
          Murder is a crime.
          Extortion is a crime
          Stealing is a crime
          Rape is a crime.
          But you are too dishonest to admit that you liable.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Are you a rhodie and if so we are in the process of hunting down all of you for crimes you committed against my people. Mugabe pardoned you by introducing the doctrine of reconciliation and conciliation against the wish of all war veterans but today you now want his blood. It explains what a crude people you have always have been, unrepentant for murdering my people and a host of other crimes you committed against humanity. You stole our land for hundreds of years and without sham, you still want my government to compensate you for the crime you committed against my people. Your hands are covered in blood of my people you just killed to please yourselves and now you want to stand on a high moral ground as the people next to Jesus Christ. What a charade and stupid joke from a murderer of my people!!!!

          • Tiger Shona says:

            Off cause, you will try to distort the picture.

            You can try your big talk on someone else. You have no way to intimidate me. . You have a track record , that you may not want to own up to.

            Instead of trying to make a meaningful contribution to these pages, you are trying to defend your past criminal behaviour.

            Everybody is viewing you guys with disgust.
            But for now, I am happy that you write on these pages, so that people have proof of who they need to get rid off.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Oh no no, my gosh Aah, Chimbwidos Warvets is the truth mate. If you are nice to him, he is the coolest guy on earth, trust me. But if you want to show off, he usually gets very defensive and you will never win an argument with him. So let us talk sense and all will be fine.

          • Tiger Shona says:

            Just another reminder Chimbwidows; you are trying your level best to make a racial issue out of what has happened in Zimbabwe over the last 33 years.
            The reason you have lost your support is because of your criminal behaviour.
            Zanu PF killed those people in Matebeleland
            Zanu PF killed people for supporting other political parties.
            Zanu PF executed Murambatsvina
            Zanu PF destroyed the economy
            Most of this was criminal behaviour.
            Take that you big fat slob!

        • Manchester, England ,anytime Bongwe

  2. Yoozak Hunt says:

    Firing squad for Moyo after elections

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      When you loose the elections, which is almost a foregone conclusion, we will hunt you down and we will do exactly what you wish for Moyo. How about that mate?

  3. mike hondo says:

    if you go to dombashawa u will see the painting{if the havent been stolen]of the bushman perhaps the first and earliest people to live in the area now called zimbabwe ,unfortunately you wont see any bushman around why is this you may ask, well it maybe because their land was invaded to , funny how with all this fuss over land ownership rites no one mentioned reinstating the rites of the bushman who have been and are still persecuted almost to extinction ,point being if you yourself are a land invader dont cry when when your land is invaded,pamberi ne china the new land invaders from the north,, enjoy the new peoples republic of Chinbabwe, ps ….love what you,v done with the place

  4. super mondo says:

    the cost of having white skin

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