Zimbabweans will be voting in a referendum By Wilbert Mukori

Wilbert Mukori

By Wilbert Mukori

On the 16 March 2013 Zimbabweans will be voting in a referendum. If they THINK and BELIEVE the COPAC constitution is the DEMOCRATIC constitution they were promised in the GPA, they must vote yes but if they think otherwise then they must vote no.

My position is that the COPAC constitution is too weak and feeble to deliver any basic rights, including the right to free and fair elections, with a free media and free of violence.

Without even reading the draft constitution one can already see the upcoming elections will not be free and fair; media is not free and the infrastructure behind the violence in past elections is still there and primed for action. These thing are not going to suddenly disappear the day COPAC is enacted into law.

But what is it in the COPAC constitution itself that makes me say it is rubbish?

A constitution is a social contract between each and every one of us to our fellow countrymen and women alive, and yet to be born, to do unto each and every one of them as we would want them to do unto us. To accord to them the same rights, freedoms and liberties as we want them to accord to us – the bill of rights.

We the people then brought in a third party, government –the super numeral public servant – to supervise the implementation of this social contract between the citizens and to perform other public duties like build roads and schools.

We the people concede to government only such powers and authority we deem necessary for it to perform its public functions for the common good. The bulk of the constitution spells out the system of government, the limits of its powers, the checks and balances, etc.

In a democracy the people retain the overall power over government and the ultimate expression of this power is that the people elect, in periodic free and fair elections, who will govern.

Mugabe and his cronies have amended, undermined and violated the word and spirit of the Lancaster House Constitution and usurped the people’s power. What we have in Zimbabwe is a de facto Zanu PF dictatorship. So instead of the regime serving us the public; it has been us the people who have been the servants, indeed slaves, to the tyrant and his cronies.

Mugabe and his cronies own farms, houses, mines, companies; they have taken away our all rights, freedoms, our human dignities and hope; etc. All they have ever done is take, take, take.

If evolution was not such a slow process, then Mugabe’s taking hand would have become so big and powerful after all these years of taking this, taking that, take, take; he would now resemble a jumping frog with three hind legs.

If this COPAC constitution is worth a candle then it must end this Mugabe dictatorship and restore all the people’s rights, including the right to free and fair elections, free of violence.

This COPAC constitution talks of, “Everyone has the right to life!” A standard statement uplifted from any constitution; on its own it is but empty words to please the fools.

But if one was to add a clause like: All public unrest and deaths other than by natural causes will be subject to a full independent and public judiciary inquiry. All those found guilty will serve a minimum and mandatory jail term of five years for assault and thirty years for murder with no possibility of a presidential pardon! Hah, even the nut case Chipangano thugs will sit up and listen.

It is wilfully inadequate to saying the country’s security sector must act “in an none partisan manner” which is all that COPAC says.

The umbilical cord tying Mugabe to these key state organs must be cut if these institutions are to play their part in providing the checks and balances of power demanded of them in a functioning and healthy democracy. These are the reforms agreed in the GPA, the reforms Mugabe has stubbornly refused to implement.

Implement the reforms and you will be dismantling the dictatorship brick by brick, which is why Mugabe has refused. This COPAC constitution was written knowing full well that reforms will not be implemented and therefore the dictatorship was not to be dismantled, the very thing it was meant to do. So clearly this COPAC constitution is rubbish.

When PM Tsvangirai says the COPAC constitution was a “compromise”; what he means is Mugabe refused to implement the reforms necessary to restore our basic rights and the MDC simply capitulated. “Pamareforms Mugabe akamba zvachose; akatsvika madziro!”

Compromise! It was and still is not for Tsvangirai to bargain our most basic and cherished rights, including our right to life itself, as if these rights were mangoes for him to dispose of as he pleased! And by the same token; it was and still is not for Mugabe to grant and deny these basic rights as if they were sweets being given out to children!

So having failed to produce a constitution to guarantee us our rights PM Tsvangirai now has to rely on Mugabe to keep his word and keep the peace. Only an idiot would trust Mugabe to keep his promise and, worse still, would hang the whole nation’s future on that spider’s thread!

The nation must be ruled by law and not by the whim of a dictator! Indeed that is exactly what this whole exercise is about; to write the supreme law of the land, the constitution. If there is a job worth doing right, this is it. We can fudge it and adopt this COPAC rubbish but we will pay a heavy price for it!

Whether or not COPAC will stop the violence is the big issue over which this referendum will be decided. If you believe the violence will not happen then vote yes! If, like me, you know the violence will happen if elections go ahead without the reforms, then vote no.

Why has PM Tsvangirai and the MDC endorsed this COPAC constitution if it is rubbish? That we can discuss some other day.

Good night!

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  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    ”But if one was to add a clause like: All public unrest and deaths other than by natural causes will be subject to a full independent and public judiciary inquiry. All those found guilty will serve a minimum and mandatory jail term of five years for assault and thirty years for murder with no possibility of a presidential pardon! Hah, even the nut case Chipangano thugs will sit up and listen,” Wilbert Mukori said.

    For quite a long time, you have argued along these lines but what you have not done is to provide your ‘blueprint’ in resolving the apparent difficulties in the country. In particular, you need to tell the readership the sections of the draft constitution you are not happy with and make suggestions as to how they could be improved upon. When writing for the enlightened people of the 21st century, this is what you need to do if you want them to take you seriously.
    By the way, it is incorrect to say ‘ public judiciary inquiry’. The correct wording should read as ‘public judicial inquiry’. I hope I have been helpful to you Wilbert.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Chimbwido I have just given you an example of a weak and feeble clause and how it can be improved!
      The greatest improvement, hate using that word here because one does not exactly “improve” rubbish, is to have the reforms implemented and incorporate them into the democratic constitution!

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        I am sure just one weak and feeble clause as you claim would not cause the outcry you have made of the Copac draft. I have a feeling that you only do not like the idea that there be a new constitution and for you placing cogs in the works to ensue people do not vote for what you do not like is your aim, mate. Your defences/arguments why people should vote no are very weak and highly suspect to say the least. If you can not give us your blueprint, your arguments become hollow and meaningless as they have nothing to underpin or support them. It is this straightforward.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          The right to not being assaulted and to life is clearly not important to you but not to those at the business end of the assault weapons and murder weapons wielded by Changano gangs will not think so.

          Implement the agreed reforms, that is my blueprint. The only chance of getting the reforms implemented is if the people vote NO.

          Just because Tsvangirai did not have the political will, vision and/or courage to have the reforms implemented does not mean the nation no longer needs the reforms. Zimbabwe needs free and fair elections and good and wholesome government now as ever before.

          Zimbabweans are being dragged into yet another bloody elections, the people do not deserve this, but the only way to avoid this nightmare is by voting no in the referendum!

          All you want is that people should vote yes and then Mugabe can use violence to secure another “victory”. You are getting desperate aren’t. Well you should be; a no vote will mean the
          end of Mugabe and Zanu PF and for you the sudden drop and quick stop! For the first time in 33 years this is becoming a real reality! I told you before; I have you in my cross wires!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            I did not know you are such an idiot and foolish. I have asked you to give the sections of the draft constitution you do not agree with but you have not been able to provide any. Any political commentator would bring his support his/her arguments by conducting an empirical research in an area that is contentious which by the look of things you have not done. If you want SW Radio Africa to give credence to your work, you need to do a lot of research in any area you want to talk about. This is free education from your friend Chimbwido Warvets. I do not want to see you being bashed by Yepec of all people, because you are far better than him. All you need is to do a bit of reading and researching and you will be fine mate.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            I have told which sections I do not like: everything. It is rubbish! The Copac constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.
            Did you hear what Mugabe said? He said the “presidency is sacrosanct” and he has the divine right to rule the country! Of course that explains why he refused the reforms. Elections will be a formality the only real vote that counts as far as he is concerned was made by GOD! We can go through the motions of voting but the only result he will recognise is a Mugabe victory.
            He saw to it that this Copac constitution didnot touch or threaten in anyway his divine right to rule. You and Tsvangirai can pretend all you like but that is the reality we are dealing with here!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            You have said the COPAC draft constitution is not worth the paper it is written on, a document that was written by the legal minds of the country. If this is your view, then a logical and rational person will make a proposal which is circulated to all of us to read and make suggestions. I will give you five days to come out with an alternative document and if you fail as you always do, I do not want you to talk any rubbish about the COPAC draft constitution because you will have nothing to offer.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            That is a dead line that will be ignored with the contempt it rightly deserve!

            The focus is to show Zimbabweans why this Copac constitution is rubbish and thus vote NO. People are not being asked to vote on Mukori’s alternative draft.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            After all this fumbling, your best bet is to shut up if you still want to maintain the little credibility and honour left of you mate. Next time you write on any subject, it is of paramount importance that you read around the subject so that you do not make a fool of yourself as been the case with the COPAC draft constitution. All indications point to the fact that you did not read and understand the document. It is no wonder, Yepec has been kicking you left, right and centre because you did not prepare yourself for a possible onslaught by the readership. Now that you the political commentator for SW Radio Africa, they will continue to kick your teeth very hard if you do not do as your friend, Chimbwidos Warvets has advised you. This is free education mate so that Yepec, of all fools, should not kick your teeth again.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            That too will be ignore with the same contempt! Anything else?

      • Yepec says:

        Wilbert, the “Political Analyst” for SW Africa Radio. The station has brought you out of the closet, at least. Let it be repeated here that “even the best Constitution crafted by the people themselves if not respected by those in power”, is not a guarantee against dictatorship This is where maturity and a political strategy is needed but, alas, you have consistently refused to say what your strategy is, besides campaigning for a NO vote in the coming Referendum “since the Copac Draft is weak (and) will not lead to free and fair elections”. simply put, it will not deliver our expected democratic dispensation

        I am sorry to say that this is like Tsvangirai (your other nemesis) agreeing to the appointment of Makarau and Mudende to protect the votes and the human rights of the Zimbabweans against Zanu PF machinations. Refusing to disclose your campaign strategy is like the electorate can take or leave your advice since you are doing it a favour and it is not in its interests to judge your strategy for its liberation – playing an elitist or a hide and seek game.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          To you Yepec a simple and straight forward argument is neither simple nor straight forward but might as well be as complex as Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and as crooked as crooked can be because you have shut you mind to reason and reality. Well there is nothing I can do for you my friend!

          “Let it be repeated here that “even the best Constitution crafted by the people themselves if not respected by those in power”, is not a guarantee against dictatorship,” you tell us.

          Well that is nonsense. The reforms were meant to cut “the umbilical cords” tying Mugabe to the ZRP, ZNA, Judiciary, etc. as I said. These institutions would then be independent and free of Mugabe’s corrupting influence and enable them to carry out their duties and functions as expected in a democracy. The problem here is that Mugabe has said no to the reforms and Tsvangirai capitulated. It is not up to Mugabe to say no. Allow him to dictate and he will dictate!

          Carry out the reforms and you will dismantle the dictatorship “brick by brick”, I said.

          You keep wittering about a “political strategy”; would you know one if you saw it? If you did not have the filter to your brain super-glued on stopping the enlightenment from anyone except the nonsense your great leader SAVE then you would have seen the strategy I have repeated over and over again.

          1) vote no in the referendum

          2) SADC will institute a body tasked to implement the reforms and write democratic constitution, just because SAVE was incompetent that does not mean there are no Zimbabweans out there competent to see the tasks through

          3) organize fresh free and fair elections will guarantee you and the nation they will be free and fair in every respect.

          4) the new democratic government and the nation can start the difficult and odious task of climbing out of the hell-hole we find ourselves stuck in right now.

          You keep wittering about strategy as if you or SAVE have one? He capitulated to Mugabe’s stubborn refusal to
          implement reforms. He capitulated to a Copac constitution that is weak and feeble because the reforms were not implemented and it had to leave those areas untouched. He capitulated to another election process that is not going to be free and fair, a repeat of 2008. He is now lying to the people about the violence of 2008 not being repeated just to get them to vote yes in the referendum. He capitulated on allowing the people time to at least read the Copac constitution before they have to vote. Tsvangirai’s only strategy is one of appeasing and capitulating!

          You, Yepec, you are here defending an incompetent SAVE. I feel sorry for you always trying to make sense of his flip-flopping and blundering. You are trying to make sense something that does not make sense and so always end up talking nonsense yourself! Take off the filter lens to your brain before it is too late, before you become mentally blind!

          • Yepec says:

            Your mind is fooling (fueling) you, you writing signifies that you are a prey of its vaunted, runaway imagination. This reminds some of a book called Mind Reality by Eric Tani. However, first things first, prove and show where you got items 2-4 above? Unless you stop hallucinating soon, you will loose your mind as you seem to be doing right now.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            You always want to give you know better than anyone else although every time you are challenge you, like Tsvangirai, never deliver. I will ask you again:
            1) What is Tsvangirai’s strategy
            2) If people vote no, what will happen next?
            Put up or shut up!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            No, no, my gosh, Aah, Yepec is spot on mate. Get your act together because you are just fumbling Wilbert. Yepec has no reason to shut up because his views are factual mate. Yepec is not about to stop kicking your fat and round tummy, left, right and centre until such time you do the right thing and that is to listen to the voice of reason. Until such time, Yepec will aim for CHEMATSENGANZUNGU to finish you off mate.

          • Yepec says:

            Wilbert, in my comment, I warned you that “Unless you stop hallucinating soon, you will loose your mind as you seem to be doing right now”. It has just been proven beyond doubt when instead of demonstrating your strategy, you pose the following questions:

            1) What is Tsvangirai’s strategy
            2) If people vote no, what will happen next?

            The immediate question to ask you is, in your right mind, why are you asking me these questions when you are the one who should be using them to prove the validity of your strategy in comparison to what is in the Copac Draft? They are posed to me despite my being the one who had asked for your strategy so that the electorate could/must judge for itself he relevance of its casting a NO vote.

            Proving my point on your state of mind, is your asking me the above questions inspite of this statement I made in the comment, “I am sorry that (this issue of your strategy), is like Tsvangirai’s agreeing to the appointment of Makarau and Mudende to protect the vote and human rights of the Zimbabweans against Zanu PF machinations”.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Put up or shut up!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            You should kick his teeth very hard so that he realizes how foolish he is. I am sure SW Radio Africa now realizes how foolish and irrational our newly found political analyst can be. He too thick to be a political commentator because he does not listen. Very soon he is going to be fired from his job.

  2. Comrade Chinx says:

    Saka ndirodununu racho nhai?

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Thank you, thank you, Comrade Chinx. No really, no need for for to kill a chicken to welcome me. A nice fat bull will do! I insist!

  3. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    My friend Wilbert, you need take off that tie and suit you are donning and work really hard. You have a long way to go mate if you want us to take you seriously.

  4. Mazano says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Quite an emotionally charged exchange you have all displayed here. It is comforting to know that you are all Zimbabweans, passionate and concerned about your country and its fate. Evidently you are also a reflection of The 2 age old rival camps, which, sadly have split the country into so many shreds over the past decade or so. I too am a Zimbabwean, proud and thoughtful. Hoping I don´t offend anyone, I would like to ask for a moment of your time to reflect on an issue that occurred to me as I read the post and comments above. Let´s put party politics and pride aside a little for now and let us reflect, fair minded gentlemen, and try to answer the simple questions: What does the ordinary Zimbabwean long for in life? What is there in future for a newly born Zimbabwean boy or girl from an ordinary family? How well does Zimbabwe compare and compete as a modern day state and nation by modern day standards, in terms of producing competitive global citizens? The answer to these questions must be honest enough to go beyond pride, party politics and stubbornness. I believe reflecting on such questions and more can help us formulate an idea of where we are coming from, where we presently stand and where we are going and need to be as a nation. I think our downfall as Zimbabweans is that at times we tend to be academic rather than intelligent or wise. We used fancy vocabulary, theories and arguments mixed with pride and stubbornness to win our case and talk down the next man and then fail to realise that we ignore the simplicity in wisdom and rationality.

    • wilbert_mukori says:

      Every Zimbabwean boy and girl will want to enjoy the same basic rights and quality life many boys and girls the world over take for granted and which Zimbabwe can easily provide if the nation’s resources were not being wasted away!

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Which basic rights and quality of life are these which many boys and girls the world over take for granted? And which countries provide such basic rights and quality of life which Zimbabweans are not already enjoying and how do they do it, mate? Is this not a figment of your imagination, mate? Wilbert, please do not pretend to be sophisticated because each time you open your mouth you make a fool of yourself.

        • wilbert_mukori says:

          The right to a free and fair election, the right to life and, since we are talking about copac here, a constitution that will end the absolute powers of a dictator and create a democracy!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            A constitution that is written on a piece of paper can never end the absolute powers of a dictator or create democracy. Any constitution is a creation of a people which they can maintain or change when it suits the situation. It is the political will of a people and its leadership that will end the absolute powers of a dictator and create a democracy.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            The political will of the people is the law, the constitution, a strong constitution which no one can disregard. A strong constitution should be the North Star by which we can all navigate. Mugabe is refusing a strong constitution because he does not want to be tied down in any way, he ways to dictate the law holding us all beholden to his whim whilst he remains beholden to no one!

            Zimbabwe has been totally lost these last 33 years because we allowed ourselves to navigate not by a fixed star, or a wandering one which is difficult but not impossible but using a dead dwarf – a burnt out star that no longer produce light only the heat of its dying umber. Is it an wonder the nation is totally lost.

            We will implement the reforms and write a proper constitution, the North Star by which this nation will navigate! Zimbabwe will be ruled by law and the whim of a dictator!

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