On his birthday Mugabe says he is God’s anointed

Robert Mugabe is God’s anointed !

By Violet Gonda
21 February 2013

On February the 21st President Robert Gabriel Mugabe celebrates his 89th birthday. For 33 of those years he has been in total control of the hopes and aspirations of Zimbabweans. It is has been claimed by himself and others, including senior clerics in Zimbabwe, that he was anointed by God.

This birthday week the president is quoted in the state Herald newspaper saying God has charged him to serve Zimbabwe and he has pledged to carry on the “divine task” without backtracking.

Critics say if this is the case then Almighty God has been punishing the people of Zimbabwe severely.

Zimbabwe has 90% unemployment, over 60% have no food, water, electricity or medicine. Is this really God’s plan for the people of Zimbabwe?

The president received 89 cows, one for each year for his life, from Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono. His followers took out a 16 page supplement in the state controlled Herald newspaper, praising him and saying he is “still going strong and is mentally and physically as fit as ever, ripening with each passing day like good old wine.”

But a recent survey by the Mass Public Opinion Institute, which suggests that Mugabe’s ZANU PF party is likely to win the forthcoming general elections, also revealed that most Zimbabweans interviewed were living in abject poverty, with Matabeleland North standing out as the area most hit by starvation, with 91% of the people saying they ‘sometimes’ or ‘always’ lacked enough food to eat.

ZANU PF has blamed the economic collapse in the country on sanctions imposed by western countries, but critics say Mugabe’s violent land reform program, the catastrophic indigenisation plans, plus rampant corruption are the main culprits.

Despite this some of the birthday tributes on social media forums read:

“Long live Cde. Mugabe. You are an Africa Hero and nobody’s puppet.”

“I wish President Mugabe well, many more years and pray that god grants him many years to account for all his omissions and commissions.”

Meanwhile, the UK based Zimbabwe Vigil said it plans to celebrate the president’s birthday by petitioning South African President Jacob Zuma, through the SA High Commission in London, insisting on the full implementation of the Global Political Agreement reforms ahead of the elections.

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19 Responsesto “On his birthday Mugabe says he is God’s anointed”

  1. Muktar Sayed says:

    Maybe Mugabe is a reincarnate of a dog looking like a human in his new life who thinks he a god

  2. Muktar Sayed says:

    Perhaps godly to his Zanu PF puppets but definitely not to billions of
    the human race or for that matter not even to the animal world. The man
    is cuckoo in the head, he wish he could be the good god, humane and kind
    but what is he, a god of violence that maims and kills his own flock.

  3. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    President Mugabe thanked God for reaching 89 years.”It is He, our Creator, who is responsible for the fact that I am 89, and true when you get to that stage you cannot avoid thinking that yesterday when I was younger we were many. Some have dropped off. Where are they gone?’

    As can be noted above, Mugabe is not boasting at all. He is talking from the perspective of a Roman Catholic Christian. To those of you who believe in Christianity, Mugabe is thankful to the Almighty God for preserving his life this long and for allowing him to lead his people. Anyone can misinterpret and misrepresent his message to propagate hatred and misinform the readership for personal political gain but as can be noted above, Mugabe’s message was said in good faith.

    • Common Sense says:

      But the fact is, no one with a right mind believes him, because we they see what he ACTUALLY does.
      God will tell us if he anointed him, very soon

  4. mike hondo says:

    mugabe is a practising roman catholic ahahahahahahaha! ahhahahaha! as an rc myself that explains a lot though i v never seen him at church . what i say is RGM FOR POPE! RGM FOR POPE! RGM FOR POPE ! GABRIEL IN EXCHELSIOUS!

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Of course, you hate the guy for sorting you out as you thought you were the cleverest guys on earth. Your boots were getting bigger and bigger and they had to be put to size and the big man did just that. Mugabe put the lot of you in your rightful place and and hence the hatred.

      • mike hondo says:

        hate is a very strong word which i dont have the energy to carry to around with me,and as to hating mugabe i have never met him i just like to laugh at the stupid things he says and does and laugh at the fools that waste their time listening and believing the bs that he comes out with ,more fool you !and if the big man has put me in my place i thank him cos its quite a nice place thank you very much ,if only he had put me here earlier. Boot size now 9 1/2 used to be 8 1/2 just shows what you know… Mugabeboy!

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          I hope I did not not kick your teeth very hard or is it your jugular vein. If I did, I am awfully sorry because that was not my intention mate. I am aware, you are the nicest guy who does not deserve to be kicked left, right and centre which I did with impunity. I am really sorry mate and it is coming deep down my heart, mate. But do not play silly games with me next time around. OK?

          • mike hondo says:

            i have not taken offence at all , political commentary is a grubby game a little kicking here and there does no real harm even if you did call me a roadie which i have never been and i apologise for calling you mugabeboy but touche”! honours even. Just to lay my cards on the table so u can understand where im comming from im not a fan of white recolonisation ,and i dont pine for the good ol days of rhodesia, cos growing up in a land with racial tension wasnt actually that great ,there was a war going on and i found the people quite closed minded and stiffeling i was 14 in 1980 so did not participate in the war my fathers only job in the war was to work in the army pay office whereby he went with a chest of money into the assembly points to pay the war vets , who were promply told to put their money into another chest belonging to zanu pf, maybe you remember this? it seemed strange to my father at the time. anyway i sure no one wants to hear my life story all i wiil say is that although i havent lived there for 25 years i just want the best for all zimbabweans, freedom and peace for everyone god nows the people of zimbabwe have been through enough suffering most if not all of which is man made. ..i always look forward to reading your interesting posts and debates ,Chimbwidos Warvet can we be friends!?

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Thank you for a nice piece mate. It was quite refreshing to know your history mate. At 14 years of age you would have known much of the goings on in the bush between us and the Rhodesian forces. And like in any war, Rhodesian Selous Scouts and other security forces were ruthless murderers who got the pardon from Mugabe against our will. We wanted to sort them out in ways they would never forget but Mugabe was a gentleman who let war criminals escape the wrath of the war veterans of Zimbabwe when he introduced the doctrine of reconciliation and conciliation. But the iron of it all is that the same guys he pardoned to go before the firing squad as was our intention as war veterans, are now vying for his blood.

            Well, in 1980, I was at one of the Assembly Points at Goromonzi awaiting to be demobilized because I did not want to spent the rest of my useful years in the Army. It is most likely, I could have met your father during those memorable days. But for me I had participated in kicking rhodies out of the country and as far as I was concerned my time in the army was over as I wanted to enjoy life as a civilian. I have since made my contributions to the country in various capacities and still enjoying life to the full at nearly 61 years of age. Come back home and join us mate. I am sure you will not regret coming back and making your contribution.

          • mike hondo says:

            i thank you for the invitation to comeback to zimbabwe it means a lot to me cos when i was last there in september 2011 i really got the feeling the as a white person i was no longer welcome in zimbabwe and that as our time had come to leave africa for the africans , so as they say never say never but for me i cant see myself returning and my girlfriend found it really difficult to deal with the lights going off at night the lack of water and the pot holed roads and the reckless/dangerous driving ,i think it might drive her mad and people in harare seem to be particulary stressed out.As i can see you are a true warvet and it is interesting to hear your pespective and feeling about the war as for me the war seems a distant and confusing memory and a million miles away from where i am now .They say everyone has a book in them perhaps you should rite a book aabout you life experiences so people can understand where you are comming from.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gono gave Mugabe 89 cattle to thank him for keeping him in RZB destroying our country.Those cattle were bought with money from RBZ, Zimbabwean moneys.

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Nhai Dumbu, ko wapindwa nei kunyora manyepo akadai? Unoumbowo here kuti imari ye RBZ yakasevenzeswa na Gono kutenga mombe idzi? Vakomana panenyaya apa. Nedzimwe nguva zvinodaungwaru mwanawamai kana tichinyora zvinoverengwa nevamwe kuti tirege kuitasetisina zvatinoziva mwanawamai. Hatibatsiranei mukunyora zvemandorokwati.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ko iwe wapindwa nei usingazivi kuti pfuma yaana Gono yakabvepi? Ndiudzewo mafambire ehupfumi hwakadai ruzhinji rweZimbabwe rwuchitambura. Pamwe kana baba vako hava inoti muuuuu asi iwe uchihukura kudaro.

    • mike hondo says:

      can gono not give me some cattle in lieu of my missing zimbabwe dollars? one cattle per million$ or is it billion$ or trillion$ or a 100million billion trillion o im really confused now ……just make it one cow as a small gesture instead of nothing

  6. wilbert_mukori says:

    “Divine task”! Here is a tyrant who has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans, was that the “divine task”! It cannot be the same God whose commandment is “Thou shall not kil!”

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      If he killed 30 000 as you allege, tell the readership how many of my people were killed by the British and Rhodesian soldiers put together. And they were killed by regimes that were illegal and yet Wilbert Mukori has never condemned these crimes against humanity.
      When we talk of people who were murdered in my country, it is important that you should never be selective but provide all the statistical details that are well documented. The beauty of it is that all statistical evidence is now available on line for an inquisitive mind to read and make their own judgements. No Zimbabwean that I know is ignorant his/her history and not be fooled by Wilbert Mukori. It is no wonder they are asking the British government to consider the possibility of paying reparations to the Zimbabwean people for murdering and plundering our human and natural resources for close to two hundred years. Wilbert Mukori does not have this view in his vocabulary. For his all is ok, the British are nicest people on earth and should not pay reparations to Zimbabweans.
      As far as documentary evidence of my people who were murdered during the senseless and unjustified war in Zimbabwe is concerned, statistical evidence point to the fact that over 5 million Zimbabweans were murdered during the period 1890 to 1980. We know our history like we know the back of our hands, Wilbert and nobody can fool us.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        Even if the white regimes murdered one Zimbabwean I would still condemn the murder. And the whole of Zimbabwe was right to stand up against white colonial oppression.
        I also condemn this Mugabe regime’s murder of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans and the continued oppression. Unlike you I do not turn a blind eye just because the tyrant is a black person. In your case we also know why you are determined to have all the murders forgotten as if they never even happened – you have blood on your hands. For that, as I will never tire of telling you, you will wear your hangman’s rope!

  7. super mondo says:

    goblins put ointment on their own rectumns

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