Cathy Buckle’s Letter From Zimbabwe – Diamonds are our new dictator

Dear Family and Friends,

Already Zimbabwe has got that tired sort of ‘here we go again’
look on its face as the silliness of pre-election season starts again.
Already the adjectives are littering the speech making; words like:
peaceful, non violent, free, fair, transparent and credible but the
everyday actions of authorities are contradicting the descriptive
words. Confusion is lying heavy in the air like the dank, unexpected
mist of mid- summer.

For watchers of the never ending situation in Zimbabwe, this latest
round started at Christmas with Zimrights; first two employees were
arrested and a few weeks later the director of Zimrights was arrested.
The next unexpected and dramatic news came when we heard that the
Chairman of ZEC (the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) had resigned. From
then on the news reports have been growing increasingly disturbing as
they changed from political bickering to an onslaught on human rights
groupings. The headlines tell it best:

Police force their way into Peace Project offices in Hillside (11th
WOZA women beaten & detained after anti-constitution demo (13th
WOZA: 195 arrested, scores beaten (13th and 14th February)
Elderly Pastor and 3 others arrested from Church of Christ in Chegutu
(15th February)
Police raid MDC MP home (17th February)
Reporter arrested while reporting death threat by ZANU PF official
(19th February)
Crackdown on civic groups continues as police raid ZESN offices (19th
February) (Zimbabwe Election Support Network)
Police ban ‘radios’ in Zimbabwe (20th February)
Gunmen raid ZESN offices again and ZPP accused of espionage (21st
February) (Zimbabwe Peace Project)
MP’s home raided by security agents as crackdown intensifies (21st

For people in Zimbabwe it has been very, very hard to understand why,
when all these things are happening, the EU went ahead and lifted
their targeted sanctions against 21 people. It’s hard not to believe
that diamonds are our new dictator. Cynicism perhaps best describes
our response to the two news reports which offered the most likely
explanation to the EU’s decision:

Belgium and UK clinch deal on Zimbabwe diamonds (15th February)
Violent Chegutu ‘war vet’ removed from sanctions list (19th

Until next time and as we get closer to elections, please keep
watching, following, lobbying and praying for Zimbabwe. Thanks for
reading, love cathy 22nd February 2013.

Copyright Cathy Buckle.

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One Responseto “Cathy Buckle’s Letter From Zimbabwe – Diamonds are our new dictator”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    There are no human rights groups in Zimbabwe but groups acting like missionaries of the 19th century who propagated a message of the Holy Ghost to the unsuspecting indigenous people of this country that they should not worry about material things on earth but hold out for pies in the sky in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. While the indigenous people of Zimbabwe accepted such teachings of Jesus Christ, the white settlers were busy exploiting our human and natural resources for a song. They became some of the richest people on earth while my people were the poorest people ever graced planet earth.

    The so-called human rights groups in Zimbabwe are agents of capitalism and imperialism who are simply projecting the image of their masters by controlling the mind-set of the Zimbabwean people. This is all there is to it guys. Do not fool yourself to even think there are human rights groups in Zimbabwe, that is far from it.

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