Court postpones NCA attempts to delay referendum

The NCA is seeking to delay the start of the constitutional referendum.

By Alex Bell
22 February 2013

The High Court has postponed a court application by the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), which is seeking to delay the start of the constitutional referendum.

The referendum has been set for three weeks time on 16th March, when Zimbabweans will have 12 hours to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on the new charter for the country.

That process will ultimately decide if and when a general election can be called.

The NCA is now trying to have the referendum date moved to at least two months later, saying there is not enough time for Zimbabweans to analyse, question and debate the contents of the draft.

The group filed their application on Tuesday and the matter was meant to be heard on Friday morning at the High Court. But the NCA was notified through a letter that Judge President, Justice George Chiweshe, would not be able to attend to the matter as he had “State duties”.

The matter is now set to be heard on Monday.

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4 Responsesto “Court postpones NCA attempts to delay referendum”

  1. Yepec says:

    For the Referendum to be held in three weeks’ time implies chicanery on the part of Mugabe. If the Copac Draft passes, this means that such “political gazetting” in this case, a Referendum date, will be one of the last acts of his imperial Presidency. Wilbert, this is what is meant by “incremental” and there are so many other issues termed Reforms but their functions are included as parts of the Copac Draft Constitution which stipulates duties of a position, what is legal in the country’s laws or the rights and liberties to be enjoyed by the citizens..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vana Madhuku kana vachona vano miramira kutsvaga zvokukanganisa kufamba kwezvinhu kwakanaka. Hameno kuti vanoikunda here yavakwidza kumatare okumusoro.

  3. super mondo says:

    even if mdc win elections this constitution protects zanu from reparations.thats why its no good

  4. ini says:

    Ini ndinoshamiswa navana Madhuku. Drft yakatora more than 3yrs vachinetsa nezvese zvainetsa vanhu vaizviziva kutizvii, vanhu vazhinji varikuziva zviri mu constituation hazvide gore. Kuti va nzwisise. Gud timing for referendum coz zim must hold genaral election b4 august nokuti nyika yinenge yiri pa sportlite ne UNWTO conference so hapana munhu acharohwa.

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