US sanctions will only change if Zimbabwe holds credible election

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton

By Violet Gonda
22 February 2013

The United States is prepared to end targeted sanctions and re-engage in all areas of bilateral collaboration with Zimbabwe, if the inclusive government honors the commitments for reform they made in the Global Political Agreement and implements the election roadmap. This was said by two visiting US Deputy Assistant Secretaries of State in Harare on Friday.

Dr. Reuben Brigety and Karen Hanrahan said the US is prepared to meet ‘action for action’ as a result of positive development on the ground in Zimbabwe.

They said the sanctions policy is unlikely to change unless critical benchmarks are met including a peaceful referendum and the holding of credible and non violent elections.

Brigety said: “In the interim there are additional positive steps we are prepared to take with regard to the nature of our business engagement with Zimbabwe, with regard to the nature of our stepped-up health support, but our sanctions policy is unlikely to change unless there are credible and non violent elections later this year.”

The group said Zimbabwe had made progress since the formation of the unity government four years ago. However Hanrahan said the United States is concerned by emerging trends that put that progress at risk. She indicated elements in the police force who she said, continue to “demonstrate a clear partisan bias in arrests, detentions, and investigations – or the lack of such actions – depending on one’s political orientation.”

“Zimbabwe Defense Forces soldiers have been deployed on ‘administrative support duty’ to rural areas country-wide to pressure communities to support one political party. At the same time, police officials are being sent for political indoctrination at Shamva Battle Camp and police commissioners are visiting police camps around the country to exhort officers and their family members to chant pro-ZANU PF slogans,” Hanrahan added.

She said government leaders should rectify these disturbing trends and create more space for civil society, a free media and for political parties to be allowed to operate without fear and intimidation.

Brigety said: “We are also prepared to meet action for action if the destructive trends of those few elements – as noted above – are permitted to continue to deprive the Zimbabwean people of their rights and freedoms,”

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton, said the delegation had reached their own ideas about what is happening in Zimbabwe after having high level meetings with government leaders, political parties, members of civil society organizations and business people, since they arrival in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

Early this week the European Union said it removed targeted sanctions on 21 members of ZANU PF to reward Zimbabwe’s ‘progress’, as a result of the finalising of the constitution reform exercise. The EU said this was a significant step forward in implementing the Global Political Agreement.”

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17 Responsesto “US sanctions will only change if Zimbabwe holds credible election”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Only bullies behave like this. At the end of the day, we really do not care what the American government decide to do. We have survived for a long period of time without them and there is absolutely nothing that will stop us from doing things our own way without being dictated to by anyone. In any case, no European or American has come to Zimbabwe with the indigenous people of this country in mind but have all come to the country in pursuit of their economic and political interests.

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Why is that Nhamodzenyika Freedom? Do you ever think you are a free man/woman in this world? If you think so give me your arguments why a sovereign and independent country like Zimbabwe can not determine its own destiny but is dictated to by foreigners.

        • Anonymous says:

          What destiny? Destiny to the killing of its own people and you think any sane person can sit back and watch that. As long as ZPF still maintains a genocidal sovereignty and mentality like deploying soldiers to the villages, the sanctions must stay.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Anyway what sanctions can be imposed against Zimbabwe by a country whose economy is in tatters like that of the United Kingdom whose economy has recently been downgraded. The United States economy has been in dismal state for donkey years such that it can not afford the luxury of imposing economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, a country that is endowed with so much raw materials it needs to develop its ailing economy. The US can not borrow funds from other nations that are richer such as Germany, Canada and Japan because with an economy that has been downgraded for years, it is not cheap for the country to do so. It is suicidal for the US to keep pretending it has a healthy economy when all indicators point to sleeping giant that needs to be resurrected from death. In my Shona language we say ‘United States ravezizi risina nyanga rinongotyisidzira dzimweshiri zvenhando’.

          • Anonymous says:

            Who cares about where the US is economically but if they can influence things here and punish those who have killed their own defenseless citizens thats well and good. If the devil defend rapists elsewhere its not a devil in the eyes of those it has defend.

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            Let me make it very simple for you. If a country is in economic doldrums as the United States, it does not have the economic muscles to impose economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. In other words it has no influence whatsoever as it is just an empty threat. Rangova zizi risinana nyanga blazo.

          • Yepec says:

            On the issue of the United states being “a country in economic doldrums…it does not have the muscles to impose economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. In other words it has no influence whatsoever as it is just an empty threat”. Really Chimbwido Warvet? You are hereby, again, asked to prove your words. Let it be said that your ignorance and misguided bragging amazes many on this post.

            You did not answer the question on the Zimbabwean economy compared to that of the United States in the first replies to Yepec. You are hereby challenged to the truthfulness of both of your comments as well as explaining yourself. Hopefully, you do not keep on copying Wilbert Mukori’s style of introducing another topic and asking the other to answer a question on your new subject. One is aware that it is the same tactic used by Zanu PF in distracting an opponent. Please, remain on the subject and stop bragging when cornered..

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            I will be interested to answer questions related to the above subject matter. Anything else is irrelevant and will not be addressed by Chimbwidos Warvets.

          • Yepec says:

            You forgot to include that the economy of Zimbabwe in 2007, reached 500 billion percent in inflation, 40 percent reduction in the GDP, 90 percent unemployment, is now 20 percent of factory capacity, now has a budget of US$3..8 billion, an external debt of US$10.billion, heavy looting of national assets by Zanu PF and more than 25 percent of its people plus professionals are currently outside the country.

            Even, if Indigenisation is not fully operational, is this the economy that you are comparing and tlking of Chimbwido Warvet? Despite the economic indicators pointing out that the US economy is not well, how does it compare to that of Zimbabwe? Can it not sanction the Zimbabwean economy let alone when it is in league with its allies countries in the western countries or economies? Given the above scenario, what is the purpose of the “sanction mantra” by Mugabe and his Zanu PF Party?

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            No doubt economic sanctions had great effect since year 2000-2008 when your foolish political party, the MDC called the international community to impose economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. It was a man-made economic disaster – surely Prime Minister Tsvangirai should be punished for this. Now as a result of his foolishness, he can not persuade the USA to lift the economic sanctions as he had advised the nation he would do once he joined the inclusive government. So here we are in 2013 with an ineffective Prime Minister who has not been able to do what he promised us and who is constantly being kicked right in his teeth by the American government. Quite frankly, the American government has not shown any respect for our lame duck Prime Minister since he joined the government and also has no confidence he could adequately serve its interests if ever he gets into political power

          • Common Sense says:

            A) The MDC did not ask the US to impose sanctions, I think the US are big and ugly enough to do it all on their own

            B) If they have no effect on the economy as you say, and the US is in tatters, why do you care about it being a bully? Clearly it DOES bother you and you think these sanctions are the sole reason for Zimbabwe’s demise…

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            There is no need to argue over matters that are freely available on line. In today’s world, nobody can cheat you as all the information you need is freely available on line if you know how to use the computer in gathering information you need. The other sources of information is your local libraries and university libraries you could use to gather credible sources of information, mate.

            The US economy and many countries in the European Union have been in tatters for sometime now. Once a country is in this state, it can not be expected to give assistance to a foreign country like Zimbabwe without looking at the interests of its own citizens first. In any case, no country from whatever quarter has come to Zimbabwe with the interests of my people at heart but have done so in pursuit of their economic and political interests. And do not get fooled that any foreigner loves you better than your own people. If they do, they will be fu…ng lying to you because all they want is what you can offer to them. That is the true world we are all living in mate as there ain’t no such thing as free lunch in today’s world.

            Consequently, what Chimbwidos Warvets has said is the truth and is freely available on line. Check the accuracy of it yourself as I am not about to spoon feed you again, mate.

      • super mondo says:

        farts and spam ,,brazen lies and bombastically braindamaged.

  2. GBZ says:

    Oh it was so silly of those nice thieving cheffs to hide their immense wealth of stolen funds in these nasty Western countries so no one would find it and they did not think those horrible American, Brittish and European bullies would block their external accounts. UUUgghh What do we do now??? Do we have free and fair elections and lose the elections, or do we continue with our intimidation ,torture, rape, murder and mayhem, …still lose the elections and lose our loot??? Oh decisions decisions decisions! Vanity vanity, all is vanity…

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Let me tell you what I have never said to anyone before. One thing our people, including those who regard themselves as intellectuals or academics is their inability to understand is that nothing the Americans or Europeans have ever devised was meant to do anything but to facilitate their control of the world and Zimbabwe in particular. The American and European way of doing things have no time for sympathy as their business is to control the world by all means necessary. They would rather destroy anything in their way in pursuit of their goal to own and control the world and Zimbabwe in particular. They share nothing with anybody except the white folks and do not want to enter into a partnership with anyone who is not white, that is for sure mate. They believe, they came in this world to own and control it and once we understand that no matter which political ideology we belong or religious denomination we belong, our people should always be in charge of themselves. They must be masters of themselves and anything that fails to serve this very purpose, is a waste of our time.
      All our energies should be directed at serving the interests of our own people and not foreigners. We should therefore not give too much attention to what the Americans or Europeans are doing to us as they have never come to our country with the indigenous people of this country in their minds but to serve their economic and political interests. Our people including our MDC politicians should know that we are living in a society that is dying because it lacks knowledge as to who their real friends are and who their real enemies are. We should all have this information so that we are best placed and prepared to deal with the situation.

  3. super mondo says:

    well it looks like the sanctions on the looters will stay.

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