SA warned against ‘complicity’ in potential Zim violence

The French built Alouette III helicopter

By Alex Bell
25 February 2013

South Africa’s government has been warned that it risks being complicit in potential violence during Zimbabwe’s next elections, if it donates military equipment there.

A donation of a fleet of helicopters and spare parts has been put on hold on this basis, with a South Africa civil rights group warning that incidents of violence and intimidation are on the rise across the border.

The group, AfriForum, last month applied for an urgent interdict to stop the donation planned by the South Africa National Defence Force (SANDF) to the Zimbabwe Defence Force. That interim interdict was granted last month to allow time for the main application to be finalised.

The interim order was then confirmed last Friday, and will stand until the finalised application is heard in the High Court on March 27th. South Africa’s defence minister meanwhile has until February 28th to deliver to the court a full record of how it came to its decision to donate the helicopters.

The entire fleet of French built Alouette III helicopters and spare parts was set aside as a ‘donation’ by the SANDF. But AfriForum is seeking to stop this happening, arguing that Zimbabwe’s human rights record, and the role that the country’s military has played in previous elections, support fears of future violence during the next poll.

AfriForum’s legal representatives had written to the South Africa Minister of Defence, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula as well as Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, (who chairs the National Conventional Arms Control Committee, the NCACC) about speculation that the SANDF had decided to donate its Alouette fleet to Zimbabwe.

The ministers were given seven days to respond to the letter, but AfriForum did not receive any answer or explanation. Instead spokespeople for both ministers confirmed to the Mail & Guardian newspaper that the donation was finalised and that delivery of the helicopters was imminent.

According to AfriForum’s legal representative, Willie Spies, they are trying to prevent the donation because South Africa risks being complicit in any future violence in Zimbabwe.

“We’ve read reports of new incidents of violence, torture and murder. If that is the way in which ZANU PF conducts the polls, then South Africa cannot be complicit to that,” Spies said.

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4 Responsesto “SA warned against ‘complicity’ in potential Zim violence”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Cowards die many times before they actually die. And like cockroaches, they fear just the sound of anything in their way. Of course, copters and flying drones Zimbabwe has been offered by its friends are deadly weapons but only when they are put to use when the need dictates. It should be known that copters and flying drones have been manufactured by those countries with the ability to do so with the human being in mind. They are there not for other animal species but the human being whose mind is complex. Zimbabwe will be put these to an effective use only when it is absolutely necessary to control the complex human mind. Otherwise, there is absolutely no need for anyone to have any fear. It is those who are guilty, who have reason to fear for their lives. Peace loving Zimbabweans have nothing to fear but those who want to cause havoc will have themselves to blame.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cowards die many times before their actual death, yes, to whom are you referring to this ? Is it that you are supporting the copters to be given to Zim ? If so I strongly oppose it . Let this donation come after elections knowing the tactics of this ZANU(PF).

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        I am referring to those who are fearful of the copters and flying drones that are being offered to Zimbabwe by its friends. The period that these weapons of mass destruction are given is not so much important because these deadly weapons will only be used when the situation dictates and not willy-nilly. Peace loving Zimbabweans should have nothing to fear as these will never be directed against them but against those who want to cause havoc and lawlessness in the country. You see, copters and flying drones are specifically designed and manufactured for use against human beings because they have a complex mind that needs to be controlled. For other animal species, just a simple gun is sufficient but not for human beings with their complex mind, they need sophisticated weaponry such as the helicopters and flying drones the Chinese and Russians are providing to the country. Even if you were to ask the Americans, they will give you the same answer I have given you, mate. It is all about controlling the human mind that is complex. In Shona ‘kunonzi kurovambira dzakondo kuti vanhu vanzwe kwazvo’.

        • Yepec says:

          You lie Chimbwido Warvet. It is strange to know from your writings that you are that detached from the day to day happenings in the country. Yours is a theoretical game of writing on the Zimbabwean political situation but not what is going on the ground.

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