CIO agents visit Maisiri over son’s death in arson attack

Obert Gutu said the media black out just goes to show that the state media is not sure how to cover the tragic event

By Tichaona Sibanda
26 February 2013

Four CIO operatives on Tuesday visited the home of Shepherd Maisiri in Headlands, the scene of the gruesome death of his son, Christpower in a suspected arson attack. He will be buried on Thursday in Dzikiti village, his father confirmed.

Maisiri, and MDC-T official in the area, told SW Radio Africa that the operatives drove to his homestead in a Mazda pick-up truck that had no number plates. He refused to discuss the incident with them on the grounds that ‘murders’ or ‘crime scenes’ are investigated by the police and not state security agents.

“The fact that they came to my house with a vehicle that had no plates was also a bit suspicious. I asked them about it and they claimed they could have fallen off on their way to my home,” Maisiri said.

He explained: “Even in my state of grieving I’m not that stupid or naïve to believe that. Those people (CIO’s) are killers of innocent civilians. They could have simply kidnapped a person of interest and fled with them without trace.”

The angry Maisiri said he was not amused by comments made by ZANU PF Minister Didymus Mutasa that he had nothing to do with Christpower’s death, because he was a ‘friend’. Mutasa claimed in a newspaper interview that Maisiri was a ZANU PF cadre who was no threat to him.

“I read what Mutasa said in that interview and all I can say is that he is a mad man and needs to have his head examined. To say that he is my friend is a total joke. If he was…he should be here with me paying his condolences with the rest of other people gathered here,” a fuming Maisiri said.

The horrific death of his son has totally been ignored by the state controlled media. The incident on Saturday night has been extensively covered by the independent newspapers in the country as well as the international media.

The MDC-T’s deputy Justice Minister, Senator Obert Gutu said the media black out just goes to show that the state media is not sure how to cover the tragic event, because it involves a senior member of ZANU PF.

Gutu claimed that the primary target for Saturday’s attack was Shepherd Maisiri, Christpower’s father. The Senator told SW Radio Africa on Tuesday that Maisiri was the intended target of the attack because he dared challenge a senior member of ZANU PF in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Maisiri has openly accused ZANU PF’s Mutasa, the MP for Headlands, of allegedly leading efforts to ‘eliminate’ him from the poll race. Maisiri is the local deputy organising secretary of the MDC-T in the same area.

Gutu pointed out that as long as perpetrators of the June 2008 violence were still roaming freely, there was likelihood the electioneering period this year will be bloody.

“ZANU PF is very good at talking peace but acting war. You must realise that the primary target was Shepherd Maisiri primarily because he has dared challenge someone big in that party,” Gutu said.

31 Responsesto “CIO agents visit Maisiri over son’s death in arson attack”

  1. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    ‘Maisiri has openly accused Didymus Mutasa, the ZANU PF MP for Headlands for allegedly leading efforts to ‘eliminate’ him from the poll race. Maisiri is the local deputy organising secretary of the MDC-T in Headlands’, said Tichaona Sibanda. When I read these two statements. I dropped the bible that I was reading through anger, frustration and suspicion as it appeared to me this innocent child may well have been sacrificed by his own parents for political gain. In the Shona custom and tradition, it is commonplace that parents can even kill their off-springs to enhance their business fortunes or to enhance their chances of winning an election. Kunonzi kuchekeresa vana iri nyaya yekuda kutsvaga zvikwambo. It is very prevalent in Zimbabwe especially during an election year.

    • David Chikosi says:

      Chimbwidos Warvets uri Moko yemunhu – kamba chaiyo, bloody idiot, pfutseke Gogo vako vanopfeka thong!

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Ko ndadii nhai Devidi kunditukirira kudaro? Ko haasi iwo ma comments acho here. Saka ndinofanira kutaura zvaunoda kunzwa here kana kuti zvandinofungawo semunhu akazvimirira? I do not think you have that right to insult me for my viewpoint. Any civilized person, which I do not think for a moment you are, will attempt to argue his/her case in ways that are rational and logical in shooting down my opinion.

        • Anonymous says:

          Iwe hausi munhu asi imbwa chaiyo. Pfungwa chaidzo hauna kana tichitarisa zvawanyora pamusoro perufu rwemwanakomana uyo. Uri dhodhi chairo .

    • TheVoiceofReason says:

      Chimbwidos Warvets- I used to believe that you had some intelligence and interesting perspective from the ZPF side of things. But your statement above is abhorrent in the extreme. You have shown your true colors finally. You are a ZPF psychopath and a monstrous human being.

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        What you have said is termed as the process of deniability, a process of denying to accept what is generally agreed as a truism due to fear of embarrassment. Of course, it abhorrent in the extreme that some of my people kill their own children just for political gain. It is most probable this may well have taken place in this instance, mate. I know my people are capable of doing just this for their personal political interests. They keep ‘zvikwambo’ in their houses as lucky charms to promote their business fortunes and other horrible and horrendous things. Any Zimbabwean who is truthful will tell you it happens in some families right across the country. Some even go to South Africa and other countries of the world to seek what is widely known as the ‘tokoloshis’ with view to promoting their businesses. When they do this, someone usual a very close member of the family has to die for business to prosper. This is very true but it is a very sad chapter of our history. We all do not want to talk about, hear about it but that is the truth mate.

        I am, however, elated that you have showered me for being intelligent and interesting but from the libertarian side of things. I am open minded and believe in telling the truth no matter how embarrassing it may be for only the truth will set you a free people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I used to think that you are a normal human being with all human senses but now you have displayed your actual being. You are a true moron, ZANU(PF) killer . I think your senses are just like those of Chinotimba. Why are you displaying your barbaric ignorance to the killing of such a young innocent soul. I think you one of the killers of this young boy.

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Haunyari kutaura zvenhando. Haugone kuverenga uchinzwisisa zvanyorwa. Verenga zvakare kwete kuita sedununu rinonyora risina kunzwisisa zvanyorwa. Tose hatizivi chakaura mwana uyu kunze kwekuti akafanekupiswa kwemba yakange inemwana uyu. Hatina umbowo kuti akaurayiwa nani asi kufungidzira kuti ndi Didymus Mutasa izvoarikuuramba kuti kwete. Kutaura nezvezvikwambo ishoko rechokwadi kunyangwe murikuramba kunzwa izvi idichairo blazo.

        Of course, I am a normal being who strives to tell the truth no matter how people like you want to accept that at times our people behave in awkward ways, including killing their own off-springs to achieve a political or business goal. This is a truism which is embarrassing but is happening right across the country in an election year as this one. And you know in your heart of hearts it is true. Stop pretending and standing on moral high ground.

  2. super mondo says:

    many people are hanged holding a bible.

  3. hamurevesi says:

    you do that do not use the statement very prevalent in Zimbabwe especially during elections. since 2000 people were being killed by ZPF you are aware of that, so who could kill his child when he is being hunted. you also lied that you dropped the bible that you were reading, how can you lie like that soon after dropping the bible? read in between the line mate you should be ashamed of yourself, kuchekeresa you don’t do it with your own blood, you need that of a stranger and who said chikwambo chinoshanda in an election, that’s preposterous. you don’t have heart that is just an 12yrs old, it is known that mutasa can do anything, listen to his shameless utterance that Maisiri the father was a friend and member of ZPF, which all goes to show that he does not care and yes kills for political expedience and that has been the case come 2002, 2005 and 2008 you know that no matter how much you try to cover up zvingori pachena sokumasure kwembudzi. ndapota musanyora kana musina zvekunyora. sacrificed by his own parents even the boy is laughing at you all the way to his grave. mwari vakuitire zvakanaka.

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Of course, I was reading the bible and I dropped it through anger, frustration and suspicion that this youngster could well have been killed by his parents but you make me appear a savage or heartless being which is further from the truth. I love nature and a great admirer of children as I have seen my own growing up to be useful citizens in our society. But what I have said is very true that many young ones are killed by our own parents for purposes of enhancing their business opportunities in the country and for political gain, the so-called ‘zvikwambo’ in the Shona language. If you do not know this horrible part of our custom and tradition, then I am afraid to tell you that you are not Zimbabwean. If you are, then seek the views of people in your neighbourhood and they will confirm it is a reality which is an ugly part of our history. This is the worst part of our heritage which should be uprooted but is still very prevalent in the country especially during an election when people simply kill their own children for political gain.

      • Yepec says:

        What a murderous excuse? All that you are doing is trying to sanitise the election violence of Zanu PF. It is in the DNA of the Party to coerce its opponents into shell-shocked fear and nothing you can say or do will change it.

        Are the harmonised elections not supposed to be in June or July 2013? What about your gesture of having a cup of tea and some biscuits with Mugabe, Mr Tsvangirai ?

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          I told you a long time ago that I have nothing to do with ZANU PF as I am libertarian but I fully endorse its views on the land question and their doctrine on the indigenisation of the Zimbabwean economy.These are the only two areas where our minds meet and anything else is pure speculation and a figment of your weak imagination, mate.

      • Common Sense says:

        That you even suggest it at this juncture demonstrates that you are either ignorant or arrogant. This is teh 3rd time his son has been affected like this, unfortunately this the final time…. are you saying he tried to eliminate his own son 3 times?

        Your true colours have come to the fore (and please don’t say ‘mate’, that is the very last thing I am)

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          I have already paid my condolences to the family of the deceased which clearly underscores the fact that I am not a heartless being. But what I am up against is the notion that MDC supporters like you should be allowed to use the unfortunate death of this young boy for your political fortunes that are in a hopeless state. You should stop this nonsense and let this young boy rest in peace. Of course, when I say mate I really do not mean it. I am like the white folks of the rhodesian extraction who smile at you when all they are telling you is to ‘kick the bucket’.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We can only speculate that they wanted to offer Maisiri their heartfelt condolences.

  5. wilbert_mukori says:

    Senator Obert Gutu pointed out that as long as perpetrators of the June 2008 violence were still roaming freely, there was likelihood the electioneering period this year will be bloody
    If MDC really believed that then:
    1) why did the party fail to get the democratic reforms aggreed in the GPA implemented?
    2) why is MDC endorse the Copac constitution knowing fully well on its own it would not end the violence?
    3) why is MDC lying to about that there will be no violence just to get them to vote yes in the referendum?
    4) Why is MDC asking people to vote yes in the referendum although the yes vote will meaning the electionwill go ago?
    This is the first victim of MDC’s failure to get the reforms implemented! How many more innocent lives will it take before MDC would finally admit they made a blunder

    • Common Sense says:

      Broken record again.

      Wilbert, part of what you say makes sense and everyone knows it, don’t remind us on EVERY story in this paper…

      The fact is EVEN IF the new policies were put in law et.c etc., the real issue is that while you have ZPF running the ministries that enforce the law, no real chance will be effected.

      That WILL change when MDC win and put their own people in

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        ‘That WILL change when MDC win and put their own people in’ This is what makes me drop the bible when I read such crap. I thought you really have common sense that will tell you that never in the history of this country will the MDC be given a chance to govern this country. It will be like letting Ian Smith come back from his grave to govern the country which is impossible.

        We can never allow a country to fall in the hands of people who have the inclination of giving it back to our former colonizers to govern the country again. As I have said before, if the leadership in political power is no longer interested in governing the country, we would rather have our children or wives run the country than surrendering the country to ambushers like Tsvangirai. While the majority of us were fighting in the bush to topple the illegal regime of Ian Smith, Tsvangirai and cabal were wining and dinning with the enemy. We will never allow that to happen mate. You should just forget about this nonsense the rest of you are peddling on this site.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        “The fact is EVEN IF the new policies were put in law et.c etc., the real issue is that while you have ZPF running the ministries that enforce the law, no real chance will be effected,” you argue. “That WILL change when MDC win and put their own people in.”

        Well my point exactly, all this naval gazing is doing your head in, you cannot think at all let alone think straight and hence the need for me to repeat myself a million times.

        If Mugabe and Zanu PF is allowed to run everything as they have done these last 33 years, which you acknowledge they are – tick. So by virtue of all these dictatorial powers they are therefore able to use all the dirty tricks they can including using the country’s dominant print media and only radio and TV broadcasts for Zanu PF propaganda, tick – they are doing that; deliberately keep the voters roll in a chaotic state which they can then exploited to their own
        advantage, that is happening – tick; there are a number of other dirty tricks Zanu PF will use and so add another hundred ticks; and last but not least Zanu PF is free to use violence, Mugabe’s person weapon of choice, yes –tick!

        With all these ticks in Mugabe and Zanu PF’s favor how then do you come up with the conclusion that MDC will win?

        You have clearly failed to understand the whole argument on implementing the reforms. The reforms are aimed at cutting the umbilical cords connecting Mugabe to all these state organs like the Police, CIO, Judiciary, etc. to free them from political influence so they can perform their statutory duties in a none partisan manner.

        Implement the reforms and you will dismantle the dictatorship brick by brick leaving Mugabe nothing more than a paper tiger. With the dictatorship dismantle Mugabe and Zanu PF will not be able to do any dirty tricks; the elections will be truly free and fair.

        Has the penny finally dropped!?

        • Yepec says:

          The country is operating under the Lancaster House Constitution and together with the 18 amendments, it enables the President (Mugabe), to be the number one person politically. Under such conditions, the GNU which is a coalition Government of Mugabe, cannot implement any Reforms independent of the President. Unless Zimbabwe is operating under a different constitution, the Prime Minister’s position is subservient to the President’s, hence, the icorperation of the GPA into the Lancaster House Constitution as the 19 amendment.

          Does that make any sense to you, why the GNU or MDC formations cannot implement Reforms if the President does not want them or why legislation wanted by the MDC formations have not been implemented since they were forced to join the Government by SADC?

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            Tsvangirai made a blunder in signing a power sharing arrangement that gave Mugabe all the power and none to MDC. How many times have I said that? Now that is being used to excuse Tsvangirai’s failures, some excuse!
            There was still enough political power for Tsvangirai to have force the implementation of the reforms; MDC failed to do so because they are incompetent. They are so incompetent that they have allowed themselves to take part in an election that is going to be marred by violence again!
            Having you, Yepec, as their apologist on this site has not helped; you too are hopelessly incompetent!

          • Yepec says:

            Wilbert,remember Mugabe was the first to sign the GPA document then Mutambara at a SADC meeting in Pretoria? Tsvangirai had to be brought back to Pretoria having refused to sign the document at first then slipped into Jaberone by road through the Pretoria Airport as if he was going to fly home. Having been brought back from Botswana, he was the last of the three Principals to sign the GPA document.

            Is that a willing “Tsvangirai made a blunder in signing a power sharing arrangement that gave Mugabe all the power and none to MDC”? Then you go on to say “How many times have I said that” falsehood? Nobody knows Wilbert but it is still a falsehood – a lie.

          • wilbert_mukori says:

            You are obsessed about the trivial! Three people signed the GPA , someone had to sign first, second and last! So Tsvangirai signed last! Did some one hold a gun to his head to make him sign? No! So what is the big deal all about then?
            Mugabe had all the dictatorial powers in this GNU, that is a fact. You can call it a falsehood all you like but that will not change anything.

          • Yepec says:

            At least you are agreeing to two things, (i) “So Tsvangirai signed last!” and (ii) “Mugabe had all the dictatorial powers in this GNU, that is a fact”.

            Given the above,

            (i) How can anybody in the GNU independently implement (act), on the Reforms without Mugabe’s consent?
            (ii) Can you now understand why the MDC formations have not been unable (frustrated with their intentions) to implement their agendas since joining the GNU?
            (iii) Do you now agree that the statement “How many times have I said that”, is not true?
            (iv) Lastly, if Tsvangirai first refused to sign the document then as if flying home slipped into Botswana and had to be forcibly brought back into Pretoria to sign it all the same, would you say that was a willing person doing that and furthermore, you said above, “Did someone hold a gun to his head to make him sign”? I do not know for sure but can tell by pretending to be flying home first then go by road to Jaberone without a visa but brought back to sign the same document which necessitated those strange movements resulting in him slipping into Jaberone without a passport or notice, he was being forced by whatever circumstances he encountered
            Surely, that is not a picture of somebody not being forced to sign the GPA. By writing a lie on this post and repeatedly being said by a Political Analyst of SW Africa Radio, you can see how it becomes true – Tsvangirai willingly signed the GPA document.

            From your comment above (full of concessions), we are making progress on the issue. May be somebody is no longer chasing the clouds they see moving in the sky.

  6. TANETA says:

    chimbwidos warvets get a life —– asi waka chekereswa here nevabereki vako uri chidhoma chete nobody in thier right sense will have the guts to say rubbish yawataura mudhidhi mutasa wako

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      I am aware that I have given you a short range hook to your left cheek and hence the anger. If you insist, I will give you a long range hook to your right cheek to finish you off, you fu…g mongrel. You see, that is why I have the guts to say what I had to say without fear or favour because I have the confidence in what I am able to do.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I didn`t see my comment on Chimbwido War Vet.

  8. Brian Chikwati says:

    Mutasa implicated in Headlands and Mliswa in Hurungwe, are these two not related? Violence in the blood.

  9. super mondo says:

    mutasa sent these guys to see how well the job was done…

  10. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Iyo mhanza ya Obert Mpofu kupenya kunge guyo redovi. Akaiwana kupi mhanza inopenya kudaro mwana wazuru isu mbiriyakare tisina? Mazuva anokwave nemushonga unoita kuti vudzi ridzoke zvakare. Obert Mpofu should go and see his medical practitioner for advice to get his falling hair back. It must be embarrassing for a young man like him whose hair is always falling off but Obert Mpofu’s problem can easily be resolved through medication and treatment if he seeks advice from his doctor.

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