Mujuru: No Western election monitors allowed

Vice-President Joice Mujuru

By Alex Bell
26 February 2013

Vice-President Joice Mujuru has indicated that no election observers from Western nations will be allowed to monitor Zimbabwe’s next poll, despite the country turning to Western donors for election funding.

“Why should we be monitored by other countries outside the Southern African Development Community when we are a sovereign state?” Mujuru was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mail.

Mujuru said countries that have imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe wanted to “impose themselves on our national election processes to influence the outcome in their favour.”

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has been urging Western nations to fund the country’s elections because the government cannot afford it. He dramatically announced earlier this year that the state coffers were almost empty, in what he said was an attempt to convince international donors to fund the poll.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) meanwhile has started taking applications from individuals and organisations who want to observe the forthcoming referendum.

Acting ZEC chairperson Joyce Kazembe said all applications, foreign or local, would be considered by the Commission’s Observer Accreditation Committee, and that committee would then recommend who should be approved for accreditation.

“According to the electoral law the committee is chaired by the ZEC chairperson and the deputy chairperson is also a member together with a Commissioner,” she said.

She added: “Other members will include representatives from the Ministries of Justice and Legal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs mainly the immigration department. This is the committee which looks at all the applications and makes recommendations.”

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15 Responsesto “Mujuru: No Western election monitors allowed”

  1. super mondo says:

    they say a hippo has a brain the size of a walnut

  2. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Uku ndikokuziva politics. Hapana munhu anobva kuneimwe nyika anofanira kuzoongorora ma elections edu. Ivo vanhu ngavazive zvekumusha kwavo kune nhamo nematambudziko. Makorokoto amai Mujuru nehungwaru uhu. For the benefit of those who do not understand my language, I am saying it is high time Zimbabweans take care of their own interests for if we do not nobody will do it for us. We should have total control of the election process and never allow foreigners to dictate terms. We should only allow those nations that have invited us to monitor their own elections, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Any country that has not invited us, should count themselves out of this equation. It is this straightforward.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you want is their money ? Shut up you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Any money that comes to us with strings attached is not acceptable. Anyway, we do not need it as we have acquired our own resources to run both the referendum and elections.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What you want is their money but not their presence to monitor your tricks in rigging elections. Shut up Joiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  4. GBZ says:

    Who are you Mujuru? If you did not have so much to hide, and had a clear conciense you would be able to invite the whole world to come, but you dont, and you dont want the world to see your murderous child killers rapists and thugs at work doing your dirty work while you and your ‘comrades at arms’ steal all you can from this land that is not yours. Well it is toooo late madam, the story is out and we all wonder where you and the late got your $9 Billion from, hhmmmm??

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      Mujuru has nothing to hide mate and her conscience is very liberated. There is absolutely no need to invite countries that have never invited us to monitor their elections to come to our country to do what they have never asked us to do in their own countries. We have been invited by some countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa to monitor their elections and we shall reciprocate by inviting them to come to our country to monitor our elections. We have nothing to apologize to anyone in the world for not inviting them. Besides, some of these countries have imposed economic sanctions against Zimbabwe but still want to be involved in our elections.
      Remember at all times that Mujuru has not stolen any land from anyone. She simply took what was stolen from the indigenous people of this nation for close to two hundred years and she and the rest of the nation will soon be approaching the British government for purposes of being paid reparation for stealing our land and enslaving our people for hundreds of years. This is not a joke and stop being foolish in thinking the indigenous people of Zimbabwe stole any land. That is crazy because it is not true, mate.

      • GBZ says:

        Where did I mention stealing ‘land’!!!??? Read my text DUMMY? I said “FROM THIS LAND”!! You know diamonds , gold, money,…How did they get a $9 BILLION estate…er maybe a generals salary of course!! You make such a fool of your self with your posts, you are a joke.!!

        • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

          Now confirm that no land was stolen by the indigenous people of Zimbabwe. Your posts before clearly indicated that you had the belief that the indigenous people of this country grabbed the land from the white folks. Have your views changed overnight?

          If Mujuru has stolen anything, the fact should only be released by the courts of the land and not supporters or affiliates of the MDC whose views on ZANU PF officials is very biased. People who are considered as criminals are arraigned before the courts of the land to determine their sentences and as far as I am aware, Mujuru has never been convicted of any criminal offence in the country. It is your dirty mind that speculates things that never occurred.

          • GBZ says:

            Of course she has not been convicted chimps…she is zanupf, a little untouchable godess. It is clear that you vomit words into your computer and some how produce the most idiotic diatribe that I wonder how even you make sense of it or believe what you write….I must say it is usually hillarious crap! And if you thought about it most of the guys lead you on and you are so predictable, and you need to shake your head hard as your brain is stuck!

          • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

            What a fool who is getting at me instead of answering questions I have posed. If she is a little untouchable goddess, how come she has $9 billion estate as you claim? If clearly shows what a shallow mind you have. Anyone who has an estate worth $9 billion can not be characterised as a little untouchable goddess, you fu…g idiot. You are now a poor thing unlike 33 years ago when you did not know what to do with the riches you had at the expense of my people. Wakadya izvozvo blazo, ikozvino wangovarombe blazo. That is why you get irritated for nothing.

            You should know I do not write to please you or any rhodies but I write to bring out the truth rhodies like you have been concealing for donkey years. The world has to know that your ancestors grabbed our land by the barrel of the gun for close to two hundred years but without sham and a sense of decency you want the government of Zimbabwe to compensate you for land you stole from my people. And I am not about to stop propagating my message to the entire world for them to know just kind of people rhodies are, including you.

  5. Common Sense says:

    In a normal, neutral country what she says would be acceptable.

    But this is not a normal, neutral country, and we have seen in the last 3 elections, total theft of the result by ZANU-PF…. rigging par-excellence…

    So she is only speaking for ZANU-PF minority, not the general MAJORITY.

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